A pure good removal proposal for Athena Cykes.

Who is she?

Athena is from the Ace Attorney series. She is a defense attorney & psychology expert. She has a special ability that lets her pinpoint emotions in people's voices. She became a lawyer to save Simon Blackquill from death row, and to help people with her expertise.

Why she doesn't qualify

While she is incredibly empathetic towards other people and their problems, Athena is also very hot-headed and short tempered. She threatens violence against witnesses and opposing prosecutors more the once, and also uses unethical means (such as emotional manipulation) during the course of investigations. While she is definitely a very well intentioned person, she is by no means "pure good" and is very morally ambigious. Even her boss & friend, Phoenix Wright, once described her as "good cop, bad cop, rolled into one", and her co-worker, Apollo Justice, has been scared of her and her "tactics" on multiple occasions. A child witness (mentally a child; due to dissoccative identity disorder) becomes scared of her during a trial and describes her as a "scary lady". Athena assaults a police officer who is patronising her due to what she described as a "reflex reaction", knocking him out. Athena can often say things without thinking about the consequences, which have, on several occassions, caused people to become emotionally distraught. For example, when she told Myriam that she is a failure as a reporter during a cross-examination, prompting the journalist to become depressed and deleting her "lives work" (albeit, Athena will feel bad about it when she realizes what she's done and will try to rectify the issue).

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