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Van Fanel is main male protagonist of Visions of Escaflowne and the true love interest of Hitomi Kaznaki.

He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki (Japanese), Kirby Morrow (Bandai dub) and Aaron Dismuke (Funimation dub) in English.


Van was born as second son of king of Fanelia and his Draconian wife. his parents had met and fallen in love despite protested from coucical , they were married and had 2 sons named Folken, a crown prince and Van. the brothers shard close bond escapily Van inhered from his mother who is Draconian who worried about her son's future. however Van's happy childhood was shattered where his father passed away and his older brother disappeared while quest to kill the dragon

Van was teleported to Earth when He met Hitomi Kanzaki.


Van is mostly a loner, having only a few friends in the beginning of the series, and as such, he is weary of people he doesn't know. At first, he comes off brash, impulsive, moody, arrogant, wildly brave, very stubborn and sometimes unable to control his temper, and is prone to making rash and unwise decisions. In the end, though, he has a good heart is very protective of the people he cares about, to the point he would risk his life for the sake of his friends.

Despite his brash attitude, Van is a pacifist who hates fighting. After killing the dragon slayers, he is shown very remorseful of his actions, to the point remembering this brings him into a state of trauma, in which he wants to stop fighting, even after all the losses he suffered at the hands of the Zaibach Empire. After having visions of his mother during his time in the Mystic Valley, Van eventually makes up his mind to keep fighting so he could prevent Gaeea from sharing Atlantis' fate.

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  • Both Hitomi and Van's Ocean voice actors done for Miroku and Sango in Inuyasha.
  • His new voice actor Aaron Dismuke voiced Alphonse Elric the brother to Edward who is voiced by Vic Mignogna played Van's brother.
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