Uther the Lightbringer

Uther the Lightbringer was the leader of the Knights of the Silver Hand and the mentor of Prince Arthas Menethil in the Warcraft universe.

During the First War, Uther was an an apprentice to the priest Alonsus Faol. Stormwind's fall to the orcs made Alonsus to create the Knights of the Silver Hand and offered Uther to be a member. At Stratholme, Uther was the first paladin and member of the Silver Hand. He was later given the name Lightbringer for his battle in the Blackrock Spire during the Second War.

Uther took Prince Arthas Menethil as his apprentice and they both fought the Blackrock orcs in the Third War. A plague spreaded to Stratholme and Arthas decided to purge the city before the plague spreads. Uther horrified at the idea, refused to take part in the event. Arthas disbanded the Silver Hand and led a group of soldiers into Lordaeron.

When Arthas left for Northrend to hunt down the dreadloard Mal'Ganis, he sent the emissary to Northrend to find him and he was greeted by Luc Valonforth, who then informs him that Arthas will be back shortly. The emissary then orders them and Arthas to return to Lordaeron. Unknown to the emissary, after he left, Arthas has destroyed all the ships to prevent his troops from leaving the hunt. Uther and the emissary's actions indirectly lead to the fall of Lordaeron and Arthas to lose of his sanity and as well leading to kill his father King Terenas.

Uther was killed by Arthas when he was defending Terenas' urn and use it as part to bring Kel Thu'zad back to life after his death at Andorhal.

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