Play dead! NYAH!
~ Villager #37 telling Jason to play dead

Villager #37 is a Element Animation Protagonist he is a villager in the Minecraft village. He is also in An Eggs Guide To Minecraft.


When Jason and Steve were surrounded by mobs Villager #37 came out of nowhere and just watched Steve vanished from an Enderman and started following the mobs that were chasing Jason. Villager #37 got pushed over by George Jason’s pet pig. Villager #37 was convinced to help Jason defeat Herobrine although he wanted to go home and watch TV instead. Villager #37 suggested to go to his village for supplies, and maybe for some more help from the other villagers. Jason agrees with him and they go off to the village. They end up encountering some more mobs, so Villager #37 thought it would be a good idea to play dead. Alex then comes out of nowhere and saves them all. Alex then joins on Jason’s quest to get Steve back. Once they head to the village, they confront the villagers and try to convince them to help them on their mission.

They all argue, disagree and yell back at them. Alex then threatens to burn their village down if they don’t help them. They all get frightened, and agree to help. The villagers all start training for the big fight but didn’t go as Alex planned. Villager #37 looks for Jason at night accidently scaring awake Alex. Then the village was under attack by mobs, Alex then tells Villager #37 to go find Jason.  Villager #37 starts questioning the other villagers where Jason went. A baby villager tells him that they went in the forest. While exploring the forest he finds Jason getting taken by mobs. He immediately runs back to the Village to warn Alex. Then Villager #37 and Alex set on the journey to find Jason.

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