Varan is a heroic monster from Varan the Unbelievable. People killed it while rampaging. Then it returns in Godzilla: Unleashed to join the Earth Defenders and GDF to destroy Mutants and Aliens.

He was portrayed by the late Haruo Nakajima, who also played Godzilla, larva Mothra and Rodan.

Special Abilities

It uses for gliding, like a flying squirrel. Varan also has a row of spines on his body. Varan also has the ability to emit a sonic beam from his mouth, and also what appears to be a ball of energy, that he can fire out of his mouth.


Varan (1958)

Destroy All Monsters

Video Games

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters

Godzilla Unleashed

Varan is an Earth Defender and was allies to them and foes with Aliens, Also it was allies to GDF and foes to Mutants.



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