Vileplume is a Grass/Poison type flower Pokémon and the 45th numbered specimen of the first generation. Vileplume acts in a similar role like other Grass-type Pokémon such as Venusaur. Most species of this Pokémon tend to be predominantly female in gender. In the anime series, Vileplume, plays a recurring (usually minor) role.


When threatened, a Vileplume will shoot irritating spores into its attackers face, these spores have various effects, ranging from causing allergic reactions, paralysis, or even the attacker to fall asleep.


Mewtwo Strikes Back

In the first Pokémon movie, Vileplume is one of the many Pokémon specimens owned by a trainer named Neesha. As a climatic event, all the attaining trainers's Pokémon are captured by Mewtwo, with Vileplume being among them. The clone, like the rest of the captured counterparts, proves to be originally hostile compared to the original, whom is later release from custody, only for it to battle its cloned counterpart. The battles prove to be utterly useless and uncalled for, and thanks to unsuccessful act by Ash Ketchum, both Vileplumes expressed sympathy for the courageous trainers' sacrifice, an act that was able to make Mewtwo experience a change of heart. In the aftermath, all trainers and their domesticated pokemon (including the original Vileplume), had their memories erased of the conflict, whilst the Vileplume clone was transported to a place of sanctuary by Mewtwo and Mew along with the rest of the clones.

Mewtwo Returns

In the sequel to the original film, the Vileplume clone, Mewtwo, and the rest of the clones return and face a new conflict, a associate with Team Rocket's leader Giovanni, manages to track down Mewtwo's location in the Johto region, thanks to the unsuspicious help of Ash and his friends (who somehow remembers his encounter with Mewtwo). The Vilplume clone and rest of the clones end up getting captured by Team Rocket and Mewtwo is force to resort to surrendering to Giovanni, however as a turn for climatic events, Mewtwo, thanks to the help of Ash, and the group are able to defeat Giovanni and Team Rocket. Afterwards, Mewtwo decides that it is best to move the clones to a place of greater protection from such foes, and after words of encouragement from Ash and his friends, he decides to leave their memories free to remember the past, as a means of a way to make way for the future. The fate of the Vileplume clone is yet to be determined from there.


  • In Japan, Vileplume is referred to as Ruffresia, which is nod to the real-life rafflesia flower, which Vileplume resembles.


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