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Vania is a character from the mobile card game Rage of Bahamut who was transferred over to its sister game Dragalia Lost, where she serves as a minor protagonist for most of the game and the main protagonist of the raid event "Rage of Chronos".


Vania is a vampire with red eyes and blonde hair and little red bat wings sprouting from her head. While established as being over a thousand year old, she is still considered to be a child, and thus has the appearance of one. She wears a white shirt with a black skirt and black leggings.


Rage of Bahamut


Dragalia Lost

A vampire who, until recently, slumbered deep in the woods. She now travels the world to find a means of awakening her hibernating brethren. Her naiveté is surpassed only by her capricious ways. It's...actually kind of adorable. Sometimes.


Rage of Bahamut

While wandering about, Vania finds a dragon whom she befriends and gives the name Malinda. From there, Vania looked after Malinda, feeding her, giving her water, and helping her whenever she starts choking on her food.

Eventually, Malinda starts bringing food to Vania and the two agree to be together forever.

Dragalia Lost


Vania was a vampire princess who lived during the first war of Binding alongside a family of vampires and her best friend, a dragon named Malinda. during that time, Vania and the other vampires end up in a longtime hibernation. Many years later, Vania reawakens, and begins looking for a way to ease her loneliness.

Rage of Chronos

After wandering about, Vania finds the Halidom where Euden lives, and she tell him how she wishes to make him her bloodkin. While not eager to become such, Euden allows her to stay. However, he expresses unease when she introduces her best friend Malinda, due to how much said friend resembles Chronos.

During her time, Vania befriends some children in a nearby village. However, when she finds that they can't play due to their parents no longer trusting her, she finds out a fiend had apparently drained the blood of their cattle and the village blames her. Upset, Vania hunts down the fiend and drains its life away. Instead of thanking her though, the entire village becomes afraid of her.

A few days later, Vania finds out another fiend has been causing trouble and sets off to deal with it. There she finds the fiend attacking two of the kids she befriended. After destroying the fiend, Vania collapses from exhaustion as the two kids apologize for running away from her. Malinda then tells Euden that his blood will restore her energy, so he feeds it to her only for it to start causing her agonizing pain.

It is then the Malinda is revealed to have been Chronos all along and that the real Malinda had long since died. Chronos also reveals that Euden's blood is too potent for Vania to handle and that he intended to kill Vania in order to weaken her future self. Grimnir arrives and takes Vania to drink her own blood in another time period while the party hold Chronos off. Upon their return, Vania reveal she drank her future self's blood, giving her the power to destroy Chronos and avenge Malinda.


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