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Vincent "Vince" Chase is the main protagonist from TV Series "Entourage".

He is an actor on the road to stardom. Originally from Queens, in New York, Vince along with his half-brother, Johnny "Drama" Chase and friends Turtle and E arrived in Los Angeles with Vince hoping to further expand his career.

Vince made a risky choice in picking the indie film "Queens Boulevard" instead of a larger, more commercial film. Luckily, Vince's turn in "QB" paid off, leading to him being cast in James Cameron's blockbuster "Aquaman," a role that catapulted him to the top of Hollywood's power lists. Unfortunately, the good fortune didn't last, as Vince was dumped from "Aquaman 2" after a disagreement with the studio. Other problems derailed Vince's involvement in both "Medellin" and "I Wanna Be Sedated," leading to the possibility that Vince's time on the A-list may be short-lived.

It seemed like Vince's luck might have changed when he was cast in the big budget studio film "Smoke Jumpers" but even that didn't go as planned, when shortly into production Vince was fired by the director. However, things finally start to turn for Vince as he stages his comeback with his new movie "Gatsby", a smash hit both critically and at the box office.

In Season 7, Vince suffered a near-death experience that left him craving any kind of highs which eventually resulted in him developing a drug addiction that resulted in him being arrested and as such, Vince entered rehab for three months to get clean.

A year later, Vince met journalist Sophia Lear and after a rough start, the two eventually got together and became engaged before flying to Paris to get married.

In the Entourage Movie, Vincent's marriage only lasted nine days, and is once again single. He is the director of a big budget movie called Hyde, which is apparently very good. His film is put in jeopardy however when Travis McCredle, the son of Larsen McCredle, threatens to shut down the movie production because he says it isn't good enough. In truth, he only wishes to ruin the movie out of vengeance on Vincent for having slept with Emily Ratajkowski, who Travis has a crush on. His plans are foiled by Ari Gold, and the movie is released to amazing critical and financial success

He is portrayed by Adrian Grenier.