Gathered friends, listen again to our legend of the Bionicle.
~ Turaga Vakama's most famous narration.

Vakama is a major character in the Bionicle universe, especially during the 2004-2006 Metru Nui saga. He was the main protagonist in Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui, and an temporary anti-hero in Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows. He was a Toa of fire and the former leader of the Toa Metru who was chosen by the great spirit Mata Nui to save the Matoran. He was once a crafter who was approached by Toa Lhikan, the sole protector of the city of Metru Nui, and given a toa stone. Vakama later traveled to the Great Temple in Ga-Metru where he met five other matoran: Nokama, Matau, Onewa, Nuju, and Whenua, where they were transformed into toa and were sworn to save the matoran. After completing their mission, Vakama and the other Toa Metru sacrificed their toa power to awaken the Matoran and became Turaga. In this role, Vakama acted as an advisor to the Matoran and Toa Mata/Nuva.

He was voiced by Christopher Gaze as a Turaga and by Alessandro Juliani as a Matoran and Toa in the animated series.


Vakama was once a matoran on Metru Nui, the city of the great spirit Mata Nui. He was a famous mask maker who made Kanohi Masks from Kanoka Discs. One Day however when Vakama was trying to create the legendary mask of time known as Vahi, Toa Lhikan appeared to give Vakama a Toa stone however suddenly Krekka and Nidhiki appeared and captured Lhikan which left Vakama in tears for not doing something to stop Nidhiki and Krekka, however this would motivate him to find the Toa Suva

Becoming a Toa

Vakama would meet up with Nokama, Matau, Onewa, Whenua and Nuju who also received Toa Stones from Lhikan. They would later be transformed into Toa by the Power of the stones. When Whenua and Nuju would ask Vakama about Lhikan`s dissapperence and what they must do Vakama suddenly got a vision which told him to save "the heart of Metru Nui" and find the legendary six Great Kanoka Disks and fight the monster plant morbuzahk. The other Toa were at first skeptic over Vakama`s vision but then decided to find the Six Great Disks.

Facing the Morbuzahk

Vakama traveled to Ta-Metru where he encountered the Morbuzahk`s attempt to knock over a vat containing Protodermis, Vakama stopped the Morbuzahk`s attempt of doing so by firing freeze kanoka disks. Vakama later journeyed together with Onewa, Nuhrii and Ahkmou to the fire pits, Vakama and Onewa was suddenly ambushed by Nidhiki, the same Dark Hunter who captured Lihkan. During the fight Vakama and Onewa fell into the furnace but Vakama was able to absorb all the fire thus saving not only him but also Onewa. Once in the pits Nuhrii and Vakama were attacked by the Morbuzahk` tendrils but managed to escape with the Ta-Metru disk.

After all Toa had found all the six Disks they journeyed to Ta-Metru to defeat Morbuzahk for once and for all and did succeed after finding its weak point.

Legends of Metru Nui

Metru Nui´s most wanted

A while after the defeat of the Morbuzahk Vakama alongside the Toa Metru traveled to the coliseum of Metru Nui with the disks to show Turaga Dume that they are worthy. Little did Vakama know however, that the real Turaga Dume has been captured and the Turaga Dume now in charge of Metru Nui was no other than Makuta Teridax. Teridax in the form of Dume falsely accused the Toa Metru of being imposters and the true villains who have kidnapped Lhikan despite Vakama´s objections that it was the Dark Hunters who did the said things.


Vakama's Dark Side

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