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Wanna hear a bit of Nord wisdom? You don't really know a woman until you've had a strong drink and a fistfight with her.
~ Uthgerd to the Dovahkiin

Uthgerd the Unbroken (simply better known as Uthgerd) is a major character and choosable companion in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by the Dovahkiin (player). She is a skilled and thoughtful fighter and can use almost every weapon given to her. Uthgerd has ginger-like hair and is a very tall woman with blue eyes.

Uthgerd can be killed purposely or accidentally by the Dovahkiin. She cannot be killed any other way.

Uthgerd the Unbroken is voiced by Claudia Christian.



Uthgerd was born into a Nord family. It is unknown who her parents and family are, but it is assumed Uthgerd was taught Nords were better than everyone else, which causes her self-like behavior towards the player.

At some point, Uthgerd learned how to use swords and other weaponry, like bows and axes. It is possible Uthgerd learned this at a young age, and was possibly taught by a male member of her family, or a close mentor.

Uthgerd eventually moved to Whiterun and found her home. It is unknown how long she has lived in Whiterun.

Prior to the events of Skyrim, Uthgerd attempted to join the Companions, but accidentally killed the boy she was set up against. Because of this, the Companions made the decision to not let Uthgerd join them. Eruptively, Uthgerd tries to defend herself, stating it was only an accident, but they would not listen. Since this moment, Uthgerd has always held a grudge against The Companions.

After the events of the Companions incident, Uthgerd developed a habit of drinking, which is why she can always be found in The Bannered Mare by the player.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Uthgerd can be found by the Dovahkiin (or player) in The Bannered Mare, and can be found sitting at a table in a corner by herself. If the player decides to talk to her, she will start to brag about her being a true Nord. If the player proceeds, Uthgerd will then ask the player to take part in a one on one brawl. If the player accepts and wins, Uthgerd will admit the Dovahkiin is better than her, and will offer her services to the player. If the player chooses her to be their companion, she will assist you in all and any battles until her departure or death.

When the player interacts with Uthgerd by, they can learn a lot about her. The player then proceeds to learn about Uthgerd‘s dark past and her experience with The Companions. The player will also learn she killed a boy and has a grudge on the companions.

It can be learned Uthgerd knows a lot about Nord wisdom if the player says to her “you must really love to fight.” The wisdom she gives can infer Uthgerd is some form of a feminist and is proud of her Nord heritage.

If Uthgerd and the player come across dangerous areas with loaded or difficult enemies, Uthgerd will warn the player by saying “get ready, trouble ahead.”

Uthgerd seems to know all sorts of facts about certain areas, and can inform the player of them before exploring it beforehand. Some places Uthgerd has knowledge of are Dawnstar, The Whispering Door, and The College of Winterhold. It is inferred Uthgerd was once a traveler, has read many books, or listens to conversations.

If Uthgerd is your companion, and if you defeat a dragon, she will be shocked when the Dovahkiin absorbs its soul. Also, if the player‘s companion is Uthgerd during their second main dragon fight with Delphine (and Uthgerd lives), Uthgerd will give some brief insight on the Blades and Dragons.

If Uthgerd is companion to the Dovahkiin, and the player is a member of The Companions, Uthgerd would technically be considered a member of the Companions.

In the game, the player can have the choice of marrying Uthgerd if they have had enough experience with the character. She can still be a follower while also being a marriage partner. The player and Uthgerd would get married in Riften.

If the player kills an NPC, guard, shopkeeper, or townsfolk in Whiterun and is caught, Uthgerd (companion or not) will turn against the player and try to kill the Dovahkiin. If Uthgerd is the companion, she will automatically leave service finds the player is caught. Uthgerd will also do the same if the player kills anyone purely innocent.

If the player decides to attack Uthgerd, she will warn the Dovahkiin several times before attacking, if provoked. If she is killed, the player can loot her.

If Uthgerd is killed during any point during the game as a companion, the player will receive inheritance of 100-400 coins (minus the Jarl’s tax). The only way the player will not receive inheritance from Uthgerd is if she is killed on the sacrificial stone at the Sacellum of Boethiah. Her coffin will be found in Whiterun’s Hall of The Dead, and can be visited any time during the game.

Appearances (In Game)

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (only game)



Uthgerd has small, blue eyes that are squinted. As for her skin, Uthgerd’s skin is tan-like, and can appear white up in winter-like areas. She also has medium length, orange hair that is worn in small braids.


Uthgerd’s main attire is the steel armor (breast plate, boots, hands and arms), which has some peculiar designs. It has some curvey-like patterns all over, and, by her waste, wears a belt made of some form of leather. This armor cannot be unequipped from Uthgerd unless she is dead.

Uthgerd will wear any armor with better raring than her current, which means she will wear any hat, rings, or necklace, despite how powerless it is.


By Ysmir, it's true. A jester―funny suit and all. Just north, by the Loreius Farm. Fool had a coffin in a cart, with a broken wheel. Like to see him laugh his way out that.
~ Uthgerd to Skulvar
The heat of battle is the fire that forges the strongest blades. It's an old Nord proverb. That, and a true Nord never misses a chance to test her worth.
~ Uthgerd to the player
It wasn't my fault! I told them over and over that it was an accident! They wanted me to prove my worth, so they threw me up against a young whelp of a lad, hardly old enough to grow his first chin-hairs. I guess they thought a woman wasn't strong enough to hurt him. I didn't mean for him to die! Why would I want that? I just... lost control.
~ Uthgerd regarding the incident with The Companions
You sound like my ma. Figured I was lying dead in a field somewhere, is that it?
~ Uthgerd to Skulvar


  • The player has the choice of marrying Uthgerd.
  • All enemies of the player are enemies to Uthgerd.
  • Uthgerd can be considered a major character if Uthgerd joins in all the Dovahkiin’s journeys and quest.
  • Uthgerd is one of the few companions the player can have follow them and marry.


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