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Vin Moosk is a businessman who went rogue on the adults and the ties in the Codename: Kids Next Door episode K.N.O.T. (Kids' Neck Overwhemingly Tied).

He was voiced by Jim Cummings.


Vin Moosk was once the best accountant working at Accounting and Son who one day realized he hated his job, he decided to rebel against the oppression of his employers and ripped off his itchy tie. His boss was furious and sent living ties after Moosk to subdue him, as Moosk was his best accountant, but Moosk defeated them and from then on became a "Tie Hunter".


Vin Moosk makes his debut in Operation K.N.O.T. Numbuh 1's morning starts off really bad as he is attacked by a snake-like creature, whose shadow curiously resembles a tie. Luckily, he meets Vin Moosk, a famous tie hunter who is able to remove his tie. At first, Nigel doesn't trust Moosk due to his status as an adult. However, Moosk explains to Numbuh 1 that he needs his help in destroying ties with his organization's 2x4 Technology, and gives him a map to Tieland.

At the campsite, Nigel meets Moosk as well as his two comrades; Froggy McDougal (a weird fellow with a vendetta against tie's) and Windsor (a kid in army fatigues). The group then storms the Tieland Shopping Mall, a place that used to sell business wear before it disappeared into a vast parking lot, now serving as a nest for the tie's.

Inside the temple, Moosk saves Numbuh 1 from a polyester tie and Numbuh 1 wonders why Moosk does not likes tie's despite the fact that he is an adult. Moosk reveals that he was once an accountant but one day he realized he hated the job and ties. When Moosk refused to wear any more tie's, his boss attempted to force the tie's onto Moosk and had them attack him. However, Moosk proved to be too strong and was able to escape from the office where he worked. Moosk would later team up with Froggy and Windsor to fight ties. Soon, the loud noises made by Moosk awaken the Queen Tie. Froggy fails to notice that she is behind him and is hit with her breath, transforming him into an accountant.