Val Halen

Val Hallen is a character from Dexter's Labortory, and the deuteragonist of the Justice Friends segment. He is a parody of both Thor Odinson and the real-life guitarist Eddie Van Halen. He wields a pink guitar axe instead of a mighty hammer. He also has some traits of He-Man. He acts like a male teenager and speaks with a California surfer-like accent. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


In every episode, Val Hallen appears as a tall and muscular Norse angel with long blonde hair obscured his eyes and wore a gray head band around his head with wings as the inspiration of Thor's helmet, a black, ripped, sleeveless shirt, and black tights held by a black belt with metal spikes. In addition, he has knee-high golden boots. As his main weapon, he wields a pink, Flying V electric guitar to manipulate the source of his superpowers.


Val is described as a mellow and calm person with his speech in a stereotypical Southern Californian accent and disposition who rarely or actually gets mad if ever. His accent clashes, but with the bits of Shakespearean English language in his dialogue. He is interested in music and singing as well as singers, of whom he collects small golden statues in his respective room. While his usually laid back demeanor makes him dumb, he has the wisdom that befits a divine and tends to become the most level headed of the Justice Friends if both Major Glory and the Infraggable Krunk overreacted to something different. Now he is with both Major Glory and Krunk in the apex floor of the Muscular Arms apartment and they be good friends despite their differences and quarrels. The Monster Truck Pull is notably his favorite TV show.

Powers and Abilities

With his guitar, he manipulates the thunderous superpowers.


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