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I am Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans!
~ Vegeta.
IT'S OVER 9000!!
~ Vegeta's most known catchphrase.
It's over 9000
Only a failure abandons his principles and pride!!!
~ Vegeta dominating Toppo during the power tournament and expressing how much he disgusts him for giving up everything for power.

Vegeta is the tritagonist and anti-hero of Dragon Ball Z and the overall deuteragonist of its sequel Dragon Ball Super and the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole. He is the prince of the warrior race known as the Saiyans. He also has an on & off rivalry with Goku, but they are usually on good terms.

He is voiced by Ryo Horikawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Christopher Sabat in the English version of the anime.


For more details about his early life to Frieza Saga, see Vegeta on Villains Wiki.

Garlic Jr. Saga


Vegeta interrogating one of Frieza's soldiers

Vegeta began searching the galaxy to find Goku with the spaceship he took and find out what let him become a Super Saiyan. At one point, he came across some of Frieza's soldiers on Planet Litt, who refused to believe that their leader was dead. Vegeta killed them all to prove it, except for one who he asked about Goku, but he learned nothing and never found Goku.

Trunks Saga

Tumblr llzymzv3CU1qkzpbqo1 500

Future Trunks looking at Vegeta (his father) while they await Goku

Two years after the battle with Frieza, Vegeta went back to Earth, his search had yielded him nothing. He'd spent the time training and was now even stronger than before, but still hadn't become a Super Saiyan. However one day, Vegeta sensed Frieza approaching Earth with his father, King Cold, and went with the Z-Fighters to confront them. But then Future Trunks showed up, who transformed into a Super Saiyan, and easily killed both Frieza and King Cold. They then waited for Goku to arrive, though Vegeta was more interested in who Trunks was, especially since he was jealous of the stranger's ability to become a Super Saiyan. Goku eventually did arrive and Trunks talked with him privately, explaining that he was Vegeta and Bulma's son from 20 years in the future. He also warned Goku about a pair of androids that would show up in three years, who'd killed all the Z-Fighters and ravaged the Earth unchallenged since Goku died from heart disease just before they appeared (which Trunks gave him medicine for). Goku then told Vegeta and the others what Trunks told him but omitted who his parents were, though he did reveal Trunks had Saiyan ancestry. Vegeta angrily said that was impossible since he and Goku were the only pure-blooded Saiyans left. The Z-Fighters spent the next 3 years training in preparation for the androids with Vegeta training hardest of all. He was now completely determined to be a Super Saiyan, after seeing a low-class warrior and a stranger he didn't recognize as a Saiyan do so.

Android Saga

As three years went by, Vegeta became a father when Bulma gave birth to Trunks, and eventually, Androids 19 and 20 appeared.

Vegeta joining the fight with the androids

Goku took on 19 and was able to fight him off as a Super Saiyan, but the heart disease began to take effect in the middle of the fight. The android was able to fight him easily then, however, Vegeta showed up, kicking 19 in the face and had Yamcha bring Goku home to get his heart medicine. Vegeta then shocked everyone by becoming a Super Saiyan and

Vegeta easily dealing with Android 19

took 19 apart with ease, though the android managed to grab onto his arms to try and drain his energy. Vegeta simply pulled 19's arms off, before blasting the android to bits with his Big Bang Attack. Shocked by the Saiyan prince's power, Android 20 fled and the Z-Fighters went after him. However, Future Trunks returned and told them all 19 and 20 were not the androids he knew and had fought. As Vegeta took a Senzu Bean to get his strength back, Piccolo called Future Trunks by his name, causing the shocked Saiyan prince to realize who he was. Vegeta and the others continue to pursue Android 20 (actually Dr. Gero's brain in a robot body), and followed him to his lab, where he'd activated Androids 17 and 18 in order to save himself. They were much stronger than Gero or 19, but 17 killed Gero and he and 18 left, along with 16, who they decided to activate. Vegeta and the Z-Fighters pursued the three and took them on with Vegeta facing off against 18 and he was able to do fairly well at first with his new power.

Vegeta getting his arm broken by 18

However, the android possessed infinite energy, while the Saiyan prince used all of his fighting her and she eventually beat him, breaking his arm with a kick. The others were beaten as well and the Androids left to find and kill Goku, allowing Krillin to give them all Senzu beans. Vegeta spent three days standing on a cliff, thinking about his defeat, and eventually decided that there had to be a level beyond Super Saiyan, vowing to reach it. The Saiyan prince spent almost a year training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (only a day on the outside) with Future Trunks, while Gero's ultimate creation Cell was discovered.

Cell Saga

After Imperfect Cell managed to absorb Android 17, becoming Semi-Perfect Cell, Vegeta and Future Trunks emerged from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, having reached the level of Ascended Super Saiyans.

Vegeta as an Ascended Super Saiyan attacking Semi-Perfect Cell

They went to fight Cell and Vegeta demonstrated his new power by easily defeating the android, making him try begging the Saiyan to let him absorb Android 18 to reach his perfect form and give more of a challenge. Vegeta refused at first, but eager to show his full power, eventually stood by to let Cell do so, even fighting Future Trunks, who wanted to prevent the android from gaining perfection. Finally, Cell absorbed 18, becoming Perfect Cell and took on Vegeta once again, but this time, the Saiyan prince did not fare as well as before.

Vegeta preparing to use his Final Flash

Angry when Cell didn't take the fight seriously, Vegeta used his Final Flash attack and taunted the android to take it head-on. Cell was confident it wouldn't harm him and stayed put as the blast hit, but it proved too powerful for him to block and blew away a third of his body. Vegeta at first believed he'd won, but Cell simply regenerated his damaged body and beat down the weakened Saiyan prince. After beating Future Trunks, the android didn't kill the two, instead proposing a tournament in 10 days, based on the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Cell Games Saga

As 9 days passed, Vegeta and the other Z-Fighters spent their time training, using the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to get in the most training time. They went to the tournament (which Cell called the Cell Games) and Vegeta and the others watched as Goku took on Cell. Both matched each other blow for blow until finally Goku realized the android was slightly stronger than him and had Gohan fight Cell next.

Vegeta fighting one of the Cell Jrs

But when the half-Saiyan didn't use his full power, the android created several smaller versions of himself, the Cell Jrs, who attacked Vegeta and the others to make Gohan angry enough to use his full power. However, when Android 16 got killed in a vain attempt to destroy Cell, it made Gohan transform into a Super Saiyan 2. He succeeded in overwhelming the android, eventually forcing him to try self-destructing in order to blow up the entire planet. Goku managed to use Instant Transmission to get Cell away from Earth, but Cell killed Goku and regenerated as Super Perfect Cell. He used Instant Transmission to return to Earth, killing Future Trunks with a Full Power Death Beam upon arriving. Enraged at seeing his son's demise, Vegeta assaulted Cell with a barrage of energy blasts, only for him to emerge completely unharmed. The android smacked him aside and prepared to finish the Saiyan prince off, but Gohan jumped into the path of the blast, losing the use of his left arm in the process. All that had transpired had a profound effect on Vegeta since he'd taken victory from a fellow Saiyan and warrior, prompting him to do something he'd never done before: apologize for his arrogance.

Vegeta firing an energy blast at Cell

As Gohan and Cell's Kamehameha blasts clashed with another, Vegeta and the others assaulted the android with energy blasts allowing Gohan's Kamehameha to overwhelm his, destroying Cell. Afterward, Vegeta realized that Goku and Gohan were superior to him in character and honor, not just in terms of power, allowing to understand had beaten him in more ways than one. The Saiyan prince thought to himself that Goku died without fear and questioned what that made him. Vegeta spent the next few years adjusting to Earth and gradually started to become attached to his new family.

Great Saiyaman Saga

As seven years passed, Vegeta no longer was determined to become stronger than Goku, instead, it was to make Trunks stronger than Goku's youngest son, Goten. One day, after training with his son in the gravity room, Gohan arrived and despite his greeting Vegeta warmly, the Saiyan prince just looked at him coldly and told him he should continue training, even in times of peace. When the half-Saiyan told him that Goku was going to come back to Earth for the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament, Vegeta boasted that now he could beat Goku, Gohan, and Goten.

World Tournament Saga

As the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament rolled around, Vegeta was eager to fight Goku to prove he'd become stronger and was delighted to learn they had their first match against each other. But as the Tournament began, Supreme Kai and Kibito appeared, telling Goku about an evil wizard named Bibidi, who wanted to awaken a monster called Majin Buu, something they couldn't allow.

Vegeta angry about Goku trying to leave their match.

Goku agreed to help the Supreme Kai, but this made Vegeta angry since he'd been looking forward to their match, but now it seemed like Goku was trying to avoid their fight. The Saiyan prince went with Goku, Gohan, Videl, Piccolo, and Krillin to Babidi's spaceship, but they were ambushed and Piccolo and Krillin were changed into stone by Dabura, Babidi's right-hand man. After Videl left, since she was to inexperienced for a battle like this, Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and Supreme Kai went inside Babidi's spaceship.

Babidi Saga

As they arrived on the first level, Vegeta fought against one of Babidi's warriors, Pui Pui, who the Saiyan Prince easily dominated in battle. Even after Babidi brought them to Pui Pui's home planet, Zoon, where the
Double Galick Cannon

Vegeta destroying Pui Pui

gravity was 10 times stronger than Earth, to give him an advantage, Vegeta wasn't bothered by it at all and eventually killed Pui Pui with an energy blast. They headed downwards with the Saiyan prince watching as Goku fought and beat Yakon, getting a glimpse of his power as a Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta realized that despite his training his hardest for seven years, Goku's level of power was still higher than his. On the third level, Gohan fought Dabura and during the fight, Vegeta and Goku disagreed on how best to handle the threat Babidi and Majin Buu posed. However, Dabura suddenly ended the fight, saying there was another fighter who was more powerful, which they found confusing since Supreme Kai said that Dabura was the strongest of Babidi's servants. However, Vegeta began to act oddly and cried that something was attacking him, causing Supreme Kai to realize that Babidi was trying to take over his mind.

Majin Vegeta

The others encouraged the Saiyan prince to fight it, but it didn't work, causing Vegeta to transform into the more powerful and far eviler Majin Vegeta. Babidi ordered him to destroy Supreme Kai, Goku, and Gohan, but much to the sorcerer's surprise, Majin Vegeta refused, saying he'd only fight Goku. Babidi

Majin Vegeta blasting the spectators to make Goku fight him

transported them all back to the World Martial Arts Tournament where the Saiyan prince demanded that Goku fight him, even blowing up some of the spectators stands when he refused. He finally agreed, despite Supreme Kai trying to interfere, and Babidi brought the pair to a secluded mountain area to fight ferociously. As they battled, Majin Vegeta revealed to Goku that he'd actually let Babidi take control of him since it would return him to his evil ways, which would allow him to fight on a stronger level. Eventually, Goku and Majin Vegeta powered up to the level of Super Saiyan 2 with power beyond that of Gohan when he fought Super Perfect Cell before they continued to fight in a glorious battle.

Majin Buu Saga

As the battle went on, neither Majin Vegeta or Goku could overcome the other and Babidi used the battle to drain energy to awaken Majin Buu. The sorcerer succeeded and Goku called a halt to the fight, sensing that the Majin was loose and convinced Majin Vegeta they had to stop him. However as Goku turned around to get out the last Senzu Bean, planning to split it between him and Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince knocked him out from behind. Majin Vegeta took the last bean for himself and went to fight Majin Buu on his own since he felt he owed Goku for all the destruction
1247592385604 f

Majin Vegeta fighting Buu

Perfect Cell wrought because he allowed Semi-Perfect Cell to absorb Android 18. Majin Vegeta wished to pay him back by saving the Earth from Majin Buu, since he believed that Goku had lost his son, Gohan, to the monster. He took on Buu but wasn't able to bring the creature down, despite raining down a barrage of blows on him.
Tumblr lf3e1e2vff1qblqaq

Vegeta hugging Trunks and sharing a rare emotional moment with his son

After Trunks saved him from one of the Majin's attacks, Vegeta decided that he would have to give his own life he was going to save the world from Buu. He hugged Trunks goodbye and said he was proud of him, before knocking him and Goten out so they wouldn't interfere and used his

Vegeta sacrificing himself

Final Explosion technique against Buu. Vegeta was left as a stone statue, which shattered, but his sacrifice was for nothing since Buu managed to regenerate. After finding out about Vegeta's noble act, the others mourned his death.

Fusion Saga

However, King Yemma offered Vegeta another shot at Majin Buu, which he gladly accepted and was sent to Earth to take him on (though still dead). The Saiyan prince found Buu (now in the form of Super Buu and having absorbed Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo) facing Goku, who'd been brought back thanks to the Elder Kai. Goku told Vegeta that Buu had absorbed or killed everyone and had now become far more powerful than when he'd fought the monster last. He pleaded with the Saiyan prince to put on one of the Potara Earrings, so they could fuse into one being and become powerful enough to fight Buu. However, Vegeta angrily refused, since he'd fought out that Goku had reached the level of the Super Saiyan 3 and said he'd insulted him by refusing to use it in their last battle. The Saiyan prince was also angry because if he'd know that Goku had power surpassing Buu, then he wouldn't have sacrificed himself. Vegeta refused to put on the Potara earring and he and Goku fought Super Buu on their own at first, but they couldn't match him. As the Majin prepared to finish them, Goku told Vegeta that Bulma and Trunks, as well as all the other Z-Fighters, were gone because of Buu, which finally convinced the Saiyan prince to go through with the fusion.

Vegeta Potara fusing with Goku

As he put the earring on, Goku told him that the fusion would be permanent and despite not being fond of that detail, Vegeta put it on, since he wanted to avenge his family and it was probably their only hope, and the two fused into Vegito.


Vegito easily took down Super Buu, especially after becoming a Super Saiyan, and not even being turned into a coffee-flavored jawbreaker stopped him beating down the Majin. However, Vegito couldn't bring himself to destroy Buu, since the friends and family of his fusees were inside and allowed himself to be absorbed by the Majin, using an energy barrier to protect himself. However Buu's digestive system caused Vegito to separate back into Vegeta and Goku and Vegeta crushed his Potara Earring
In Buu's Body

Vegeta and Goku on their trek through Buu's body

so they couldn't fuse again, saying no matter what the circumstances were, nothing was worth being stuck as one with Goku. The two fought their way up through Buu's body to his brain where they found Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo, as well as Fat Buu. Vegeta remembered that Fat Buu had been absorbed by his evil side, resulting in Super Buu (which he'd seen in the afterlife).

Vegeta and Goku preparing to fight Super Buu's thought form

After freeing the pods holding Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo, Vegeta and Goku faced off against a "thought-form" of Super Buu, who managed to beat the two easily, despite the loss of power he'd experienced. As the Majin prepared to destroy Goku, Vegeta got his attention by threatening to remove the pod holding Fat Buu. Super Buu became rather frightened at this threat and begged the Saiyan prince not to, saying he wouldn't be him anymore. Vegeta became interested at the Majin's panic and finally tore free the pod holding Fat Buu, making the thought-form of Super Buu disappear. He and Goku made their escape with the pods containing their sons, Piccolo, and Fat Buu and after getting outside, they watched Super Buu change form. He became Kid Buu, his original form before absorbing the Grand Supreme Kai and pure, undiluted evil.

Kid Buu Saga

Kid Buu began preparing to use his Planet Burst to blow up the Earth and Vegeta and Goku began talking, with Vegeta poking fun at Goku for being worried about the Majin since he just shrank. Realizing they couldn't stop the Planet Burst, Vegeta and Goku rushed to save the absorption victims they had just rescued. However Goku made a detour to save Mr. Satan, Dende, and Buu's pet dog, Bee, and they had no time to save their sons or Piccolo. Kibito Kai appeared and brought Vegeta, Goku, and the other three to the safety of the Kai Planet with Instantaneous Movement. The Saiyan Prince angrily blamed Goku for letting their sons die and they watched through a crystal ball as Kid Buu destroyed planet after planet, looking for them. Deciding they couldn't let the destruction go on, Vegeta and Goku powered up to draw the Majin to the Kai Planet. Kid Buu took the bait and after playing a quick round of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Goku won against Vegeta and was the first to face the Majin. He was able to easily take on Kid Buu after powering up to

Vegeta fighting Kid Buu

Super Saiyan 3, but the form took a lot of energy away and eventually he collapsed when he tried to use a Kamehameha. Vegeta stepped in to fight but couldn't stand up to the Majin forever and was on the verge of being killed until Goku stepped in to help. The Saiyan prince remembered when he met Goku as well as everything that had happened between them since then, about their different thoughts towards their families, about Goku's friends and namely the difference in their strengths. Vegeta finally came to terms with his rivalry against Goku, acknowledging that he was stronger since he'd always fought for pure reasons, not because of his desire to be the strongest. The Saiyan prince then thought to himself that Goku truly was stronger and he'd be the one to defeat Kid Buu.

Vegeta wounded in his battle with Kid Buu

However Goku began losing energy again and Vegeta took on Kid Buu as a Super Saiyan 2 so that he could get his energy back, even though he knew he would be dead forever if he was killed in the battle. He was still no match for the fight but Fat Buu took over the battle and Vegeta thought of a plan to destroy Kid Buu by having Goku create a giant Spirit Bomb, by first using the Namekian Dragon Balls to bring back the Earth. Then he had all the people who'd been killed since Babidi showed up that didn't have an evil heart be brought back to life. This also brought Vegeta back to life as well and he tried to convince the people of Earth to give their energy to Goku's Spirit Bomb, succeeding with help from Mr. Satan. The last wish gave Goku his strength back, allowing him to overpower Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb, destroying him completely. Vegeta and Goku returned to Earth, where they lived in peace for some time, becoming more friendly rivals. The Saiyan prince also had a second child, Bulla, and eventually fully accepted his life on Earth.

Vegeta with his family at the World Martial Arts Tournament

A decade after Kid Buu's defeat, Vegeta and the others entered the World Martial Arts Tournament and hoped to fight Goku, while Goku wanted to fight the boy, Uub, who was Kid Buu's reincarnation. After he did so, he told everyone that he planned to leave to train Uub, speaking with Vegeta last. Goku apologized somewhat for leaving and he did want to have a friendly battle again someday, to which the Saiyan prince responded that when they fought, they'd need a whole planet as their arena. As Goku flew away with Uub, Vegeta vowed that he would fight and win against Goku someday.


The Return of Cooler

After Goku engaged Meta-Cooler on New Namek, Vegeta showed up to help him, knocking the robot off of him.
Vegeta blasts Goku&Cooler

Vegeta blasting Meta-Cooler despite Goku being in the line of fire

However the two still struggled to fight against Meta-Cooler, but eventually, the Saiyan Prince managed to blast the robot away to nothing, barely avoiding taking Goku out as well. However, the Big Gete Star proceeded to deal with the problem by creating an army of Meta-Coolers, who overwhelmed Vegeta and Goku, before bringing them to the Big Gete Star. Cooler had the two hooked up to a machine that drained their energy to use as power for the star, which he planned to use to destroy New Namek. But Vegeta and Goku turned the tables on Cooler by pouring so much energy into the machine, it overloaded. Goku attacked Cooler, but he used the Big Gete Star to form a new body and grabbed the Saiyan, strangling him with wires. However, Vegeta blasted off Cooler's arm, freeing Goku, and said that would be the last time Cooler would underestimate a Saiyan.
BigGreatStar Chip

Vegeta with the chip for the Big Gete Star

Goku successfully destroyed Cooler and after getting restored with a Senzu Bean, Vegeta left in a Saiyan Pod, taking the chip of the Big Gete Star with him, which he proceeded to crush, ensuring that Cooler stayed gone.

Super Android 13!

Dragon ball z super android 13 profilelarge-1-

Vegeta arriving to help fight the Androids

After Goku and the others faced off against Androids 13, 14, and 15, 13 fired his S.S. Deadly Bomber at them, but Vegeta arrived, deflecting the attack away. The Saiyan prince proceeded to take on Android 15 and struggled with him at first, but after going Super Saiyan, he was able to destroy the android. Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo and Future Trunks prepared to fight Android 13, but he absorbed components from 14 and 15, transforming into Super Android 13. Vegeta and the others tried to take on the super android but he was able to fight all of them off and thus Goku tried to make a Spirit Bomb. Super Android 13 tried to stop him with his S.S. Deadly Bomber, but Vegeta and the others attacked him, allowing Goku to complete the Spirit Bomb and use it to destroy 13.

Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan

Paragus Talking To Vegeta

Vegeta being approached by Paragus

While on a picnic with the others, Vegeta was approached by Paragus, one of the last surviving Saiyans, who told him he wanted to recreate the Saiyan empire. He asked the Saiyan prince to stop the Legendary Super Saiyan, who'd been rampaging through the galaxy and brought him to the New Planet Vegeta, along with Future Trunks, Krillin, Gohan, Master Roshi, and Oolong. After arriving, Vegeta went on a search for the Legendary Super Saiyan with help from Paragus' son, Broly, and eventually encountered Goku, who'd come to look for the Legendary Super Saiyan as well. The Saiyan prince declared that he would defeat the Super Saiyan then told Goku to stay out of his way. But the next morning, Goku revealed to Vegeta that Broly was the Legendary Super Saiyan and Paragus tried to deny this at first. But Trunks showed up and revealed that Paragus had been using slaves, whose home planet Broly had destroyed, to build New Vegeta. Broly transformed into his Legendary Super Saiyan form and attacked, leaving Vegeta paralyzed with fear at his power.
Vegeta vs Broly

Vegeta attacking Broly

However Piccolo arrived and insulted the Saiyan prince, causing him to join the fight, only to be defeated by the Legendary Super Saiyan. As Goku was left the only one able to fight Broly, Gohan, Piccolo, and Trunks transferred their energy to him, but Vegeta refused to do so as a matter of pride. But when Goku started to lose against Broly, Vegeta agreed to give up his energy as well, letting Goku punch into the Legendary Super Saiyan's chest, apparently finishing him. The Saiyan prince managed to escape the planet with the others before it was destroyed by the Comet Camori.

Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans

After the Destron Gas attack on Earth, Vegeta used the technology involved to figure out that it was a Tuffle behind it. He, along with Gohan, Goku, Future Trunks, and Piccolo went to stop the machines letting the gas loose and had to battle against ghost versions of Frieza, Cooler, Turles, and Lord Slug. Vegeta and the others managed to track and destroy the person behind it, Dr. Raichi, with Vegeta doing so with his Final Flash. However, Raichi's ultimate creation, Hatchiyack, took them on and they found that they couldn't stand up to him. But Goku managed to discover his weakness and Vegeta and the others fired their attacks as one, while Hatchiyack was charging his own, destroying him. But afterward, they realized the planet they were on was about to be destroyed and Goku got them to safety with Instant Transmission.

Bojack Unbound

After Goku's death in the battle with Cell, Vegeta was left with no more desire to fight since he would never have another chance to beat his rival.
23805638-jpeg preview large

Vegeta facing Bojack

As a result, he didn't attend the Intergalactic World Tournament, but when he found out that Future Trunks was in danger of being killed by Bojack, Vegeta went to fight the space pirate, bringing along Trunks' sword. He took on Bojack and his Galaxy Soldiers but was defeated and Gohan managed to defeat them by going Super Saiyan 2. At the end of the movie, Vegeta and Piccolo are seen on the hospital rooftop in isolation.

Fusion Reborn

As Goku was on the verge of being finished off by Janemba, Vegeta arrived to save him, having regained his body due to the instabilities in the afterlife Janemba's presence had brought about.
561px-DragonballZ-Movie12 1408

Vegeta attempting to fight Janemba

The Saiyan prince fought the demon in Super Saiyan 2 form but was unable to match him in combat and Goku saved him, hiding in one of the balls of spikes scattered in Hell. Vegeta just said that he didn't care if he was destroyed by Janemba since he hated living in Hell, saying he'd prefer non-existence. He and Goku continued to hide from Janemba's assault until Goku proposed trying to use fusion to beat him, which Vegeta refused to do, but eventually agreed when he saw no other option.
Veku photo


However they failed to perform the Fusion Dance correctly and as a result, fused into a weak obese fighter called Veku. He managed to avoid getting wiped out by Janemba long enough to defuse back into
File:SSJ Gogeta beating up Janemba Wallpaper szv0l.jpg
Vegeta and Goku and the two managed to successfully perform the Fusion Dance, becoming the powerful Gogeta. He succeeded in destroying Janemba and after the fusion wore off, Vegeta and Goku wished each other goodbye before Vegeta lost his body once again.

Wrath of the Dragon

As Gohan fought Hirudegarn but found himself being crushed to death by the monster, Vegeta showed up, blasting his arm. The Saiyan prince entered combat, transforming into a Super Saiyan 2, but was
559px-DragonballZ-Movie13 1559

Vegeta protecting the people from Hirudegarn

defeated, being thrown into a building. Vegeta saved the people inside from Hirudegarn's fire attack by using his energy to create a barrier but fell unconscious due to the effort.

Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!

Two remaining members of Frieza's organization, Abo and Kado, drove Vegeta's brother, Tarble, along with his wife, Gure, to Earth

Vegeta seeing Tarble after so many years

, seeking Vegeta's help to defeat the pair. However, Vegeta was not very pleased to see his brother due to the fact that Tarble had been exiled from Planet Vegeta for being weak and his inability to handle the problem himself. But he did act respectful towards Gure, though he was rather surprised at her appearance and returned her bow towards him. Vegeta did agree to help fight Abo and Kado and wanted to handle them on his own, but to his annoyance, the other Z-Fighters joined in. After having a contest to see who could pull the biggest radish, Trunks won and was the first to face Abo and Kado, which Vegeta was content with and encouraged him to avenge his uncle. Goten joined in as well and the two were able to fight Abo and Kado at first until they used a cloning technique.
Tumblr lcdlujSHoo1qd8q5no1 500

Vegeta arguing with Bulma

Vegeta noted that Trunks was forgetting the basics, but Bulma stated he didn't teach them to his son and the Saiyan prince responded that Trunks lacked motivation, a trait that came from Bulma, which lead to an argument between the two that Goku managed to break up. After Abo and Kado fused into Aka and Goten and Trunks became Gotenks, Aka used his technique to wreck the surrounding area, forcing Gotenks and the others to protect their weaker friends while Vegeta and Goku went to finish off Aka. However, the Saiyan prince was tricked by Goku when he pointed in another direction to distract Vegeta and Goku finished Aka off, which Vegeta said wasn't fair. Abo and Kado reformed themselves and became friends with Vegeta and the others.

Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Balls Saga

After the Black Star Dragon Balls were scattered across the universe, Vegeta suggested that Goten and Trunks help Goku find them. However, Pan snuck aboard the ship they were using and Goten was left behind.

Baby Saga

After Baby, an artificially created Tuffle parasite, came to Earth, he began taking control of people, including Gohan and Goten in a search for Vegeta.

Vegeta possessed by Baby

The Saiyan prince managed to beat Goten and Gohan, but Baby managed to take control of him by entering his body via a cut, though Vegeta successfully resisted him at first. Baby Vegeta used special seeds to take control of everyone on Earth with a few exceptions and used the Black Star Dragon Balls to create a new Tuffle homeworld of which he declared himself ruler. He then started moving people there from Earth, until Goku showed up to stop him and at first, Baby Vegeta was able to take him on.

Baby Vegeta as a golden Great Ape fighting Super Saiyan 4 Goku

However the Saiyan eventually transformed into a Super Saiyan 4 and despite Baby Vegeta transforming into a Golden Great Ape, Goku won the battle. He removed Baby Vegeta's tail and Baby left Vegeta's body, attempting to flee in his spaceship, but Goku blasted him into the sun.

Super 17 Saga

As the 30th World Martial Arts Tournament commenced, Vegeta tried to enter but failed since it had already started. After the tournament was over, the Saiyan prince challenged Goku to a fight, but after Goku got hungry, the fight never happened. But soon afterward, an opening between Hell and Earth opened, allowing a large number of past villains to escape and wreak havoc on Earth. Vegeta and the other Z-Fighters worked to get rid of them with Vegeta at one point confronting his old partner, Nappa, and destroying him just as easily as before. The Saiyan prince then took on Hell Fighter 17, a Machine Mutant clone of Android 17, and was able to take him on without too much effort. However, Goku ended up trapped in Hell and Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17 fused together into Super 17 and Vegeta declared that he was Earth's protector in Goku's absence.

Vegeta using his Final Shine Attack against Super 17

He took on Super 17 and eventually tried to use his Final Shine Attack to destroy the super android, but he absorbed the attack and noted how sad the situation was. However, Goku managed to escape and battled Super 17, allowing Vegeta to take care of Trunks, eventually sensing that Android 18 and Goku had managed to destroy the super android.

Shadow Dragons Saga

As Goku struggled to fight against Omega Shenron, Vegeta came to his aid and had Bulma use a Blutz Wave Generator on him in an attempt to become a Super Saiyan 4.
415px-Vegeta ssj4 and omega sheeron DragonballGT-Episode061 81

Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 4 battling with Omega Shenron

At first, he became a Golden Great Ape, but managed to regain control and transformed into a Super Saiyan 4, before taking on Omega Shenron.

Gogeta fighting Omega Shenron

However, it still wasn't enough to stop the Shadow Dragon, prompting Vegeta to suggest that they try the Fusion Dance and they did so, fusing into Gogeta. He was able to overwhelm Omega Shenron, but before he could finish the Shadow Dragon off, the fusion time ran out (faster than normal due to the power consumed by the Super Saiyan 4 form). Vegeta told his family and friends that they should take Bulma's spaceship and get away from the battle while he took care of Omega Shenron. However Goten, Trunks, and Gohan went to help Vegeta fight, but they couldn't beat the Shadow Dragon until Goku began charging a Universal Spirit Bomb, which he used to destroy Omega Shenron.
416px-Vegeta pan

Vegeta telling Pan to treasure Goku's gi

Before leaving with Shenron, Goku told Vegeta that he was now the protector of Earth and anyone who needed help would go to him. After Pan found Goku's gi, Vegeta confirmed that it was indeed her grandfather's and she should treasure it.


Vegeta is mainly cold and disdainful, as well as bitter about the destruction of his people and their time under Frieza's boot. Because of his title as a prince and his Saiyan heritage, he feels that he is superior to almost everyone else and thinks Saiyans are the strongest race in the universe. Ever since he was a child, Vegeta has had no problem with killing but has become less inclined to do so over time. In fact, he has stated that he became a ruthless killer and warrior due to Frieza making him so, indicating he could have turned out differently. As time went on, Vegeta eventually lost his mercilessness and cruelty, becoming more relaxed and very attached to his wife and children. After becoming Majin Vegeta, he did return to his former ways, but it was just a failed attempt to regain his cruelty, thinking that was what made him strong before. As one of the elites of the Saiyan race, Vegeta was obsessed with becoming a Super Saiyan, something that is legendary amongst his people. He was also obsessed with surpassing his rival, Goku, and in the movie, Fusion Reborn, he actually wept at his inability to do so. However, as Goku fought Kid Buu, Vegeta finally admitted that his rival was superior and his rivalry towards him has become more of a friendly one. Vegeta is rather aggressive and easily enraged, but can also be rather intelligent and serious, though he possesses a dry, even dark sense of humor, often mocking his enemies. Despite his arrogance and feelings of superiority, Vegeta has at times shown fear of powerful opponents but has always continued to fight them.


Vegeta has an extremely high power level, second seemingly only to Goku. As a Saiyan, he possesses superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and durability and gains a significant increase in power whenever he is injured. Vegeta can manipulate energy in the form of blasts and flight, as well as sense the energy of others, and with his tail, he can become a Great Ape by being exposed to Blutz Waves, increasing his power ten times.

Vegeta using his Big Bang Attack

Like many characters in the Dragon Ball series, Vegeta has a number of signature techniques that he uses. One is the Big Bang Attack, where he fires a medium-sized ball of energy from his hand, generating a sizable explosion. Another is Galick Gun, one of his most powerful attacks early on in the series, where Vegeta holds his hands in front of his torso with the backs parallel to each other while bending to one side, charging energy around him before thrusting his hands forward, firing a beam of energy.
463px-Final Flash

Vegeta using his Final Flash

Another of his techniques is the Final Flash, where Vegeta holds his hands out at his sides, charging energy in them, before bringing them together in front of him and firing a powerful blast of energy. The next of Vegeta's techniques is Super Energy Wave Volley, where he fires a fast barrage of energy waves at the opponent. Another is the Final Shine Attack, where he holds his hand at his side, charging a sphere of energy in it, then brings his hang forward, firing a powerful blast. Vegeta has the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan, where his power and abilities greatly increases beyond his normal form, and he had been obsessed with obtaining this form for most of his life, especially after he saw others do so.
254px-ASSJ Vegeta

Vegeta as an Ascended Super Saiyan

When he transforms into a Super Saiyan, Vegeta's hair turns pale blond, his eyes become green, and his body becomes slightly more muscular. He later gained the form of an Ascended Super Saiyan, which is a more advanced level of the Super Saiyan form and is much more powerful than the normal form. In this form, Vegeta calls himself "Super Vegeta" with his muscles increasing in size and his hair becoming larger and spikier.

Vegeta in Super Saiyan 2 form

Eventually Vegeta gained the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan 2, which is a successor transformation to the normal Super Saiyan form. It gives him much greater strength, speed, and energy output and causes his hair to become longer and spikier, as well as electricity to appear in the energy aura surrounding him. Vegeta later gained the form of Super Saiyan 4, after Bulma empowered him with a Blutz Wave generating machine, though it made him transform into a Golden Great Ape at first.

Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 4

He managed to regain consciousness in that form, allowing him to make the jump to Super Saiyan 4. Vegeta becomes even more powerful when he transforms into this form since it is the perfect combination of Super Saiyan and Great Ape forms. In this form, he gains red fur on much of his body and tail, his hair becomes longer, more wild,

Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 3

and brown in color and his eyes become aqua colored. In the Raging Blast video games, Vegeta gained the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan 3, a transformation level above the Super Saiyan 2 transformation and dramatically increasing his power, but has never done this in the anime or manga. Vegeta also learned how to perform
431px-200px-Gogeta photo

Gogeta (in Super Saiyan form)

the Fusion Dance with Goku, causing them to fuse together into the more powerful Gogeta, which they have used when facing highly powerful opponents. However, this technique has to be performed exactly correct or it will result in a fusion that's actually less powerful than the fusees and it only lasts 30 minutes. Then the fusees have to wait an hour before they can do it again.


  • Vegeta's rivalry with Goku has made him so determined to be the one to beat him, that he actually saved Goku's life numerous times.
  • Unlike other characters, Vegeta has always referred to Goku by his Saiyan name, "Kakarot", with a few rare exceptions.
  • Counting his Super Saiyan 3 form in Raging Blast, Vegeta has apparently reached every Super Saiyan form, since it was stated that he could use the Ultra Super Saiyan form, but didn't because of the fact it takes away speed.
  • Technically, Vegeta should be the "king" of the Saiyans due to his father's death but has never referred to himself by this title, possibly out of respect for his father.
  • Though he lost his father at a young age, Vegeta seems to have inherited his father's talent for applying military tactics in real-time fieldwork.
  • In his first few appearances in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta had a completely different color scheme with orange and green armor and brown hair.
  • As the Dragon Ball Z series went on, Vegeta wore less and less of his armor, first losing the crotch guard after the Saiyan saga, then the shoulder guards during the Captain Ginyu Saga, then just a chest plate in the Android saga, and finally in the World Tournament Saga where he wore no armor at all.
  • After the Frieza Saga, it seemed as if Vegeta's left arm took the most damage whenever he was badly hurt in battle.
  • He has a habit of referring to himself in the third person whenever he's in a Super Saiyan form.
  • Vegeta is the only pure-blooded Saiyan seen in the series whose children weren't born with the black spiky hair and black eyes commonly seen in Saiyans.
  • Vegeta is one of Goku's major rivals in the series, alongside Hit and Jiren.


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