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Vaike is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening

A rough-hewn sherpherd with a loud personality and far more confidence than his ability warrants. he sees himself as exemplary and reverently refers to himself in the third person. the best at misplacing things.

born on december 6th


Vaike is a self-proclaimed rival of Chrom and a member of the Shepherds. He aspires to become "a warrior among warriors", and is always eager to seek challengers to prove his might. He holds Chrom in a regard that is higher than that which he holds for anyone else, as the lord is the first person who has ever viewed him as an equal. Vaike's supports reveal that he was born and raised in a ghetto environment, where he was once notorious for leading a small band of children in the engagement of mischievous antics. His life underwent a radical change when Emmeryn paid a visit to his village, where he, touched by her words, swore to become a great fighter.

In the events of Awakening, Vaike is first introduced in Chapter 2, at the point when Lissa introduces the Avatar to the rest of the Shepherds. Chrom thereafter announces that the Shepherds will be heading north to Ferox on a mission to seek their assistance in fending off the threat posed by Plegia. Along the way to Ferox, the Shepherds encounter a Risen army on an unnamed road. Vaike valiantly prepares for battle, only for him to realise that he has misplaced his axe. Fortunately, Miriel catches up with the Shepherds shortly afterwards, where she finds the axe on the ground and returns it to him, making sure to reprimand him as she does so.

After the war, Vaike returns to the streets that raised him, in which he is welcomed as a hero.  

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