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Valdimar is a Nord sorcerer in Hjaalmarch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Hearthfire. He is appointed housecarl when the Dovahkiin earns the title of Thane of Hjaalmarch. Like the other Hearthfire housecarls, he will reside within the pledged town's hall until the Dragonborn buys a plot of land in the hold.


He is unique from most housecarls rewarded to the Dragonborn, being that he is a sorcerer rather than a direct warrior. He will often start combat by casting a flesh spell before attacking primarily with ice spikes. When wounded, he will use a moderately powerful healing spell to avoid incapacitation. He can also beguile lesser undead and emit wards on rare occasions as well.

Once the Dragonborn has completed the small house variant of Winstad Manor, he will begin to reside there instead of Highmoon Hall in Morthal.


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