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The Verminators are the heroic main antagonists of the Rayman spinoff game Rabbids Go Home. They are humans who are dressed in multicolored rubber suits and sometimes wear gas masks. Their goal is to keep the world safe and exterminate the titular villainous protagonists the rabbids.

Types of Verminators

  • Vermijumper - A green level 4 Verminator with a special skill of flying bellyflops to attack the Rabbids.
  • Vermipenguin - An orange level 3 Verminator with a special skill of headlong headbutts to attack the Rabbids.
  • Vermitorch - A blue level 5 Verminator with a special skill of frying the Rabbids.
  • Vermitop - A black level 6 Verminator with a special skill of spinning to attack the Rabbids.
  • Vermitank - A verminator with a plate with spikes at the front with a special skill of jousting to attack the Rabbids.


In Rabbids Go Home, verminators are capable of inflicting damage onto the rabbids. However, they can be destroyed by the Rabbids. When destroyed, their suits will explode, and will be no longer capable of attacking.





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