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The VSSE (Vital Situation, Swift Eliminaton) is a top-secret intelligence agency that serve as the main protagonists of the Time Crisis series.


As the existence of the VSSE has been kept obscure by everyone, the establishment and headquarters are unknown. People who know the existence of this organization consists a security clearance known as the Eye-Only Clearance. The condition is disallowing anyone who has given the Eyes-Only clearance to certainly tell the outside world what they know. As an investigative intelligence division, it literary involves the special operations to gather data in dealing with any types of highly leveled atrocities like the terrorists, underground groups, world-class criminals, and even mercenaries through the utilization of specialized laptop computers, optimized with encrypted information to save its obscurity.

When the protection of the public good is required, the VSSE supersedes the authority of the United Nations and other covert organizations belonging to a particular country. Stopping high-level crimes and unforgivable atrocities in a manner of time is the main goal of this agency. A group of volunteers conducted the gathering of data under the term called "Cooperatives", which means civilians who has the privilege to report information to the intelligence agency about high-level crimes and unforgivable atrocities if it is needed. In case of something that requires attention about the proven crime, it sends out a pair of 2 best agents to take down the high-level atrocity.


Handgun is mainly the only standard weapon of VSSE that varies models through the main installments of the series. Most of these variants are chambered for the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol cartridges and attached with pistol flashlights. When the best VSSE agents are cooperatively paired, they are equipped with the same design, but the difference is always color. Blond-haired agents have two-tone handguns with black pistol flashlight attachments while their partners have black versions of these. Since the pair of the next-generation agents, Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart, deploy gas-operated handguns (chambered in .50 Action Express caliber handgun cartridges), they are not outfitted with either optics or flashlights as their two-tone handguns are identical. In Timce Crisis 5, both Keith and Robert replaced the previous handgun model into the next-generation design, but their color schemes are retained the same as in Time Crisis II.

With the advancement of the enemy militarization, VSSE agents are trained to capture and use enemy weapons or are equipped with extra weapons starting from Time Crisis II, particularly machine guns, shotguns and grenades.



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