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– Villager #4 at the start of (almost) every Villager News episode.

Villager Number 4 is the main protagonist of web animation series Villager News by Element Animation. He is the host of "Villager News".


Villager #4 can sometimes be rude and strict,even to villagers who are in a big trouble,though it might be just that his job demands this,as it's clear that he treats his plateholders fairly well (he allowed one of them to stay and rehired those who got fired). He is also rather narcissic as he can't help but to comment on how good his mustache looks whenever he has a reason to. He also showed acts of heroism and courage,as he was willing to defend the village from the Giant Creeper despite not being very strong physically and didn't cower when taken "hostage" or facing death.


First appearing in Villager News,Villager #4 reported the news about Villager #14 littering,then getting captured and sentenced to the pit of death.

In Villager News 2,he got angry at his plateholders for mispelling the title of the show and fired two of them but let the third one stay. After that he announced the winning numbers of the lottery and reported the news about a villager enchanting himself and another one failing to return a book to the library on time. At the end of the episode,he noticed that his place was taken by another villager but got abducted by the aliens right after that.

In Villager News 3,he reported the news about a "crazed lunatic" holding two citizens "hostage" when the "lunatic" was actually just making toast. In the end,he was also taken hostage.

Prior to Villager News 4,a testificate made a hateful comment on his moustache which caused a war between Villager #4's village and Testificate Village. When Villager #4 realized villagers were losing,he decided to start learning Testificate language.

In "Villager News: The Giant Problem",he kept reporting on the situation around the giant mobs,and when a Creeper also became giant,he decided to "go play Fortnite until this blows over".

In "Villager News:The WAR!",he was still absent and the report was instead held by his double,Villager #5. Villager #4,however,returned and tried to fight Creepers using Fortnite gameplay mechanics but failed. He found himself next to a creeper and was killed by its explosion. His tombstone is seen at the end of the episode.


  • Villager #4 wears a blacksmith apron. It's unknown if he posseses the appropriate skills however.
  • He is not the only villager with a mustache: another one, in a farmer robe, was seen in the short The False Citizen ​​​​​, and completely identical to him Villager #5,who took over #4's position as the anchor man after his death.
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