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We're out there fighting a holy war, Mom. I need something I can use as a shield against everything that's coming our way. Protection from everybody out there who hates us, who's out for our blood.
~ Veronica to her mother on her parents' criminal activities.
You know, it's funny, when I first came to Riverdale, I never imagined I would call it home, ever. And then I came here... to Pop's and that's exactly what it felt like. Home.
~ Veronica to Pop Tate.

Veronica Cecilia Lodge is one of the main protagonists of CW's Riverdale. Veronica is the daughter of the wealthy socialites Hiram and Hermione lodge, and the half-sister to Hermosa Lodge. She is currently in a relationship with Archie Andrews, the ex-girlfriend of Reggie Mantle, and is best friends with Betty Cooper and Katy Keene while also being good friends with Jughead Jones.

She is a new student at Riverdale High School, having left New York due to her father being imprisoned. In addition, she is a member of the band Josie and the Pussycats and the captain of the River Vixens. She moved from New York to her mother's hometown of Riverdale due to her father's arrest and subsequent incarceration. She struggles to find the truth behind her father's loyalties and intentions, as well as reform herself into a better person. After graduating from Riverdale, Veronica would go on to become a businesswoman on Wall Street, but would return to teach economics at her alma mater. While married to Chad Gekko, her feelings for Archie are still present, causing tension in her marriage.

She is portrayed by Camila Mendes (who also played Hermione Lodge as a teenager and Velma in the same series), as Remington Richard played the character as a baby.


Early Life

Veronica Lodge was born in 2001 in New York to the wealthy socialites Hiram and Hermione Lodge, and is the half-sister to Hiram's first daughter, Hermosa. Due to her parents' wealth and status in New York, Veronica lived a life of luxury and privilege, attending private schools, partying and doing drugs with her friend, Nick St. Clair. She also befriended Katy Keene when she was around sixteen, as Keene helped her design her dress for the Quinceañera. While attending private schools alongside Katy, Veronica became a bully, often making fun of her classmates. The two would make fun of their classmate Paige, whom she noted was a misfit and they would torment her because they were cruel.

Paige would transfer to remove herself from Veronica's bullying, causing Lodge to feel guilty and try to change her ways. When her father was imprisoned for embezzlement and fraud, Veronica was the subject of gossip and was accused of being a spoiled teenager. Wanting to change, Veronica and her mother moved to Riverdale by the end of the summer, where she was determined to change her past ways to become a kinder person.


Season 1

Her first day in Riverdale, Veronica befriends residents Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper at the Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, and attends Riverdale High School for her sophomore year. At school, Veronica is toured by Betty and is introduced to her friend Kevin Keller, who asks about the rumors surrounding her father. Veronica dismisses the rumors, but befriends Kevin, who informs her that Betty is romantically interested in Archie. During her first few days at Riverdale, Veronica's presence is mostly overshadowed by the death of Jason Blossom, whom is the sister to the River Vixens head cheerleader, Cheryl.

While trying out for cheerleading with Betty, Veronica is accepted while Betty is not, causing Lodge to refuse to join the team. She then tells Cheryl that she was once like her and that she will get hers, leading Blossom to reluctantly allow Betty to join the squad. Though Veronica encourages Betty to take Archie to the dance, she kisses Andrews in a closet, thus straining her friendship with Cooper. She apologizes to Betty for her actions, but the latter (whom initially accepted it), does not entirely forgive her since she has feelings for Archie. Going on with her week, Veronica goes on a date with Chuck Clayton, who proceeds to visually slut-sham her by giving her a "sticky maple". Angered at Chuck's actions, Lodge asks for Betty's assistance in stopping Riverdale's playbook.

With the help of Betty, Cheryl and Ethel Muggs, Veronica gets her justice against Chuck by having confess his actions, leading to him being taken off the football team. Reconciling with Betty, Veronica assists her new friend in investigating the murder of Jason while becoming a band member of Josie and the Pussycats. By the end of season one, Veronica begins a romantic relationship with Archie while Betty begins one with Archie's best friend, Jughead. The group then solve the murder of Jason, learning that it was Jason's father, Clifford, that killed him.

Post Graduation

After saying goodbye to Archie, Veronica decided to spend the rest of the summer with her mom in the Hamptons. Veronica remained distant wither friends, and moved back to New York to attend Barnard College. While attending Barnard, she became an expert businesswoman in Wall Street, where she meet Chad Gekko, whom she would begin a romantic relationship before marrying.


Before moving to Riverdale, Veronica was described as being sadistic and cruel bully, who often tormented her classmates due to their status. When she caused one of her classmates to go to therapy and her father was imprisoned, Veronica decided to change her ways for the better. Wanting to become a good person, Veronica became compassionate and sympathetic, as she is willing to help her friends resolve their problems. She shows great loyalty to her friends, notably Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews, and will go to great lengths to protect them.


  • She is 5'1" in height.
  • She is a practicing Catholic.
  • She likes to use literary or cinema references to describe characters or events.
  • She bears a striking resemblance to Jade West from Victorious.
  • She looks like Selena Gomez and Mila Kunis.
  • Veronica Lodge is a reformed mean girl who is similar to Serena Van Der Woodsen who is also reformed mean girl.
  • Is worth around 200 to 250 million herself, and the Lodge family net worth being up to 4 billion.
  • as with most rich people, speaks a lot of French words quite often.