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Finally, the chance of a one-on-one battle has arrived! If there's no need of escape, Nepchi and Geachi, escape without me - I'll fight!
~ Uzume

Uzume Tennouboshi is a new Console Patron Unit (CPU) in Megadimension Neptune Victory II. A dreamer girl who fights alone in a spirited way in order to save the Zero Dimension.



Uzume is a fair-skinned girl with red-orange eyes and long, sanguine hair worn in pigtails located near the bottom of her head, held by hair that has been knotted. It has a few black clasps and a pink gradience nearing the bottom. She wears a very small black tube top under an opened white jacket with a bright orange, black, and white tie. She also wears a pair of pleated shorts worn with a pair of thin black suspenders, and open to reveal her orange underwear, and also black fingerless gloves over a pair of orange and black sleeves, matching socks, black shoes and a pair of black leg warmers with buttons on them.

Orange Heart

As Orange Heart, Uzume keeps her long red hair, but it becomes light orange and at the base, is looped in a loose circle, resembling a ribbon, while the rest of the hair runs loose. The hair surrounding her face elongates and her eyes become light blue. She gains a white-themed outfit with accenting of orange and blue.



She is blunt, but deep in she is loyal and passionate. Her words and deeds are strong-minded, but she also has an intense daydreamer side.

Orange Heart

Her appearance is a complete change from her spirited and her blunt personality before the transformation, she changes to the soft personality of the "Honya system". She calls the enemy monsters "Doggie" and seems to lack tension by going at her own pace, but at the core she's really serious.



  • Aside from Rei Ryghts, Uzume Tennoboshi is the only CPU to have a last name.
  • She may be a personification of the SEGA Dreamcast, as shown by the swirl on her megaphone, which slightly resembles the Dreamcast logo.
  • It's worth noting that the codename of "Uranus" most likely went unused by Sega and the Dreamcast was codenamed both "Katana" and "Dural".
  • Unlike Neptune, where her personality changes to serious during transformation hers becomes more childish.
  • She referred to herself as "Ore" (俺), which means "me" that usually refers by male, instead of "Watashi" (私). which also means "me" refers by female. Judging by her voice and speech, Uzume can be considered as a tomboy.

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