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Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov a.k.a Visha is the deuteragonist in the Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil anime/light novel series. She was originally a conscript mage in the Empire's Cadet Corps. During the battle of Rhine, she was assigned to the member of Platoon 3 under Tanya's leadership. After she was sent to OCS and completed her crash course, she served as Tanya's adjutant.

She is voiced in Japanese by Saori Hayami and in English by Jeannie Tirado.


Always seen in her military uniform; has a C-Cup bust and slightly sexy body.


Visha always thinks positive when it comes to interacting with her superior, Tanya Degurechaff; never doubts, and trusts her every word. She always cares about the conditions of her companions and friends.

She is originally from the Russy Federation, but something happened in her past that caused her to move to the Empire. Although she came from that country, she is always loyal to the Empire and will even risk her life to protect it.



  • She was originally a citizen of Rus Union and not from the Empire. Due to the revolution happening in their country, her family and she moved to her uncle and aunt's home in the Empire to escape and forget about it.
  • Tanya loves the coffee made by Visha the most.
  • She is very good at cards playing. None in Salamander Combat Group wants to play cards with Visha after got "plundered" by her.

In the anime

  • Sausages, potatoes and K-Brot are some of her favorite foods to eat in the camp. Also, she has a strong appetite and can even survive a stomach ache from eating rotten potatoes.
  • She did not know that sprouted potatoes are poisonous until Tanya told her so.
  • She once gave Tanya a beautiful dress which made Tanya think of it as a nuisance.
  • She is an addictive lover of chocolate.
  • According to the anime mini-series 'Youjo Shenki', she wrote in a journal during her time at the Rhine Front.
  • She does not seem to mind the exposure of her body to Tanya, due to them physically being the same gender.
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