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  • YTP King

    PG Removal:Woody

    July 15, 2019 by YTP King

    Who is he and what has he done?

    Sheriff Woody is the leader of the toys

    Why I feel he should be removed

    He was jealous of buzz for a while and tried to get rid of him by using Globe and the Light to push buzz out the window and in 3 buzz offers him to stay at daycare,he rudely tips his hat at him,makes him a good hearted bastard.

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  • YTP King

    PG Proposal:Goku

    June 14, 2019 by YTP King

    What is the work?

    Dragonball Z is manga series since 1985. Who is the candidate? What has he done? Goku from DBZ,He has saved the universe several time and is fine without taking credit. Goodness Zone In Dragonball,his fight against Devilman,whom using his devilbeam on Goku and tried to make him explode a few time,it fails and Both Devilman and Boba said the only way to avoid the beam is to be without a evil thought,which a trait pure good has and goku refuses to kill his enemies like Vegeta,Nappa,Ginyu Force,Cell,And Piccolo Jr.He yells at Vegeta for killing Burter and Reccoome while they were already beaten. Admirable standard His offers villains to not be evil Like Piccolo,Tien,Vegeta,Oolang,Beerus,Buu,Broly,whom reform themselves and ot…

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  • YTP King

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