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Hero Overview

Vagatha, more commonly known as Vaggie, is the deuteragonist of the Adult web series, Hazbin Hotel.

She is Charlie's best friend and girlfriend. She is the manager of the Happy Hotel. Her fiery temper impedes her aims to make Charlie's dreams into a reality.

She was voiced by Monica Franco.


Vaggie was originally a prostitute in life and at some point died in the year 2014 becoming a demon. Later on, she would then go on to meet Charlie and the two began dating ever since. Vaggie would later help Charlie found Hazbin Hotel despite her doubts on and would later meet Angel Dust who Vaggie had antagonistic relationships due to his reckless behavior. She and Charlie would later meet Alastor who Vaggie is fearful of and tries to warn Charlie that making a deal with him who jeopardizes the Hotel. Charlie convinces Vaggie that Alastor's help would be beneficial for the hotel so Vaggie relents. During which after Alastor has dealt with Pentitus in the ending of the pilot Charlie smiles and goes back inside the hotel with Vaggie smiling but still doubts if this partnership with Alastor would work,


Vaggie has an aggressive temper and controlling tendencies. She is also the most sensible and more level headed of the group she genuinely cares for Charlie and is quite protective of her, and also is a bit of a Neat freak. According to Angel, she seems to distrust men. Her temper explodes as seen with Angel Dust and Alastor due to the former's actions ruining the reputation of the Hotel and the latter's clear evil intentions.


"Stop right there! Cabrón hijo de perra (You bastard son of a b**ch)! I know your game! And I'm not gonna let you hurt anyone! You pompous, cheesy talk show sh-tlord!
~ Vaggie threatening Alastor


  • Vaggie was supposed to appear in Zoophobia in the Angels and Demons arc alongside Angel Dust as lovers prior to Hazbin Hotel's creation.
  • As her death is in 2014 this technically makes Vaggie the youngest sinner in the series.
  • Fan's theories believe that Vaggie is a fallen angel as her design is similar to the angels.
  • She is similar to Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.


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