Valka's Bewilderbeast is a major protagonist in How to Train Your Dragon 2. He was encountered by Valka in an unknown situation, and has been in service as the king of the dragons' hide where Valka gather the dragons she has rescued from Drago Bludvist and his trappers.


This Bewilderbeast is the master of the Dragon Den where Valka has lived for 20 years. Valka literally bows to him as a sign of respect, and even Cloudjumper plays second fiddle to him. Unlike the rule of the Red Death, Toothless indeed lowers his head, not out of fear, but by seeing the mightiness of the kind king. Because Toothless is the only dragon who opposed the rule of the Red Death, this Bewilderbeast's solemnity is enough to make the fearless Night Fury to bow to the king.

Most notable features above all is that this individual is so warm in heart and is compassionate to smaller races (dragons and humans), thus is an ideal king to all. Under his monarchy, every dragon seemingly spends peaceful life, and baby dragons are not even afraid of playing on the face of the giant dragon and are very attached to him.

He was last seen fighting Drago's Bewilderbeast, and was eventually overpowered and simultaneously killed by Drago's Bewilderbeast after its tusks pierced its underside.


  • It is unclear how the Bewilderbeast spends daily life, but primarily involves catering to the needs of the other dragons, providing them with food.
  • Because of it's kind-hearted nature and not favoring to see innocents in pain, it is unknown how he will feel towards others of his kind, especially Drago's Enslaved Bewilderbeast who, in the process of enslaving other dragons, had been enslaved himself. It is unknown if he will simply protect the nest, or be compassionate and try to save the sad tyrant.
  • According to Pierre-Oliver Vincent, this Bewilderbeast is "pure and beautiful, like a polar bear" contrasting to the poor Bewilderbeast's misfortune under Drago's control.
  • When being looked above from under, his face slightly resembles that of Toothless.
  • Scenes of appearances of the two Bewilderbeasts to the battlefield are also counterparts to each other. Valka's Bewilderbeast literally appears from the 'sky' proudly while Drago's Bewilderbeast emerges from under waves menacingly. Both Valka and Drago use similar methods with rods identical to each other to call the dragons.
  • In the movie, after the fight with Drago's Enslaved Bewilderbeast killed Valka's Bewilderbeast by impaling its underside with his tusks.
  • Despite being supposedly killed, no body was seen in sequences after on the battle field show, possibly meaning he could have survived but was too injured to do anything.


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