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Vent is one of the two main protagonists in Mega Man ZX, who work for Girouette's Giro Express. His female counterpart is Aile, who has a similar story in the first game, but differing one in the second game, Mega Man ZX Advent. He appears to be between 11 and 15 years old in Mega Man ZX and 18 years old in Mega Man ZX Advent.



His attitude is quite kind and determined, but also reckless, hot-headed, and easily volatile. Because of his disposition, he got in trouble more often than not (such as his rapid change in attitude when someone talks about Slither Inc. or when he attacks Prometheus). He also possesses a desire to protect those around him, due to losing his mother right in front of his eyes, always saying, "I'll protect everyone!" or "Give me the power to protect everything!" He had a deep bond with and respect for Giro, calling him "boss" (or "Senpai" in the Japanese version), having a sort of mentor-student relationship with him. According to Giro, he was a pain; having grown up as a lonely child, Vent seems to be always rude to the clients. When he is angry, Vent tends to be reckless, such as the time when he launched himself into battle to save the Guardians and Prairie, and at the same time merciless to some point; despite this, however, Vent tends to control his actions and ends up maturing with each battle.

In the Story


MegaMan ZX

MegaMan ZX Advent


Vent is the chosen one for Model X. He later attains Model Z, in which he can Double Megamerge and can use various other Biometals.

He can hold his own in battle against opponents like: Prometheus and Pandora, Purprill the Mandroid, and eventually Serpent himself (even after the latter had infused himself with Model W).

He is also skilled in using guns and swords.


  • Vent means "wind" in French
  • His appearance is almost like Aile's, makng the two look like twins. Although there's no proof whatsoever if they're related in some way:
    • The two could be an alternate universal counterparts of each other.
  • His story is more elaborated on compared to Aile's.
    • It was revealed that his mother was killed by Purprill the Mandroid, and his resentment towards Slither Inc. and Serpent himself.
    • He also admits that if they had arrived earlier before the Maverick raid, then his mother would still be alive.


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