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Veronica is a girl at Dimmsdale Elementary School who is Trixie Tang's best friend, although she is described as "less popular and pretty than Trixie" and is treated more like a sidekick. She is part of the popular kids, the richest kids at her school. In some episodes, she is shown to be secretly in love with Timmy Turner.


Veronica is the same height as Trixie. She is of Aryan-descent and has blond hair, which she keeps in a ponytail with the front end covering some of her forehead; she has blue eyes with three long eyelashes on each side.

Veronica's cheerleading attire consists of a white long sleeved turtle-neck sweater with a pink D symbol in the middle; her skirt, shoes, and her star-shaped ponytail-band are pink. Veronica is sometimes seen with light-pink pom-poms.


Veronia is described as "Less popular than pretty as Trixie Tang" and is treated more as a sidekick. However she's still snobby and rude to the less popular kids.

While she acts antagonistic towards Timmy in front of everyone, she secretly harbours feelings towards him, saying that "her love for him burns with the intensities of a thousand suns", before dismissing the thought (completely unaware of Timmy presence in cyberspace). Another case was when Timmy had the power to read minds, she thinks to herself "why isn't this loser talking to me".



  • Trixie Tang (for the most part)
  • Tad and Chad

Love Interests

  • Timmy Turner (one-sided crush)


  • Trixie Tang (the person whom she secretly envies)
  • Less Popular Kids
    • Timmy Turner (when around Trixie and the others Popular Kids)
    • AJ
    • Chester
    • Elmer
    • Sanjay
    • Francis


  • In Big Superhero Wish, she superhero persona was modeled after the DC character Hawkgirl (although the scope of Veronica's power is nowhere as skilled as Hawkgirl's).


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