Victory or Sovngarde!
~ Vilkas

Vilkas is a Nordic lycanthrope and one of the leaders of the Companions in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He is the twin brother of Farkas, and the more intelligent of the two. In addition to being one of the leaders, he is also a member of a more exclusive group called the Circle, alongside his brother, Aela the Huntress, Skjor, and Kodlak Whitemane.

He is voiced by Michael Gough.


Compared to his brother Farkas, he is the more intelligent of the two, but also the less powerful.


When first met, Vilkas will be very skeptical of initiating the Dovahkiin into the Companions, in contrast to his brother; but as the Dragonborn progresses through the Companions' storyline, he will start to become more convinced by their trust and loyalty.

Eventually, when a surprise attack by the Silver Hand leaves the Harbinger of the Companions dead, he is sworn to seek vengeance upon the lycanthrope exterminators. While suceeding in eradicating the Silver Hand's main camp with the Dragonborn, he will then travel with him and the remaining members of the Circle to Ysgramor's Tomb to cleanse Kodlak's wolf spirit, but will stay back at the entrance, stating that he regrets being overrun by vengeance. Once Kodlak's wolf spirit is appeased, he will then gain full trust in the Dragonborn becoming the new harbinger of the Companions.

After the storyline is completed, he can be recruited as a follower or become a candidate for marriage.


We don't deal in politics or underhanded sneaking. We try to uphold the legacy of Ysgramor. To bear his good such that it my never be forgotten, and always be spoken with reverence.
~ Vilkas
Kodlak was right. I let vengeance rule my heart.
~ Vilkas
Give me something to make me draw my sword.
~ Vilkas
I'll carve you into pieces!
~ Vilkas fighting enemies


  • "Vilkas" means wolf in Lithuanian. His brother's name, "Farkas", means wolf in Hungarian.


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