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Yes, Casper, you won the day. You are much stronger and braver than you thought. No trace of Kibosh was left... he vanished in the dark completely. You are a hero. All the spirit dimensions owe you thanks.
~ Vanessa to Casper at the game's ending

Vanessa is one the protagonists and a friend of Wendy's in the video game Casper Spirit Dimensions. She first appears after when Kibosh kidnapped Wendy and she helps Casper along his journey. Once Casper gets on the pirate ship and defeated the pirates, plus the ghostly ones, she gives Casper a reward either upgrading his Speed, Health or Power she does this again after you break the seals of Kibosh's Castle. She even explains that the closer she is to Kibosh the weaker her powers are.


She is a witch with black hair, a black witch hat, green eyes and a sky blue dress with white stars & purple jewels.


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