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Who I am is not a disease.
~ Vanya Hargreeves

Vanya Hargreeves, formerly known as Number Seven, is one of the main protagonist of the comic book series The Umbrella Academy and it's TV Series, She is one of 43 Children who were born of unnatural pregnancy. She got adopted by Sir. Reginald Hargreeves alongside her adoptive siblings, Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number Five, and Ben Hargreeves

In the TV series, he is portrayed by Elliot Page, who portrays Shadowcat in X-Men: The Last Stand and voices and motion-captured Jodie Holmes in David Cage's Beyond Two Souls.



The child that would become Vanya Hargreeves was born at the same time as forty-two other extraordinary children. As a baby, she was adopted by the world-famous scientist and entrepreneur Sir Reginald Hargreeves with the express intention of training them to save the world. Vanya lived at the special academy set up by Hargreeves to train the children. Designated as Number Seven by Hargreeves, Vanya seemingly displayed no special abilities, leading Sir Reginald to label her as "utterly useless." Vanya pursued a love of music, but was considered to have only a mediocre level of skill by her adopted father.

The Umbrella Academy

Ten years after their adoption, the Umbrella Academy made their public debut to counter the threat posed by the Zombie-Robot Gustave Eiffel and the rampaging Eiffel Tower in Paris. Because of her lack of powers, Vanya did not join in the mission and watched it unfold aboard The Minerva with her father. She asked about the whereabouts of Number Five and was told by Sir Reginald that he was probably in the future. Sir Reginald told her to go and practice the violin.

Vanya detailed her experiences in a tell-all autobiography entitled "Extra-Ordinary: My Life as Number Seven." The book contained a lot of negative things about her family.

In her teenage years, they went through a rebellious phase. During this time she seemed to be very connected to the Kraken and both of them were in a punk-rock band called the Prime-8's. Still, Kraken continued as a member of the Academy. After he left the band due to a mission with the Academy, Vanya realized it just wasn't her place, leaving home without telling anyone.

The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite

In her apartment, Vanya took a telephone call from a mysterious individual telling her that Sir Reginald was dead. Vanya did not react to the news, and the caller offered her the chance at revenge by offering her an audition for his Orchestra Verdammten. He told her to be at the Icarus Theatre at noon the following day. The following day, Vanya attended the theatre. Finding it dilapidated and in darkness, Vanya was asked to play anything by a hidden voice. Despite not playing the violin for twelve years, Vanya played until a string broke on her instrument. Applause from the darkness greeted her, and the lights went up to reveal a large group of people. Their leader introduced them as the Orchestra Verdammten, and himself as The Conductor. Telling Vanya that he had written a piece of music that could destroy the world known as The Apocalypse Suite, The Conductor needed Vanya to join him, believing that her father had been wrong about her and she had always had power inside her. Vanya walked out of the theatre and told The Conductor not to follow her.

Vanya went to help her siblings with Doctor Terminal's robot attack, trying to tell them of the Orchestra Verdammten's threat, but was harshly rejected by Diego, who told her to "get lost." Leaving in tears, she returned to the Orchestra Verdammten and was prepared to end the world, believing she now had no one else left to turn to.

The Conductor revealed that he had read Hargreeves's notes and discovered that she was the most dangerous Academy member of all, and that all this time her pills had really been killing her powers. Utilized to awake her inner powers and explained to her that he had read Hargreeves's notes and he discovered that she was in fact the most dangerous of her siblings. Hargreeves had experimented with her so that she could not use her powers to destroy the world. After that the director made her awake her powers. During a performance to show her abilities she killed the Conductor and went to the Academy. There she killed Pogo, destroyed Ben's statue, and burned the Academy.

Returning to the orchestra, the Apocalypse Suite began, with the Umbrella Academy appearing to stop her. During their confrontation she cut Rumor's neck before the Séance appeared pretending to be possessed by Hargreeves to stop her. She stopped playing and started arguing with him, saying that she was going to end the world and he called that a tantrum, which after she started crying. That's when Number Five shot her in the head and left her half-dead, but the apocalypse still continued, the final act being that of moon chunks hurtling right at them. Five responds to that by saying he never really liked her, but before they all perish, Séance proceeded to use his telekinesis to stop the meteorites. She was rushed to the hospital and saved just in time, but she developed amnesia and could not walk.

TV Series

Season 1

Assumed to have no powers, Viktor has a power so uncontrollable that they could put the world in danger. Even as a child, Sir Reginald Hargreeves noticed that they used their powers against every nanny he met, resulting in Reginald putting a closer eye in him and his powers. He tried to convince him that he was ordinary, but all of these were lies since he tested on his powers in order to help him to control.

Because of his unusual, uncontrollable and destructive powers that he became more distant and distant from the other members of the Academia. After being refused by all the heroic siblings and starting a romantic relationship with Leonard Peabody, he thinks to have found someone who understood his peculiarities. But in the end, Vanya realizes that Leonard didn't really love him and was using his powers in his own benefit, resulting on Vanya killing him in a fit of rage. Leonard went even far into convincing him to destroy the Hargreeves as he was rejected by the Umbrella Academy as well.

When his powers were a bit managed, he was confined in order not to put in danger the life of the Umbrella and avoid the apocalypse. His powers were powerful enough to break that prison which supposedly prevented him from his own powers. As he escaped, Viktor used his powers in order to finally plot his ultimate revenge against the other heroic siblings, resulting in the death of Pogo in the process and the almost succeeded cataclysm. Fortunately, Number Five was able to turn back in time before the worst of fears became a reality.

Season 2

After number five successfully avoids the apocalypse by turning on time, an incident takes place. Every single member of the Academy appear in different years.

Vanya has an accident and unable to remember anything he has a complete different life that from the academy. he finds herself in a farm with a married family with a child, Harlan. After being welcomed, he feels very pleased as he was pretty misunderstood in her life from the original timeline, even excluded.

Having this new life, Vanya finds no sense on stopping the apocalypse or helping the Academy as he almost doesn't remember that he is the cause of the apocalypse. As the series progresses, Vanya gets fond of both Harlan and even falls in love with her mother Sissy, as he doesn't have a good relationship with Carl because it is implied that he has been an absent father and husband. The fond for Harlan goes so far that even when he almost dies drowned he saved him with her superpowers, which he seems to have finally managed. This well-intentioned act, however, had a bad yet unexpected result: he transferred her powers to Harlan.

This series of unfortunate events get Vanya to be interrogated, after accidentally speaking Russian, he is brutally tortured under the belief that he is related to the KGB. To defense herself from the brutal torture and under the effects of hallucinations, he uses her uncontrollable powers and all the memory he lost, came back and understood every wrongdoing he did, feeling genuinely sorry. With the help of Ben, Vanya cannot cause the so feared apocalypse in the alternative time. After these events, Vanya and the other Umbrella members fight against The Handler, in which they are all shot dead. However, when everything seems in vain, Number Five turns back time and saves everyone.

Finally is convinced to join with the former members from the Academy and go back to the time they belong, but the unexpected takes place again, there is no Umbrella Academy and Reginald and Ben are alive, and founded the Sparrow Academy.

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  • Following Elliot Page's coming out as a transgender man in December 2020, some viewers and fans wondered what would become about his role as Vanya Hargreeves, as Vanya is portrayed as female. However, Netflix has stated that Page will keep playing Vanya in the show, though it's currently unknown if Vanya will transition into a man or not, as Page has not stated any plans to undergo surgical transition as of yet.