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Vela is Juno's beautiful twin sister, who naturally shares his passion and dedication to their cause, but she often relies on her temper to get her out of dire situations. Always the feisty one, she follows the Jet Force dream both through a fierce sense of righteous justice and a determination to prove the equality of the fairer sex in the skeptical military world.

Specialty: Advanced aquatic lung enhancements enable Vela to breathe underwater or any other liquid for an indefinite amount of time.


Vela is a beautiful and feisty girl with blue hair tied in pigtails, blue eyes, a blue shirt under a grey vest, a yellow belt with her symbol, a blue and white striped skirt, grey gloves, and silver boots. In some artwork, she is seen with red lipstick.


  • Vela in spanish means "candle".
  • Vela is the only female of the Jet Force team. There were also retired Jet Force members at the ending.
  • Vela was voiced by Eveline Fischer who also voices Pipsy the Mouse from Diddy Kong Racing, Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark, and Tiny Kong from Donkey Kong 64.
  • Vela is the only playable character to not have a boss fight with Mizar.
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