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Venus de Milo (real name Mei Pieh Chi) was introduced in the live action Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation TV series as a fifth mutant turtle. She has also appeared in a few books.



Her original Chinese name, Mei Pieh Chi, was given to her by Chung I. Prior to Venus' 1997 introduction, the 1985 TMNT RPG's producer (Palladium Books) released a source book for their "Ninjas and Super spies" line called Mystic China in 1995. It included translations for the components of her name.

Mei is the pronunciation for eight characters:

  • 美 Beauty
  • 眉 Eyebrow
  • 梅 Plum

Pieh can mean:

  • 河 River
  • 鱉 Turtle

Chi can mean:

  • 志 Energy
  • 气 or 息 Breath
  • 笛 Flute
  • 机 Machine

The most obvious component of her name is 'turtle', although since she was found washed in the sewers, 'river' could also be significant.

Whatever character represents 'beauty' would make sense with her later appearance. It is possible that by the time she was found, she might already be humanoid enough to be considered beautiful to Chung. As the turtles do not have eyebrows, that is not a likely meaning. Nor do we know if Chung is a plum fan.

The 'chi' component is the least obvious. Venus inherited some mystical 'chi magic' abilities, so it could refer to Chung being a proponent for chi-related mysticism. It could also refer to the amphibious nature of turtles in that they can breath in both air and water, so to speak.

In Episode 3, Splinter tells Venus that Chung I told him he thought Venus was good luck, his "Beautiful Turtle of Energy" when he found her in the sewer water and decided to take her back to China with him. While not explicitly stated in any source material to be what characters are used for her name, 'Beauty' 'Turtle' and 'Energy' are the most likely based on this line from the television show.


Her adopted American name, Venus de Milo, is based on the sculpture. Like Mona Lisa, she is named after a work of art, rather than an artist.

The sculpture of Venus de Milo is thought to have been created by Alexandros. Previous to this it was mistaken as the work of Praxiteles.


Her bandanna is cyan colored, a much lighter blue than Leonardo's. It is braided in the back to resemble a ponytail.

Lalainia Lindbjerg provided Venus' voice, while Nicole Parker was the suit actor, with Leslie McMichael performing stuntwork.


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