The Valar (known as a Vala in singular) are a heroic species that appear in The Silmarillion.

They are the first fifteen Ainur that descended upon Arda after its creation to bring order and combat Melkor, and the most powerful species of Ainur. They helped shape Arda also known as Earth with the music of Eru Ilúvatar and their own music.


Lords of the Valar

  • Manwë, the lord of the wild and king of all Valar
  • Ulmo, the lord of water
  • Aulë, the smith and lord of the earth
  • Oromë, the huntsman and lord of the forests
  • Mandos, the judge of the dead
  • Irmo, lord of dreams
  • Tulkas, the wrestler, the champion of Valinor

Ladies of the Valar

  • Varda, the lady of the stars and queen of all Valar
  • Yavanna, the fruit giver, lady of the earth and spouse of Aule
  • Nienna , the lady of mercy
  • Estë, the gentle, lady of healing and spouse of Irmo
  • Vairë, the weaver and spouse of Mandos
  • Vána, the fair, lady of flowers and spouse of Oromë
  • Nessa, the dancer and spouse of Tulkas


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