Thank you, Villager #4!
~ Villager #9's quotes in al episodes prior to WAR!!!

Villager Number 9 is a major protagonist of the Villager News web animation series by Element Animation.


Villager #9 is first seen in Villager News. The only role he serves in this episode is retelling the events of the pursuit of a rogue citizen, Villager #14, charged for littering.

In Villager News 2, his broadcast (now live) follows an operation to find the citizen who failed to return a book the library on time. The reportage ends with the (presumably) said villager's book stamped.

In Villager News 3, he attempts to get an interview from the "crazed lunatic" but ends up being held "hostage". Worried that he may not make it out alive, Villager #9 requests the audience to tell Villager #4 that it was him who ate his sandwich.

In Villager News 4, he reports from a battlefield. The broadcast ends due to a shell launched by a testificate hitting the camera (and presumably the camera man),leaving #9's fate ambiguous.

Villager #9 is revealed to have survived in Villager News: A Giant Problem! As always, he reports the events of the Giant Mobs incident.

In Villager News:WAR!,a direct sequel to the previous episode, Villager #9 finally enlarges his role as the main protagonist. After the first portion of the antidote necessary to shrink the Giant Creeper missed its target, he was chosen to deliver the second one. He uses the helicopter to get onto the creeper, and nearly falls to death several times. However, he manages to use the antidote on the Giant Creeper, thus preventing the apocalypse. After that, #9 is presumed dead by other villagers, but he actually survives thanks to the plot armor and is seen digging his way out of his grave near the end of the video. After the village was saved, Villager #9 returned to his usual job as a reporter.


Despite not being relatively smart, he is still smarter than most villagers.

He is the protagonist of villager news and has the role of the reporter, as a result his role is to record in the back lines and he knows how to follow the lead.

In episode 6, he is also seen to be braver than other villagers, and showed selflessness when he volunteered to turn the giant creepers to normal by giving him the antidote, a dangerous and risking mission that would put his life in danger.

Like commander villager said, he was a unique villager different than all the others.

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