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Tsk, don't say that. Sonic will be glad to help. Now then, Cream will show you the way. After all, we don't want Blaze to get lost, do we?
~ Vanilla the Rabbit.

Vanilla the Rabbit (ヴァニラ・ザ・ラビットVanira za Rabitto) is the respected and very beautiful mother of Cream the Rabbit and lives in a small cottage near Night Carnival Zone with her daughter, Cream, and G-merl. It is unknown whether she is widowed or divorced as she does not have a husband and is a single mother, although Vector the Crocodile seems to fancy her in Sonic X. Vanilla is a skilled chef, knitter and cleaner and has always taught her daughter to never forget her pleases or thank-you's.

She was voiced by Sayaka Aoi in the Japanese version, and by Rebecca Honig in the English version.


In Sonic Advance 2​, six years after Cream's birth, Doctor Eggman kidnapped Vanilla and her daughter and held them hostage to Sonic the Hedgehog. Unfortunately, Sonic at first only managed to rescue Cream, who was determined to rescue her mother. Soon, Vanilla was freed and reunited with her daughter, who was overjoyed. But Eggman had another trick up his sleeve and snatched Vanilla back soon after. However, Super Sonic managed to save her again and defeat the doctor. Cream and her mother went back to living peacefully and Vanilla was grateful to Sonic ever since. in Sonic Advance 3 Vanilla took Cream and Cheese to the beach for some fun. Instead, they found the largely damaged Gemerl laying helplessly in the sand. Seeing this, Vanilla took the robot to Miles Prower, who repaired him and gave him a good personality. She then took G-merl with her to live in their cottage with Cream, Cheese and Chocola so he could live a happy life. In Sonic Rush​, Vanilla, still living peacefully with Gemerl and her family, allowed Cream and Cheese to go out and play near Night Carnival Zone one day. When Cream returned, she came with Blaze the Cat, who she had found on the ground earlier. Vanilla insisted that the reluctant Blaze stay for tea, which she eventually did and explained her story over the table. Vanilla advised her to see Sonic the Hedgehog for help and she allowed Cream to go with her on her journey. Later on, Sonic and Tails arrived at the hut looking for Blaze. Vanilla informed them that Cream had gone out with her to find him, and pointed them in the right direction before they left.



Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Post-Super Genesis Wave



A beloved mother and respected elder, Vanilla is a calm and composed woman, never raising her voice. Like her daughter, she is nice, polite and kind to others, and always ready to help those in need. Apparently possessing a strong faith in Cream and her friends, Vanilla is not bothered by how Cream goes out on dangerous adventures with Sonic and his friends. However, she does seem to prefer a quiet lifestyle, as she has been known to get somewhat frazzled by Sonic and his friends' adventurous ways.

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