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Vincent Griffith is a main character and protagonist on The Originals.

An extremely powerful witch and a member of the Treme Coven, he is the ex-husband of fellow Tremé witch, Eva Sinclair, whose fall to sanity led to Vincent leaving his coven, as he no longer was interested in being apart of the supernatural community, wishing instead to live his own life. He ultimately became a target for Esther Mikaelson because of this and she places her son's spirit, Finn Mikaelson, within him. Finn used Vincent's body throughout the second season and antagonized his brothers and their allies. Eventually, Vincent was freed from Finn's possession and feeling guilty for Finn's actions, sought to atone, in the process teaming up with the Mikaelsons and Marcel Gerard, his help being invaluable in stopping Eva and helping Rebekah regain control, as she had been causing trouble at the time. Not long after, he was offered the role of Regent following Josephine LaRue's death. Vincent declined the offer and suggested Davina Claire become Regent. The Ancestors agreed and he began to mentor her.

In the third season, Vincent and Camille O'Connell worked closely with the police, attempting to stop the murderer that was killing random people in New Orleans. Eventually, Vincent gets Davina shunned with Marcel's help, as he didn't want the Strix harming her. Vincent is then elected as Regent by the Ancestors for a brief time, until being shunned, afterwards, proceeding to work closely with the Mikaelson Family and their closest allies, in an effort to kill Lucien Castle and stop the Ancestors once and for all, during which he helped Marcel overthrow the Originals and defeat the Ancestors. For five years, he allied with Marcel to ensure peace between the factions of New Orleans until the Hollow cast her shadow over the Crescent City. Vincent allied with the Mikaelsons once again to defeat their common threat.


Vincent Griffith was born to a long line of witches from the Tremé Coven, one of nine covens of witches present in the city of New Orleans. As he once told Camille, his family were some of the meanest witches New Orleans had ever known. Vincent was raised as a witch by his coven while also maintaining as normal a life as possible, going to college and having a job.

Vincent was considered to be a powerful witch by his coven and was apparently well regarded by the other witches of New Orleans (so much so that they later planned to offer him the position of Regent). Throughout his time in New Orleans, Vincent lived in peace among the witches until the troubles with the vampires started again. The witch community remained divided over what to do: several covens refused to take part in the fighting while others sided with the vampires and others decided to do all they could to oppose them (such as the French Quarter Coven).

When Vincent was sixteen, he met Eva Sinclair, a talented and wild witch with whom he developed a romantic relationship and they eventually married. Although the witches were concerned about their relationship because of Eva's wild ways, they let them be because they were both happy. However, when Vincent learned Eva was pregnant, he tried to make the city safer for witches like his unborn child by increasing his power so he could defeat Marcel Gerard, who had ruled the city for nearly a century and kept the witches under his thumb. Vincent was unsuccessful in finding any magic powerful enough until a mysterious notebook appeared in his home one day, an instruction manual for sacrificial magic. Vincent studied it and practiced its magic, granting him immense strength given to him by a mysterious being even older than The Ancestors. Vincent showed the pregnant Eva this power and she became more enraptured by it than even he was, frightening him and making her promise to stop. She seemed to agree, though secretly kept using it.

In 2011, children from various covens started to go missing from different quarters of New Orleans. Each was a witch prodigy and their disappearance caused a great deal of fear in the witch community. Vincent assembled a team of witches from every single coven to track down the kidnapper and the kids but could not find them before they were submitted to a cloaking spell, preventing the use of locator spells. Vincent refused to give up however and managed to cast a locator spell on one of the kidnapped children before the cloaking spell went on. Catching glimpses of visions, Vincent discovered that it was Eva who had been kidnapping the children. He confronted her and captured her. She tried to convince him to help her in her plans: to use one child from each coven of New Orleans as a sacrifice to create a great power source and complete the Rite of Nines, to unite the witches under her, a powerful witch who could destroy the vampires.

However, Vincent refused to help her and tried to cleanse her of the sacrificial power he had shown her and the evil that had given it to him. He was unsuccessful and their unborn child was lost in the process. She was later imprisoned in the witch asylum at the Fauline Cottage. Disillusioned with the supernatural community, he left the Tremé Coven and began leading a life on his own. This left him vulnerable and he was captured by Esther as a vessel for her son, Finn Mikaelson.

Season Two

Finn, possessing Vincent, was a primary antagonist in the second season, using Vincent's incredible power and skill to great effect against the Mikaelsons, but once he was freed from Finn's possession, he turns out to be a simply normal but still very powerful individual who seeks redemption for Finn's acts.

After Finn in his body was mortally injured by Klaus, Freya quickly heals Finn and then draws his soul out of Vincent's body and into her talisman. Vincent regains himself for the first time in months since he was possessed, looking terrified and questioning who those around him were. Freya casts a spell that puts him to sleep, and Elijah then completes his deal with the witches and hands Vincent over in exchange for Eva Sinclair/Rebekah's freedom from her crimes. He learns from Marcel (who took him hostage, and put Lobelia flowers in his food, so he won't be able to concentrate and do magic) that he was possessed for nine months by Finn Mikaelson, and is overwhelmed with guilt and bonds with Cami who sees he's unlike the 'Vincent' she thought was her adviser. He later meets Rebekah Mikaelson, who inhabits his wife's body. He then tells the original that he never thought he would see his wife again, after she was locked up in the Fauline Cottage. The next day, as he was drinking in a bar, Marcel asks him for his help to stop Eva, who has taken permanent control of her body. Vincent tells him about how the kidnappings started two years before and how he was the one who had discovered that it was Eva who had been snatching the children for a ritual designed to channel the magic of all nine witch covens in New Orleans; Eva needed to sacrifice a child from each coven, each with great potential, for her ritual to succeed. Eventually, Vincent agrees to help Marcel and they corner Eva in a herbal shop where Vincent interrogates his wife. She tells him that the children aren't dead and that they don't need to die for the ritual to be completed. Vincent incapacitates Marcel and frees Eva. They then go to capture Josephine as the last sacrifice but, when Eva reveals the children, she also reveals that they do have to die. Vincent knocks her out, as he had pretended to go along with her plan to find the children. He is then sent into Eva's mind by Freya Mikaelson with Marcel to save Rebekah. In a final confrontation with Eva, Vincent tries to kill her but fails just before she is killed by Rebekah. Vincent is later seen burning a picture of himself and Eva back in the bar. Being the seeming most powerful witch New Orleans had, the witch community turned to him so he would become the regent after Josephine's death but Vincent tells Camille that he refuses and instead offers Davina the job. He tells her that, as Regent, she would have the power of the Ancestors of all the nine covens which would allow her to bring back her dead boyfriend, Kol. He and Davina successfully convince the Elders that Davina is their best chance at having a powerful Regent and he participates in the ritual which sees her appointed as Regent. Vincent warns Davina that she should be careful by bringing Kol back, as he was still a Mikaelson and they were known to remain together when push came to shove. He talks to Camille about her feelings for Klaus and his own feelings towards magic. She then convinces him to remain in New Orleans to advise Davina to be a good witch, not like his parents or the witches who came before them. Vincent decides to do so and is last seen watching Davina closely.

Season Three

Vincent returns as a protagonist, being much more prominent than the last season, and he finally gets fully involved with New Orleans matters.

Having always been an occult consultant to the police ever since his dealing with Eva, Vincent brought Camille to a crime scene that he had been asked to consult in the investigation due to its occult nature and introduced her to Detective Will Kinney who showed them the crime scene. The victim looked to have been compelled to stay in place while someone carved up his face into a scarred smile. Suspecting it was a vampire, Cami and Vincent asked Marcel what he knew but he reminded them that his vampires weren't the only ones in town. Later, after a second victim had been found, Vincent sparred with Marcel in his fighting ring, taking out his aggression. Marcel responded by scolding Vincent for not helping Davina lead the witches since he was the one who put her in that position.

In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, Vincent and Cami went to the police station where Klaus' old friend Lucien Castle was being questioned by Kinney about the murders. When Lucien demanded to speak to Cami directly, Vincent went into the interview room with her. Vincent was very sure that Lucien was guilty and sarcastically accused him of the crimes. Lucien pleaded innocent, telling them the story of how he became a vampire and how the crimes reflected what had been done to him a millennium ago. Vincent remained unconvinced and when Klaus arrived to break up the meeting, Vincent thought that Klaus should get rid of Lucien since he still thought he was guilty. However, that night, Vincent and Cami looked over the research, frustrated that it seemed to not be Lucien and was someone else.

In The Axeman's Letter, he and Cami are walking down a street and they talk about the Axeman Jazz Festival. He tells her about the Axeman and how he was actually a witch, not a vampire. He tells her the day the Axeman chose was called Fête de Cadeau, which is the day that every witch gives a gift to the city in the hopes that the city gives one back. He asks if she thinks Lucien is still involved in the murderers and as they talk about him, they spot Lucien and they follow him. After Cami makes a sarcastic comment about Lucien being honored about the murders happening, Vincent tells her everybody likes a charismatic killer, and they should know.

He tells her there's a reason why he doesn't practice magic anymore because he was drawn to Eva's darkness and he'll always be on guard against that part of himself. After they look at each other and then at Lucien again, he vanishes and Vincent realizes he was stringing them along. He then looks back and sees that Cami has disappeared too, and he becomes worried while saying her name. He then finds Cami and he talks that he could've done something, and he agrees with her about her statement of not being able to use cops to take down a vampire, but she could someone like him, i.e., a witch. Will comes to the crime scene and asks if Vincent was here for the whole thing and he tries to defend Cami that she was trying to save the victim, but it was too late. Will then arrests her and takes her with him, leaving Vincent shocked at the turn of events.

In Beautiful Mistake, Vincent is led to believe that Cami is at home watching The Real Housewives in her PJ's so he wouldn't get suspicious.

In Out of the Easy, Marcel approached him for help in keeping Davina safe from The Strix. With no other choice left, Vincent used tarot cards to reveal her part on the Ninth Coven's massacre, leading to her getting shunned.

In Savior, Vincent is elected the new Regent and is threatened by Tristan who tells him that he could have him repossessed by Finn if he didn't help out The Strix with magic.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, Vincent is first seen being pestered by Tristan de Martel about casting a spell. Vincent reluctantly agrees, but only if he gets Freya's Talisman in return. Tristan agrees and Vincent casts the spell. However, Tristan didn't truly keep his word. The next day, Vincent is being watched by Strix vampires and a witch. He taunts the witch, asking her about her coven. The witch ignores him at first, but when he learns of the coven she's in, he says they probably aren't too proud of her. Vincent then asks her why she's serving the Strix, and she doesn't answer. A vampire attacks Vincent and he manages to cast a spell, knocking stones onto the vampire's head. He then proceeds to cast a death hex spell on the witch, which slowly killed her. Vincent is then attacked by a vampire, and Vincent uses his magic to break part of a spiky fence and use it as a stake. He attempts to stake the last vampire, but is overpowered. Elijah Mikaelson arrives just in time and saves him. Freya's talisman is on the ground and Vincent tries to reach for it, but Elijah grabbed it. Elijah then asks Vincent for some assistance. Vincent threatens him and remarks, saying "he's done with vampire business", but he ends up helping Elijah anyway. A plan is organized, where Vincent stands in the middle of the road, awaiting a Strix vehicle. One of the vampires in the vehicle order the other to "run him down". Vincent casts a powerful spell, flipping the vehicle. The vampires emerge, but Elijah shows up just in time to kill them. Vincent later speaks his mind to Niklaus Mikaelson and Elijah, involving Camille O'Connell and her vampirism. Vincent is seen that night visiting the graveyard. He encounters Camille O'Connell, who is still refusing to embrace her vampirism. Vincent inspires her, telling her she can change the world with the good of her heart and that the world is a much better place with her in it. He ends up slitting his wrist and allowing Cami to feed on his blood, thus completing her transition.

In Dead Angels, Vincent casts a cloaking spell in Lafayette Cemetery so Cami won't be found by the Mikaelsons. He tries to explain to her that she stole the one thing that could kill the Mikaelsons and she's bargaining her own life as well, since others could come after the weapon. Vincent is seen leaning against one of the tombs and Klaus lunges at him, but he is blocked by the boundary spell Vincent put up. While Cami and Klaus bicker, Vincent decides to leave, but tells them they might want to finish it up before someone finds out about the weapon. Cami is walking anxiously and Vincent says Klaus has a lot of witch weapons to pack and a lot of pride to swallow. Cami asks if he feels sorry for him, and Vincent tells her no, but she irritated the wrong person and it will be different for them. He tells her that Klaus trusted her and let her into his life, and that girl wouldn't ever have stolen the one thing that could kill him, which Cami declares that girl died. While night has fallen, Vincent and Cami are still oblivious that Klaus is outside because of the spell Madison has cast. A strong wind blows and Vincent is concerned and decides to step out to see what is happening. Vincent tells Cami they aren't alone and that the boundary spell is to keep a vampire out. Vincent confronts the Sisters and they throw both him and Cami against the wall in the tomb. He tells Cami to run with the wooden knight while he deals with the Sisters, seemingly able to defeat them, although it only lead to Madison being able to get the weapon to Aurora. Klaus confronts Vincent and Cami, and Vincent decides to leave her and Klaus be as he doesn't want to deal with their bickering any longer.

In An Old Friend Calls, Vincent is seen training in St. Anne's Church with Camille while they talk about the fact that Klaus has chosen not to kill Aurora and Cami remarks that when a time comes that Aurora manages to get out she would be ready for her. Klaus arrives and asks to speak with Cami in private as his therapist. Klaus brings Cami to a cafe and after a short section, Cami informs Klaus that she could no longer be his therapist on account that she doesn't see herself fit to give advice when her own life is such a mess. Cami goes to Rousseau's to find her co-workers and all the customers compelled in silence, she spots Vincent and Cortez in the back room, she rushes to Vincent's side but Cortez gets in the way and threatens her and everyone in the bar. Vincent distracts Cortez, allowing Cami time to send an SOS to Klaus, however, Cortez notices and slams her head on the door frame knocking her out. When Cami reawakens she reminds Cortez that Vincent was of no use to him if he died before finishing, he snaps at her to shut up and at Vincent to hurry but instead, Vincent falls to his side and begins convulsing causing Cami to run to his side. Klaus arrives and begins taunting Cortez's imminent death, but Cami calls his name causing him to take notice of the three men Cortez had compelled to hold knives to the bar patrons throats. Cortez gives Klaus the same warning to Klaus as he did Cami as to what would happen if he made a move for him. Klaus chooses to throw a stake at Cortez and uses his vampire speed to snap the neck of the three men, Cami rushes to them and attempts to feed them her blood to save them but it didn't work as they were already dead. Klaus informs her that it is no use, she stands glaring at him angrily and shoves him out of her way and leaves. Vincent is seen sitting with Cami somewhere in the French Quarter as they speak of Cami's previous encounter with Klaus that day, Vincent questions why she had lied to Klaus, to which she tells him that he was more than willing to kill and his inability to protect her from Aurora and his unwillingness to kill her after what she had done to her. In Alone with Everybody, after Vincent discovered the location of remaining White Oak bullet, he was approached by Sofya and her men, who are after the bullet as well. As he knocked out her teammates, Sofya quickly appeared behind him and bit his neck, taking the bullet for herself. While Marcel and Josh were having a conversation about the possibility of a bullet, which was offered online to the highest bidder, being a fake, Vincent showed up and told them about his encounter with Sofya. Later, after Marcel tracked down and finally captured Sofya, Vincent once again tried to find out who's she working for, a question which Sofya refused to answer as she'd be as good as dead. In that very moment, The Ancestors took control over Vincent's mind, showing him images of the prophecy coming to life. Convinced by the Ancestors that instead of killing her, he should help Sofya achieve a common goal, Vincent released her.

In Behind the Black Horizon, Vincent is taken to Mystic Falls by Lucien where he's forced to do the spell to make him into The Beast.

In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, Vincent is confronted by Van for allying himself with the Mikaelson Family. They get into a heated argument which ends in the Ancestors taking Vincent's title and magic as Regent away and giving it to Van. This leaves Vincent doubtful he could still do magic in the center of Lafayette cemetery. He decides to help and he and Davina channel each other in order to perform a Disenchantment spell upon the safe house disenchantment spell that Van cast upon St.James Infirmary.

In No More Heartbreaks, Vincent and company believe that like Klaus' blood, Lucien's blood may be the key to reversing the effects of the poison that is affecting Cami. Vince returns to Cami's apartment and performs a variant blood gather spell to collect what remains of Lucien's blood. Cami drinks the blood, though has little effect and does not heal her. Vincent plead with Freya to heal Cami, going so far to have her channel him to cast a healing spell (she claims that will not stop the inevitable), to place her soul in her pendant like she did with Finn (she claims it can only house the souls of her family since Dahlia created it), or even place her soul into another body (claims the possession won't take hold because she wouldn't accept it). Ultimately Vincent and Freya fail to save Cami's life which leaves Vincent saddened and guilt-ridden.

In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Vincent consecrated Davina stating ancestral witches could always be brought however he needed Van to do to a Resurrection spell for her. Vincent easily overpowers Van as he is still much more powerful than Van minus when Van was using all of his regency power, however the spell is a failure as Freya who desperately needed The Ancestors magic used Davina as a conduit to steal it. Vincent angrily confronts Freya for this action and decides to give Marcel the serum so he could take revenge.

In Give 'Em Hell Kid, Vincent attends Davina and Cami's separated funerals. Vengeful, he goes into The Ancestral Plane with Kol with Josh as their link to the living world where Vincent summons Davina through a spell to her a mystical dark object his wife made to cut off The Ancestors from their Descendants. Davina sends Vincent back first so she could have some privacy with Kol. After both are back Davina activates the dark object and the Lafayette cemetery begins shaking, implying the end of the Ancestors' presence among the living witches.

In The Bloody Crown, Vincent tries to convince Marcel to tone down his revenge plot against the Mikaelson family. However, Vincent later witnesses the aftermath and sees Marcel sitting alone in the Mikaelson Compound. Enraged and disappointed, Vincent criticizes Marcel for causing carnage and compared Marcel to being just like the Mikaelson family. Vincent then tells Marcel that he will no longer allow him or anyone else to place innocent peoples' lives in danger.

Season Four

Season 4 features Vincent as the most primary ally of the Mikaelsons against the supremely powerful Inadu, who he has a very, very dark past with and is the source of all of Vincent's turmoil.

In Gather Up the Killers, five years after Marcel's defeat of the Mikaelsons, Vincent's plans of developing a sanctuary in New Orleans had come to fruition. He had transformed the church into a safe haven and was leading the witches and humans in a peaceful time for the city. He warned them to be wary during the anniversary of the Mikaelsons' fall as vampires from all over the world flocked to New Orleans to celebrate Klaus's suffering. Marcel enlisted Vincent to help him in a power play by creating a barrier for Klaus to be brought to display him for the visiting vampires. Vincent begrudgingly helped but afterward confronted Klaus while reinforcing the barrier he was kept in during his imprisonment, asking him what Camille would think of not being the good man she believed he could be.

In No Quarter, Vincent learned that the son of a witch he was interested in Maxine, had gone missing. Vincent vowed to help find him and Maxine gave him a protective charm to keep with him in his search. Vincent went looking for her son, Adam Folsom, having heard from Will Kinney that children were going missing around abandoned houses. Vincent ventured to one of these houses but didn't find Adam. Instead, he found a mysterious blue light that threw him against the wall. Vincent tried to defend himself against the light but would have been overpowered if not for the charm Maxine gave him. Recognizing the light and its power, he pulled out a book he kept locked in a safe and called Marcel, desperately telling him that the whole city was in danger from what he had just discovered.

In Haunter of Ruins, Vincent tried to burn the book he had taken from the safe before speaking with Marcel who wondered why he was panicking over one missing witch boy and how that meant the whole city was in danger. Vincent reminded Marcel of his wife, Eva, who Marcel remembered had also taken children. Vincent explained that Eva hadn't always been the evil witch Marcel remembered and that something evil had gotten inside of her and twisted her up, and that same evil that corrupted his wife might have returned, and if it had, more kids would be taken. To confirm it, he had Will use his police resources to find any more reports of missing kids, which there were three. When Will suggested it might not be Vincent's kind of case and he'd let him know if anything supernatural was connected, Vincent brushed off the notion, knowing the truth. He told Will to keep he and the police out of it since it was too dangerous for them but Will persisted, not wanting to leave Vincent alone. When Vincent revealed he had Marcel helping him, Marcel arrived and told Vincent that some of his vampires had spotted activity at the old Strix mansion, which had been boarded up for years. When Marcel saw the book Vincent had been burning hours ago was still intact, Vincent cryptically told him to keep that book far away from him that if he tried to even take the book from Marcel, to kill him without question. Vincent went out with Marcel to the old Strix base, and explained what they were up against, saying it involved both of their pasts. Vincent told him that back when Marcel controlled the city and had the witches under his thumb, Vincent wanted to take him down to make the city safer for witches and tried to gain more power to do so, power Marcel wouldn't have been able to defend against. The notebook had mysteriously come to him one day, a sacrificial magic instruction manual with magic Vincent had never seen. Marcel brushed it off as him not being the first witch to make sacrifices to his ancestors but Vincent assured him that whatever he had once sacrificed to was older than the Ancestors and had never been given a name. When pressed on where the book came from, Vincent told Marcel that was the strangest part; that it was in his handwriting and he didn't remember ever writing it. They discussed the past and how Marcel didn't know Vincent back when he was with Eva but Vincent sure knew him from the damage he had done to the witches at the time. Vincent elaborated on how he had convinced Eva to try out the sacrificial magic and she went even further than him, which turned her into the monster Marcel knew. When they got to the mansion, Marcel went in first to find a witch preparing to use the children in a ritual. The witch incapacitated Marcel before Vincent knocked him over the head. Much to his surprise, the witch recognized him and was happy to see him, telling Vincent that the being they sacrificed to wanted him there. When the witch zealot told him that the being they worshipped resided in all of them and had loved his wife, an enraged Vincent attacked the man and tried to defeat him with magic but was overpowered. The witch prepared to kill Vincent but he was saved by Marcel. The witch then tried to further the spell with the children, knocking them out, Vincent grabbed the man from behind and held a knife to his throat. The witch told him that Vincent had given it breath and now it had to be fed. As the children's condition worsened, Vincent slit the witch's throat and used a spell to save the kids from having their life force drained. A healed Adam was happy to see Vincent but Marcel and Vincent realized whatever had threatened the children was targeting Hope Mikaelson. While Marcel proclaimed Vincent a hero, Vincent warned him that if Hope really was linked to that spell, she was going to die, so Marcel had to bring back the Mikaelsons despite his protests so he could heal Hope. Vincent sent the Mikaelsons a message that he could help Hope, knowing she was already experiencing the affliction. Vincent then went to the church and began to reminisce everything he had went through due to Eva as he realized how severe his mistake of letting the Hollow in was.

In Keepers of the House, Vincent went to Marcel's house to inform him that the children they saved never came home, and the ambulance was also gone. Vincent was then called to the Abattoir to heal Hope, reminding the Mikaelsons that once he had cured Hope, they were supposed to leave the city as agreed in their pact. This request caused a discussion with Klaus, quickly interrupted by Hayley. A soon as Vincent cast the spell, Hope regained consciousness and a flock of dead crows fell from the sky around the girl. Vincent recognized that as a sign of the Hollow and gathered some witches, possibly trusted elders, at St. Anne's Church. He explained to them that a faction of New Orleans witches had begun making sacrifices to the Hollow, practicing a very dark form of magic. Elijah intruded into the private meeting, offering to fight the Hollow to protect his family. Elijah, then, sent away the witches to talk face to face with Vincent. The leader of the witches wasn't exactly enthusiastic about Elijah's collaboration, especially because he thought the Original Vampire was moved by selfish reasons because, if Hope had not been involved, he would have no interest in saving the children. Reluctantly, Vincent agreed to cooperate with Elijah when he pointed out that it was better to have him as an ally than as an enemy. Later, Vincent cast a spell using the ashes of a witch who had lost his way hoping to find a connection to the Hollow. He, then, revealed to Elijah that he was once tainted by the Hollow's magic and knew exactly who they were fighting, warning Elijah that the Hollow would use the darkness inside his heart to get what it wants. The tracking spell succeeded, and Vincent organized a meeting with Will at the St. James Infirmary, trying to reason with his friend about the Hollow's real intentions. In response, Will pointed a gun at Vincent and was about to kill him but Elijah arrived in time to save the witch. Both Elijah and Vincent tried to extract information from the policeman, but without success. Will was able to break free and escape, but not before Vincent was able to put a tracking spell on him that lead the two to the Bayou. In the woods, they ran into some of the acolytes of the Hollow about to celebrate a sacrificial ceremony with the kidnapped children. Vincent tried to stop the ceremony by severing the link with the children, but during a fight with the acolytes, Klaus killed Will and, together with Marcel, fell victim to the Hollow itself who used them instead of the children to create a bridge with the material world. Later, Vincent found shelter at the jazz club, mourning the loss of his friend, and warning Marcel of the great danger waiting for them in the near future.

In Bag of Cobras, Vincent was studying some boards with newspaper clippings and notes in his apartment, looking for a pattern linking clusters of violent rituals performed in New Orleans over the span of two months, assuming similarity with 1992 violent clusters in Algiers, Tremé, Bayou, and Marigny. He was wondering why they were always four different locations when he was interrupted by Elijah. The Mikaelson vampire was standing on the balcony, unable to enter, and asked Vincent to act civilized. The witch replied with sarcasm, asking where Marcel was. Vincent invited him in only when Elijah admitted that they were detaining Marcel in order to be sure he was free from the Hollow's influence. Vincent showed the boards to Elijah, revealing to him that until now, he believed that the Hollow was simply a spirit practicing a dangerous form of Dark Magic, desperately wanting to set foot on the living world. The witch continued sharing information, stating that the sacrifices they barely stopped were used by the Hollow to gain more power. Vincent then described the history of the Hollow's cult as the ebb and flow of New Orleans, repeated for centuries through the bloody actions carried out on its soil, mentioning Madame LaLaurie and the Axeman of New Orleans among the countless clues pointing to the Hollow if you knew exactly what and where to look. Vincent also shared the pattern of "four" bubbling up every time. When Elijah asked what it wanted, Vincent replied that, like any other "ghost", the Hollow wants access to their world, whispering to desperate people to make it happen. Elijah then invited Vincent to a party at the Abattoir, asking for his help to uncover the identities of the Hollow's followers. That night, Vincent came to the party and heard Elijah's welcoming speech before joining the crowd, shaking hands at various guests to discover their true intentions. He then briefly talked with Josh, updating each other on their plans to save Marcel. Shortly after, he talked to Klaus, teasing each other about their respective roles in the cause against the Hollow. Sitting on the sofa in the upstairs sitting room, Vincent was laying some tarot cards on a marble table and when Klaus prompted him to cast a locator spell to find their enemies, Vincent replied he already begun. By shaking hands and talking to guests, Vincent revealed to Klaus that he was, in fact, doing a "reading" and was about to direct the channeled energy to the tarot deck and discover who were they looking for. Vincent divided the deck into four parts, and turned a card from each of them, revealing a common clue was in each of the cards; a snake. Soon after, Vincent was again in the crowd, and he had a vision of Dominic, Sofya's witch-for-hire, holding a white snake, and pointed him to Klaus. Vincent and Elijah invited Dominic for a private conversation in one of the upstairs sitting rooms. The witch agreed, bringing two men with him. Once there, Dominic accused Vincent of being a traitor because he had been a faithful servant of the Hollow in the past while now he was standing on the side of the Hollow's enemies. The conversation quickly degenerated when Dominic mentioned Vincent's dead wife, and Vincent punched Dominic in the face before performing a mutual, painful Pain Infliction spell while Elijah killed the two standing acolytes. Elijah stopped them and asked Vincent to leave, seeking a word with Dominic, alone. Vincent came back downstairs after cleaning himself from the blood and drank some Bourbon before bickering with Freya. The two witches were still at odds since their last argument after Davina's death, but Freya still wanted to thank Vincent for his help against the Hollow. Vincent harshly replied he was doing it just for Hope, because he won't let any child be hurt in his city and as soon as the threat was over, he would make sure to banish the Mikaelsons from New Orleans. When Freya tried to say how sorry she was for what happened to Davina, and claiming it had been a casualty of war, Vincent scoffed at her. Freya claimed that, at the end of the day, anyone answers for their action only to themselves, to which Vincent replied that probably Freya believes that because she doesn't have anybody else. Their argument was interrupted by Klaus' text to Vincent, asking the witch to join him outside, just when Keelin approached them to drink something with Freya. Once outside on the streets, Vincent telekinetically pinned two acolytes to a brick wall, while Klaus stole from their coats two stakes wrapped in thorns and soaked in Beast's blood. Vincent, then, lectured the acolytes on their poor choice to follow the Hollow. He claimed that, despite his hate for vampires and Klaus in particular, he was more than willing to stand beside him rather than with the "thing they called their Master". Vincent released the two from his spell and Klaus was about to break their necks, but eventually, they left the acolytes free to die at the hand of the Hollow. Vincent went back in with Klaus just in time to see Elijah killing Dominic in front of anyone, ripping his heart out and throwing the corpse from the balcony to the floor among the guests. When Vincent expressed disappointment with Elijah's "Hell of a show", the Original Vampire claimed he just saved Vincent because Dominic wanted him dead. Vincent sarcastically asked if he was supposed to thank Elijah and the latter offered him a hand in sign of alliance, saying he was tired of bargains and reasons. Vincent simply looked him in the eye, before turning back and leaving the room.

In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, Vincent retrieved some items from a cabinet at the St. Anne's Church, including a sacrificial dagger he anointed with an unspecified lotion while Elijah announced his presence with a sarcastic comment on the dagger. Vincent replied that it wasn't a good time, as he was into some witch business to pay him attention. Elijah proposed a new strategy now that the Ancestors were gone, but Vincent quickly corrected him, stating that you can't kill what's already dead and that the Ancestors were simply severed from the physical plane. As Elijah asked him to demand a sacrifice to replicate The Harvest, Vincent snapped, saying he was working with Elijah only because he wanted to help to defeat the Hollow, but wasn't keen to start a war with the French Quarter Coven. After a last and firm "No", Vincent stored the items in the cabinet and left the church without knowing Elijah was about to steal the dagger. That same night, Vincent was summoned by Elijah at the Lafayette Cemetery. The witch was about to remind Elijah he wasn't his witch-for-hire when he noticed four girls lying dead in the crypt. Vincent was appalled by what Elijah did. Asking the Original Vampire for explanations, Elijah replied he simply did what was required: slashing the throats of four French Quarter young witches on a consecrated ground to create a link with the Ancestral Plane. Vincent immediately pointed out that it was all wrong, that there was a ceremony, then a ritual, and that the girls were supposed to be selected. Vincent's words were worth nothing because Elijah forced him to find a way to finish the ritual and give a sense to the four young witches' death. Some time later, Vincent had arranged the four corpses on the consecrated spot where the French Quarter witches performed the Harvest and Reaping ceremonies, marking the girls' foreheads with ashes. He continued the next step, pleading the Ancestors to accept the sacrifices. In short time, Vincent was lacking faith in the outcome of the ritual, as that wasn't his branch of magic. He showed the grimoire to Elijah, saying that it wasn't right and that the ritual was supposed to be performed by an Elder of the French Quarter. At this point, Elijah reminded Vincent that he was the Regent of all nine covens of New Orleans and even his "wretched mother" and the Hollow herself acknowledged Vincent's true potential and mastery in the magical arts. Convinced to accept Elijah's request, Vincent customized the ritual to his branch of expertise. Sprinkling blood with his fingers from a bowl, he chanted the invocation to the Ancestors in both English and French Creole. As he chanted, he successfully connected with the Ancestors but unfortunately the Ancestors, still hateful of Elijah and Vincent for allying with the Mikaelsons and helping their defeat years ago, refused the offering and caused a storm to gather above them. The wind extinguished the flames of candles and braziers, while Elijah and Vincent began to cry blood as Vincent realized how the Ancestors would not accept the sacrifice. As the Ancestors broke Elijah's neck, leaving Vincent with nothing but resorting to a last desperate attempt, he reached Davina's grave and magically broke the tombstone and retrieved Davina's skull to be used as a representation link to reach her on the Ancestral Plane. By placing the skull on the altar, Vincent marked it with a bloody cross and started chanting in French Creole. Some time later, he started pleading Davina to answer his call. Meanwhile, Elijah woke up in time to see the ritual working. As the rain started to fall on them and the flames arise, the four girls come back to life screaming. After comforting the four girls, Vincent scolded Elijah for his recklessness. While Elijah tried to state that they accomplished their goal despite the harsh means, Vincent pointed out how little humanity was left inside Elijah. Later, Vincent placed the skull back in the grave and had a brief conversation with Josh, who just come to the Cemetery to visit his best friend. Josh was confused as he thought Davina was forever lost, but Vincent confirmed that her soul was still somewhere in the Ancestral Plane. Vincent explained to Josh that he made Davina the "Gatekeeper" to the Ancestral Plane and that now she was their most powerful ally.

In Queen Death, Vincent came to St. Anne's Church at Maxine's request to witness the profanation of the sacred place made by the Hollow's Acolytes. Maxine confessed that many witches were considering the Hollow's offering, believing that Hollow's rise to power was a better alternative to the alliance with the vampires proposed by Vincent to keep the peace over the last five years. While the two were talking witches and putting in place what can be saved in the rubble left by the vandals, the Hollow (possessing Sofya's body) entered the church. Vincent let Maxine going away as soon as he can, stating that he would be safe in his direct confrontation with the Hollow. Left alone, the Hollow said that all the years that Vincent had spent without practicing witchcraft for fear that the Hollow could return were worth nothing because she had come back anyway. Vincent provoked her, saying she was not strong enough if she had to possess a vampire body. In response, the Hollow lifted Vincent midair with a gesture of her hand, forcing his body into a painful position. The Hollow complimented Vincent's personality, pointing out that once he enjoyed the power she offered. She, then, proposed the witch to swear loyalty to her in exchange for getting back that power, but Vincent refused it, wishing for the Hollow to go back to the place she came from. Enraged, the Hollow threw Vincent across the room with a hand gesture. The Hollow offered a deal for Vincent and the Mikaelson that the witch had to report to the absent. Vincent came to the Abattoir, where he met Freya and Hayley trying to figure out why the jaw that Freya encircled in a magic seal was moving by itself. Vincent explained that it was happening because the Hollow wanted it to complete his sacrificial ritual to become flesh and blood. They had until the sundown to handle it to the Hollow, otherwise, she would come to take the bone herself. The three of them were joined by Klaus and Marcel and Vincent explained his plane to defeat the Hollow. Since Hollow wanted to use the energy accumulated by Elijah's sacrifice to resurrect herself, Vincent proposed to use that same energy to cause her demise: Marcel would stab the Hollow's temporary host with a dagger soaked with Hayley's blood, while Vincent would cast an Ancestral spell to banish the spirit, harnessing Elijah's sacrifice. Both Hayley and Klaus demanded another plan since they didn't want to kill Elijah. Vincent replied that Elijah was already dead and in doing so his death wouldn't be in vain. Vincent also clarified that would have been easier to defeat the Hollow in spirit form rather than trying to stop her once she got a living body. Because Klaus was still opposed to the plan, Vincent reminded him that the Hollow had already wiped out the Labonair bloodline and had already got Hope once. They could not waste their last chance on the low probability of saving Elijah. Marcel, at that point, suggested less arguing and thinking more. Freya invited Vincent to study Esther's grimoires with her. Afterward, Vincent went to retrieve Cami's files about Dark Objects while Freya stayed at the Abattoir searching through the grimoires to no avail. Freya was totally tired of failing to find a solution, which Vincent sarcastically commented that five years ago they were in the same room trying to defeat another threat to her family. That time Freya destroyed Davina, based on the philosophy of the end justifying the means. He then asked what was different this time and Freya replied that Elijah is her brother. When Freya tried to explain that she was sorry for what she did to Davina, Vincent interrupted her, saying that they were wasting their time looking for a loophole to the inevitable. Vincent continued, saying that Elijah had already lived for thousands of years and it wasn't right to sacrifice the lives of people who would not even live a fraction of Elijah's lifespan. After witnessing empires rising and fall, and the succession of several ages, Vincent was surprised that the Mikaelsons still failed to accept the obvious: everything dies. Freya replied that she had already lost her brother Finn and by saying it, she made up a plan to save Elijah's soul: trapping it in her talisman like she did for Finn. Some time later, while Freya was explaining her plan to the rest of her family, Vincent was blessing a dagger with Hayley's blood for Marcel to use it against the Hollow. Vincent instructed the vampire on how to properly use the dagger: a single stab through Sofya's heart to banish the Hollow from her body. At night, Vincent and Klaus went to the Lafayette Cemetery as Vincent was about to sacrifice Klaus. Klaus broke the silence, mocking the witch by saying that they will write on his tombstone "The man who killed Klaus Mikaelson". Vincent replied that he never believed to live to see the day where Klaus, the monstrous villain from stories told all over New Orleans, was up to the potential Cami saw in him and that she would be proud of him. Vincent arranged the altar and let Klaus laying down on it, with Freya's talisman on his chest. They were ready to perform the sacrificial ritual, scratching Klaus with the rose thorns and staking him in the heart, quick and painless, but were interrupted by the Hollow's Acolytes threatening Maxine's life. Vincent hesitated to kill Klaus, while the acolyte who held a dagger pointed at Maxine's throat lectured him about his alliance with vampires. Vincent tried to reason with the enemies, stating that the Hollow would not live up to the promises, but would condemn them to Hell. This caused a fight between Klaus and the acolytes. While Klaus killed a couple of them, Vincent saved Maxine, who noticed that one of the acolytes was destroying the thorns by throwing them into the fire. Vincent magically broke his neck, but it was too late for saving the thorns, an essential ingredient to perform the sacrificial ritual. Some time later, at St. Anne's Church, Vincent gathered some witches to inform them the worse they feared just happened: the Hollow succeeded in obtaining the power to be reborn in the flesh. Vincent suggested his fellow witches to take their children and leave town for their own safety. When Maxine asked Vincent to join them because he cannot fight alone, Vincent replied the at least he could prevent others from getting hurt. He, then, asked her to take Adam to some safe place. Afterward, Vincent went to Marcel's loft, asking him to have his journal back. Initially, Marcel was reluctant since Vincent had warned him to kill him if he had asked for the journal, but Vincent replied that they were not in the same drastic situation at the time. Marcel, then, handled the grimoire to Vincent.

In Voodoo Child, Vincent was kneeling at the center of a circle made of bones in one of the crypts of Lafayette Cemetery, chanting spells and keeping the rhythm by touching his fingers with the thumb. The Sacrificial Magic Instruction Manual was placed on an altar in front of him. He then projected himself on a Spiritual Realm where he found himself in the middle of a forest and entered a hut. He was abruptly brought back to reality and confronted some Hollow's acolytes who wanted the grimoire. Vincent telekinetically thrown one of the acolytes to the ceiling, and stabbed another with one of the bones from the circle but was made unconscious by the seemingly the leader of the group. Once Vincent fainted, the acolyte stole the book from the altar. Some time later, Vincent, Marcel, Elijah, and Klaus were discussing what happened; Vincent had a bleeding wound on his forehead. Klaus didn't believe that the Hollow was still a threat since Hayley had stabbed her to death, but Vincent revealed that she had killed just the Hollow's physical body; her spirit was still around. Since the Ancestors had not been able to imprison the Hollow's spirit, it was evident that the Hollow's had a plan B. Klaus accused Vincent of helping the Hollow, but Marcel stepped in his favor, stating that he trusted Vincent. Vincent said he did not care if they trusted him or not, since he was the only one who, in the meantime, had done something. In the last few days, he had worked tirelessly to find a way to imprison the Hollow for good. By using the Hollow's book to fall into a trance, he met the spirit of Inadu's mother to find out which spell she used 1500 years ago to trap her daughter, but he was interrupted by the Hollow's acolytes before he was able to. Klaus hurried him to go back there, but Marcel stated that the acolytes stole the book. Klaus proposed to Vincent to pick up a grimoire from his extensive collection, but Vincent replied he needed the Hollow's one since it represented an extension of her power, and was as much as eternal as she is. Vincent revealed that he wanted to use the book to trap the Hollow inside of it, once processed the right spell. Elijah asked where they could find the book, and Vincent handled him some torn pages from the grimoire he previously used to find out the place where the Hollow resurrected, and the place where the acolytes were located. While Elijah and Klaus headed there, Vincent asked Marcel for help. Vincent used some white sand from a bottle to create a circle and asked Marcel's permission to channel his power since he was not strong enough to reach Inadu's mother without channeling the book. Marcel was not very willing to let him do it since Vincent had told him to kill him in case he had asked Marcel to handle him the Hollow's grimoire, and now he was not sure that Vincent wasn't spellbound by it like he was in the past. Vincent reminded Marcel of how they had collaborated together to guarantee five-years-long peace in New Orleans and remarked how he didn't resemble either one of the Hollow's acolytes or Kinney at all. They held hands and knelt in the middle of the sand circle, while Vincent started to chant and channel Marcel, who began to feel the drawbacks. Vincent reached the Spiritual Realm but was kicked out, since the living were not supposed to be there. Marcel proposed a second attempt, but Vincent refused because The Beast's power was not enough. Vincent stated that there was only one other option: he had to die. Vincent, then, instructed Marcel on the procedure. Placed an hourglass on the altar that Marcel would have to use to mark the time, Vincent showed him a bottle containing a neurotoxin capable of killing him so that he could have enough time to finish his business with Inadu's mother. When Marcel asked how he would be able to revive him, the witch showed him a syringe to be injected directly into his heart. Vincent then explained that if he wouldn't come back to life before the last grain of sand had fallen, he would die for good, along with their hopes to destroy the Hollow. Vincent drank the poison and lay down inside the circle, dying within a few moments and projecting his spirit in the hut in the Spiritual Realm. Reanimated at the last moment by Marcel after he fought some Acolytes with Sofya's help, Vincent came back to life with a painful gasp. He revealed to Marcel that he had succeeded in getting what he needed, but also that he had discovered some bad news. Holding one arm around Marcel's shoulders, the two friends came out of the crypt where they met Sofya, Klaus, and Elijah among the acolytes' corpses. The Mikaelsons brothers handled the grimoire to Vincent and Marcel, and Sofya said to Klaus that she knew how dangerous it could be for Hope to be controlled by the Hollow since she herself had been briefly possessed by the monster. Vincent nodded, adding that by creating a link between the book and Klaus, he would be able to create a spell to send Klaus to Hope, in order to spur his daughter not to surrender to the Hollow's will. Once at the Abattoir, Vincent fought with the Hollow, trapping her with a binding spell. The Hollow scoffed at Vincent's attempt to defeat her since she was about to take possession of Hope entirely, but Vincent replied that he had communicated with the Ancestors, including her own mother, and that he knew the spell she used to kill her. Vincent, then, started to chant the killing spell in order to trap the Hollow's spirit inside the book, but unfortunately Hope succumbed and the Hollow was too strong for Vincent once she had gained Hope's power and she easily defeated him. Once inside the little girl, the Hollow set the grimoire on fire, destroying it. Once everyone had recovered from the fight with the Hollow, Vincent revealed that there was no way he could trap the Hollow now since there was nothing as eternal as the book that he could use host the Hollow's spirit. Elijah stated that there must be a way to tear up the Hollow from inside of Hope, but Vincent pointed out that the problem was not depossessing her, but finding something strong enough to trap her. Vincent and the others lamented their defeat but when Klaus made it clear he would do anything as long as Hope is saved, Vincent, coming up with an idea, told Klaus that he does have a last-resorts plan that would indeed save Hope but he grimly told them it would mean the end of Always and Forever.

In The Feast of All Sinners, Vincent summarized to the Mikaelson siblings and Keelin how the Hollow was an everlasting evil, whose appetite for power was sensational. A reason why he was sure that none of them would have liked his plan to get rid of her. Step one required pulling the Hollow out of Hope, and step two to find something else to put it, something just as powerful and everlasting as the Hollow to house her. Since the book was gone, he needed something connected to Hope through blood to make the transition successful. Freya stepped in, expressing concern about putting it in one of her siblings, but Vincent corrected her right away as putting the Hollow on one of them would not be enough but he was going to split the Hollow inside four of them. Vincent explained that he wanted to replicate the same spell used four hundred years earlier by the tribe that divided the Hollow's bones into four pieces, which she used to become flesh and blood, only this time he intended to split her very spirit inside four volunteers, thus separating it for all time. Vincent went on to say that if the spell had worked, the four Mikaelsons would have to take different paths and remain separated forever, hoping to ward off the Hollow from trying to rebuild herself because of the closeness between the fractions of her soul. While the bystanders were shocked by Vincent's plan, Klaus stated that if this was the only way to save his little girl, they would make it so. While the Mikaelsons siblings considered the consequences and were about to make a decision, Hayley had gone in search of her daughter, having a fight with the Hollow inhabiting her. Some witches found her unconscious on the street and took her to Vincent. The she-wolf woke up with the aftermath of the fight on Vincent's sofa, with Vincent gathering necessary ingredients for the powerful ritual he was going to perform. He, therefore, put Hayley aware of the plan she missed while she was wandering the streets of the French Quarter in search of her daughter. Vincent instructed Hayley to go home, pack up and take Hope as far as possible as soon as the ritual was completed, in order to save the little girl from the evil chasing her power even after her demise. Back at the Abattoir, Vincent had traced symbols inside a square with black sand and was placing a white candle at each corner when Rebekah burst into the room, unleashing her frustration over him. Vincent replied that his family was not concerned with him, and that he only cared about Hope and the monster inside her. He scolded Rebekah, claiming that if she really loved her niece she would do anything to save her, instead of complaining and putting her needs first. The two of them were joined by Freya who, surprisingly, defended Vincent despite not being at all happy with the price to pay to defeat the Hollow. The moment of the ritual came, and Vincent instructed the Original Vampires Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah, and Kol on how to take part in it. The four of them positioned themselves at the respective corners in front of the rune symbolizing them, while Hayley was kneeling in the middle of the sand square, holding Hope. Before starting, Vincent said that what the Mikalesons were going to do meant a lot to the city and The Hollow had taken everything from his life, leaving nothing but pain and suffering, and had committed so many evil and for their sacrifice, despite their many differences, he sincerely thanked the vampires. He allowed the siblings to say goodbye and then took Freya's hand and the two witches knelt close to the magic symbol. He gave the last instructions, telling Hayley to hold Hope as close as possible, removing the cursed shackles from Hope at his signal, and to the four Original Vampires to leave immediately in the four directions as soon as the spell was over. Vincent began to chant, tracing symbols in the air with his hands such as crosses or making the sign of the horns with his fingers. The Hollow was successfully removed from Hope under the guise of a bright blue sphere that floated in mid-air above the symbol before separating into four parts and forcefully going inside the Original Vampires' chests. After some time, Vincent reached Marcel and Elijah near what was left of the Mikaelson Mansion, burned to the ground years before. Vincent and Elijah had decided to erase Elijah's memories, as otherwise he would be tempted by the Hollow to return to his siblings, and so only by removing any remaining traces of the "Always and Forever" vow can they keep the Hollow separate for good, casting a spell inside a circle made of skulls and bones capable of creating a breach inside Elijah's mind so that Marcel could compel him.

Season Five

In Where You Left Your Heart, Vincent was sitting at a table at the Rousseau's along with Freya, Hayley and Josh where a blonde bartender gave them their drinks, commenting on Mardi Gras. The group had indeed met to discuss how to manage the factions of vampires, werewolves, and witches during the Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans. Josh was not very worried because for seven years they had managed to live peacefully, but Vincent reminded him that the only way to keep prosperity and peace is to remain vigilant. At this point, Freya called him "Mr. Buzzkill" before saying that the witches would spend their time in the City of the Dead. Hayley said that the wolves would remain in the Bayou and the three waited for Josh's report, but the vampire was too busy chatting on his smartphone. Vincent noted that he was chatting with Marcel Gerard and jumped to the conclusion that he was behind Josh's request for additional daylight rings as an incentive to keep vampires at bay. Vincent denied this proposal as they didn't meet to negotiate. He went on to say that Josh shouldn't rely too much on Marcel's advice because Marcel meant Rebekah, causing a chain reaction that would also involve the rest of the Original Vampires (Klaus, Elijah and Kol) and they could not allow them to return to New Orleans, unleashing the Hollow's dark magic on the city once again. Freya added that they did not know for sure if the rumors about Klaus' killing-spree were true, but Vincent said they had to be cautious and could not risk messing up all their strenuous work. The following evening, Vincent met with Freya in the attic of St. Louis Cathedral, where he found the Mikaelson witch packing her magical tools in a box. Freya confided in him, saying that she was undecided whether or not to leave for Lebanon to be with her girlfriend Keelin, but at the same time, she was worried about Hope. Vincent then discovered that Hope had just sired a werewolf at school. Vincent immediately started unpacking Freya's tools, very concerned that Hope had just created a hybrid. Freya's attempts to find excuses for what was done by his niece were worthless and Vincent told her friend to call Keelin and tell her to come back to New Orleans, as there was no way Freya could leave the Crescent City. Freya tried to find an excuse, saying that the bad news arrived in groups of three, and for now only two had happened. Unfortunately for her, a bouquet of flowers in a vase placed on a shelf started to dry out at a supernatural speed. At this point, Freya confessed that Hope was coming to the French Quarter, leaving Vincent even more stunned. When Freya poured the water from the jar and it turned into blood, Vincent pointed out that the three omens of misfortune were now complete. The following day, Vincent was drinking at Rousseau's counter, witnessing a group of vampires and werewolves about to start a fight. He was joined by Freya, who confirmed that the blood omen was caused by Klaus getting close to Elijah. Vincent was really worried, but when Freya said she was seriously considering moving to Lebanon with Keelin, he gave her his blessing saying that if they had come to a new war brought on by the factions succumbing to their natural instincts, at least one of them would have had their fair amount of happiness. Sometime later, Vincent was recording his thoughts in a leather-bound journal sitting in the mausoleums of the Lafayette Cemetery when blood began to rain. Vincent realized that they were not at the end of the beginning, but "at the beginning of the end."

In One Wrong Turn On Bourbon, Vincent met with Freya in Jackson Square, and the Mikaelson witch gave him a cup of "Americano with extra remorse," meaning coffee with lots of whiskey in it. Vincent was quite discouraged by the recent omens, and finding out that Hayley went missing and Klaus had returned to the city to find her was hardly the best way to face the day. Freya suggested a reading from Ivy, the "Oracle of Jackson Square," joking about Vincent palm her after she read his palms. Smiling, Vincent said he would miss Freya when she will leave New Orleans. Following Freya's advice, Vincent went to Ivy's table for a reading, asking her to look into the future and reassure him that the sky wasn't going to fall on top of his head. He offered to pay her, but Ivy said the problem wasn't the money, but the great questions burdening Vincent, different from asking about a new job or if should he dump a girlfriend. She wasn't a big fan of forecasting important events as she doesn't believe in predestination. Vincent was surprised that the "Greatest Seer in New Orleans" doesn't believe in it, and begged her for at least some kind of guidance. Vincent explained to her that he can not get through his day without having the feeling that the world might crack open at any moment. He also told her that if he was the only person feeling that way, then maybe he is the only person who can do something about it. Sometime later, Vincent and Ivy went to the attic of St. Louis Cathedral. After the Seer made a joke about the place chosen as their first date, Vincent and Ivy sat at the table and concentrated. While Ivy held her tarot cards deck in her left hand, Vincent took her right hand, visualizing his question. Some tarots floated in midair before forming a spread on the table except one, which remained suspended in midair. When Vincent took it, the two witches discovered it was the Empress card. Ivy said that the bad omen was not related to Klaus Mikaelson, but to Hope. Ivy reminded Vincent that before Hope Mikaelson was born, the French Quarter Coven witch Sabine Laurent swore: "Nos omnia perditu el eam," that she translated as "The child will destroy us all," but Vincent discarded it saying that Sabine was a charlatan. Even more discouraged by the recent discovery, Vincent and Ivy proceeded to a more thorough reading using a revealing spell. After spreading the cards, Vincent passed the open palm on the back of the tarot and these caught fire, leaving only the cards useful for the tarot reading. Vincent pulled out three cards, and Ivy explained their meaning: The Sun card was a sign of good health and abundance, the Temperance card meant peace and the Chariot card was for triumph, success. They were trying to figure it out such an unexpected outcome but had no time because the three cards caught fire in Vincent's hand. Ivy quickly turned the remaining cards: The Hangman for terrible sacrifice; the Devil for bondage and slavery and The Tower, for calamity. Apparently, the charlatan was right. When Ivy apologized to Vincent for having predicted something so terrible, he said it was not her fault. Vincent, then, began to think, coming to the conclusion that they got water turning to blood and snakes fleeing the river just from passing interaction between the Mikaelson siblings. Ivy replied that all the apocalyptic prophecies ended in tragedy, but Vincent still had a shred of optimism. In fact, he said that if Hope Mikaelson may be strong enough to destroy New Orleans, she might be strong enough to be that spark that ignites a revolution.

In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Vincent was at the marketplace with Ivy and other witches preparing the krewe for the Mardi Gras celebrations. The joyful atmosphere was ruined by Klaus, who accused the witches of being responsible for the kidnapping of Hayley. Vincent denied such insinuation, stating that as soon as Freya told him about Hayley's disappearance, dozens of witches had gone looking for her through the streets of the Crescent City, performing locator to spells find her. Vincent told Klaus that, unlike him, Hayley was their friend and had earned their respect. Despite all this, Klaus still demanded their help. Later, Vincent called Freya to warn her about Ivy's tarot reading on Hope being a dangerous force, but Freya replied that her future wasn't set in stone and she wanted to check it personally. Vincent wished her good luck, and so did Freya. Afterward, Vincent joined Marcel at an abandoned house where he and Klaus had found traces of Hayley; a chair stained with blood, ropes soaked in wolfsbane and vervain and a racist threat written on the wall with blood. Vincent fumigated the room with a bundle of white sage but wasn't able to track Hayley. However, he was able to sense fear was just dripping off the walls. Marcel, then, asked Vincent if he was 100% sure no one in his ranks kidnapped Hayley, because he wasn't sure of his vampires anymore. He explained he was getting more attitude than allegiance. Vincent replied he appreciated the city a hell of a lot more when it ran like a democracy and not like a monarchy. Their conversation was interrupted by Ivy bringing bad news. Klaus took a member of each faction: Colette, a witch, David, one of Lisina's wolves, and Josh, threatened to slaughter them if they don't turn Hayley in by sundown. Angered, Vincent left the abandoned house and headed to the Abattoir, but Ivy stopped him, reminding him not to let rage having the best of him. Vincent complained about Klaus and his inclination to disappoint every benefit of the doubt they give him; Casting spells for him, helping him whenever necessary wasn't enough. Ivy agreed, but also said that it wasn't the case to put the lives of Colette, David and Josh at risk by trying to save them at the moment. However, Vincent replied he didn't know what to do because when it comes to war, Klaus is the best strategist but without Elijah keeping him on track, he didn't know what Klaus would be capable of. Ivy suggested asking the tarot cards for guidance, thus being a step ahead of Klaus. At the Lafayette Cemetery, Vincent and Ivy settled the reading table. While shuffling the cards, Ivy revealed she used to hear all kinds of wild tales about him. However, she could never figure out what was fact and what was fiction. Showing interest in that, Vincent asked what she heard. Ivy said she heard he's a strong man full of fire, a good friend, a vicious enemy and a great husband. Immediately, Vincent blamed himself for his wife's death. Ivy stated that it happened before her time, and she doesn't judge. Vincent, however, does. He got them both into some dark magic, but only he got out of it. In order to comfort him, Ivy revealed ha she took her ex-husband to a burlesque club on their anniversary, and he left her for one of the dancers. After months of humiliation and rage, she eventually stopped blaming herself and started to feel beautiful again. Vincent couldn't believe she would spend so much as a single second feeling like you're anything other than beautiful. Ivy smiled and said that external beauty is fleeting, and the heart needed some self-care. After sharing this intimate moment, the started the reading. Vincent, then, turned over three cards: Battle, Cunning, and Loss. Ivy foretold that Klaus was grieving and desperate, but he wasn't erratic. He knew that if he pushes them, they'll revolt. The Seer added that Hayley will be lost and that Klaus was playing a larger game, walking a fine line. Sometime later, something changed and the Death card turned over by itself. Vincent read it as a clue of Klaus slaughtering the members of the Faction he kidnapped. Vincent arrived too late at the Abattoir's cell room, where Klaus had already extracted David's heart and drained Colette of her blood. Although, he managed o save Josh. After sending Klaus across the room with telekinesis, Vincent brought Klaus to his knees in pain and forced him to spill blood while saying, "all the good people that you've feasted on, all that innocent blood that you've spilled, it's time you gave that back". Later, after Josh argued with Marcel and left the cellar, Vincent told Marcel to handle the situation as he had a witch to bury. At nightfall, at the marketplace, Vincent stood aside as Ivy gave a beautiful speech for Colette's funeral, reminding the witches to be together as one which they all started to repeat. Witches gathered to cover with flowers the corpse shredded in a white sheet, and later danced in honor of their lost fellow witch. Vincent was then approached by Klaus who asked his help for a spell. Vincent asked him if he was out of his mind, but then corrected himself, saying he was the foolish one because he thought Klaus had it in him, and that he really thought that you had the potential to be a better man. Vincent stated the witches were done being on call for him since all he was capable of was use and abuse, using them like pawns in his family's endless self-defeating schemes. He then congratulated him for going back to the “top of the food chain” only to give him a last warning. If Klaus was going come after his witches again, it would be a war between the two of them. Vincent hoped Klaus get that.

In What, Will, I, Have, Left, he and Freya meet up at Rousseau's to talk more until Declan comes up to them with a missing poster for Hayley. Before Freya can tell Declan the truth, Vincent sets a fire in the kitchen, and they begin to argue if it's right for Declan to know. He tells her that he'll get over Hayley when she walks out of the picture and for him to live his human life. Freya asks him why it's so important to him for Declan not to know, but he says they need to find Hayley. He goes to Lafayette Cemetery and talks to Ivy about Declan. He wonders how she can stay so calm and she tells him that she embraces her complexity, regardless if she is a witch. He tells her the last time he was happy was when Eva was still alive. He wishes that he could go back to the time where he didn't know the pain of her turning dark and dying. He later talks to Freya at the church about Declan and how Ivy helped him try to see that Hayley was part of Declan's life and it was unfair to keep him in the dark. They realize that they have mortal lives that will be over sooner or later, and he take Freya's advice about asking out Ivy when all the mess is over. He later walks over to Declan at the cemetery and is about to tell him the truth until Declan reveal he had family and his cousin had worked at Rousseau's, which makes Vincent realize Cami is his cousin.

In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, Vincent is talking with Marcel and Josh about Greta and Hayley's death. He tells the two that he set up a truce between all four factions for Hayley's funeral. Later, Ivy comes to tell him some news about a prophecy she remembered and how it's similar to when the Mikaelsons get together due to the dark magic. Vincent talks to Marcel about Elijah making a deal and getting his memories back if Klaus gives Antoinette his blood to cure her. Vincent tells him they can't have multiple Mikaelsons around New Orleans as what Ivy told him, it's going to get worse. Vincent and Marcel arrive at the abandoned train depot to give Elijah his memories back and they'll give Antoinette the cure once it's over. While Vincent performs the spell, Elijah becomes unconscious and says some dark magic took him, rendering him unconscious. He then later attends Hayley's funeral in the bayou and notices that when Klaus arrives, a storm is starting to brew.

In We Have Not Long To Love, he talks to Ivy about the purist vampires wanting to reclaim the Quarter. He says they need to stay smart, but Ivy proclaims that they need to pick a side as the purists will go after them now. Vincent ponders her words and when she walks away, he turns when he hears Emmett speaking. In a tomb, he and Emmett talk about returning the order they way it used to be. Vincent notices a threat in Emmett's words, and tells him if the witches are hurt, he'll pull him into the sun. Later at night while working on the parade floats, he talks to Ivy again and notices that she always manages to find light in darkness, lightly flirting with her. After a compelled man brings an explosive in the church, Vincent comes running in yelling Ivy's name. He embraces Ivy, shocked and saddened at what just happened. He tells Ivy he's joining in the march for Lisina and asks for some prayers to be sent their way, and she kisses him. He then joins the group and talks to them how every street belongs to everyone, but before he can continue the vampires show up. He, Marcel and Josh then face off with Emmett and argue about it being right with the factions being separated. When asked if the werewolves are worth it, he tells him "damn right" and summons fire around the vampires, but they disappear, leaving Vincent a little surprised, also realizing it was astral projection. He then runs to the cemetery knowing Ivy is in danger, but is too late as Ivy dies from poison and he holds her as she collapses.

In There in the Disappearing Light, he has his hand on Ivy's and while angrily clenching his fist, he hears a gasp and goes to investigate, with one of the witches rising, and walks over to Ivy when she rises as well. He tells her Emmett poisoned her and when she says she thought she was dead, he tells her she is, being she is in transition. He talks to Elijah about Hope and that the dark magic is overtaking her, also being one kill away from triggering her werewolf side. He tells Elijah he can't fix it and his only priority is the witches that just awakened from transition. He sits across from Ivy as she asks how much time she has, with him visibly upset about the situation. He listens to her when she mentions the Ancestral Plane, but he tells her needs to show her something. He lights candles and performs a spell to go to the Ancestral Plane, and he tells her the desolate place has been the home the New Orleans witches for a long time. While they get stronger by using their magic, the ghosts are languished, but Ivy doesn't believe it and demands that he take them back. He later comforts her as he listens to her talk about her peace. He tries to convince her, but she asks what will become of her when she chooses neither. Not much later, Vincent has many witches gathered in the cemetery and begins a speech about the city knowing violence for many centuries. He states their reliance on the ancestral magic has grown very toxic and that they plan on releasing their ancestors from the horror so they can find peace. He says their magic will come from the earth and there's no turning back, and they begin the spell. After they complete the spell and release the ancestors, he is sits with Ivy and he cries as she passes away.

In Til the Day I Die, he is talking to Freya about while he would be honored to be her best man, but during the past few days, he wouldn't be no good to anybody, and he's planning on leaving the city. She tries to convince him those seven years of peace were because of him, but it's over and had no idea how fragile it was. He tells her he'll be gone for as long as it takes and he promises he won't disappear on her.

In When The Saints Go Marching In, Vincent goes to Freya who is frantically looking for a cure to stop Klaus from dying. He tells her there are some things that aren't fixable and also reveals that he's leaving the city for a fresh start. After Freya asks him to be the father to her and Keelin's child, he asks them to find somebody else. After much contemplation, Vincent decides to be the father of their child as he realized that if Klaus could sacrifice himself for his family, then he could have the courage to to deal with the possibility of loss.


Vincent is shown to be witty and headstrong. He has a dislike for vampires and shows no fear of them, however, he does fear Finn Mikaelson due to being possessed by him for nine months. He apparently left his Coven of his own free will, giving up on being a Witch due to events in his life nine months prior which may include the fact that his wife Eva went on a killing spree Harvesting the young witches in the community.

Vincent has a desire to leave New Orleans and the supernatural conflicts in it. Seemingly tired of the whole thing. He seems to be empathic, a trait shared with Cami, whom he was taking a liking to. Suggesting, like himself, she breaks away from the Supernatural in general.

Despite his faults, Vincent has also shown to be a deeply compassionate and moral man with a strong sense of responsibility, feeling remorse for the actions Finn performed while possessing him, even though Vincent himself is not responsible. Furthermore, he takes it upon himself to help get rid of Eva, despite desiring to get away from the supernatural community. Likewise, Vincent decided against leaving New Orleans to tutor Davina and ensure she doesn't went on a dark path like his wife did, feeling that as she got her into the Regency, it should be his job to guide her, although he ultimately had to shun her to save her from the Strix, which he regretted but believed necessary. Over time, Vincent decided to stop holding back from Witchcraft and accept the fact that he had great power and should use it for good, marking his full change from a man who was once so desperate to leave the supernatural community and New Orleans to a completely responsible and peace-keeping man he became. As such, he took the position of Regent to lead the Witches after Marcel taunted him on his poor choice of candidates and after the Ancestors proved they saw him as just a puppet, he turned against them and worked to defeat Lucien, in process coming to resent the Mikaelsons due to Davina's death and mourn Camille's death as well, ultimately leading to Vincent siding with Marcel to defeat the Originals and the Ancestors. However, seeing Marcel's brutality led to Vincent denouncing Marcel as a friend and he effectively took full responsibility for creating Marcel to defeat the Mikaelsons by taking the church back from him and making it into a sanctuary for anyone willing to come, which he would include to even vampires. Over the years, Vincent successfully keep the peace, allying with Marcel to do so, and he became beloved by his kind, proving to be a strong leader despite his initial disapproval. He had to confront his dark past with the Hollow but ultimately came out better for it. He seemed to forgive the Mikaelsons for their contribution.


  • Vincent and Eva: Meeting the love of his life when they were both 16 and students of high school, Vincent and Eva were very happy and married and became more ecstatic learning they were to be parents although New Orleans was getting dangerous for witches which lead to practice dark magic connected to the Hollow to ensure their families safety. The final straw came Vincent found that his own wife was responsible for various disappearances of young witch children who were believed to be dead by their communities. He attempted all that he could to save her but he was unsuccessful and their unborn child was loss. This understandably cause their marriage to dissolve as Eva was imprisoned for her crimes and Vincent deflected from his coven wanting to get away from everything that was associated with Eva. He still loved her but was angry over her actions. He stated it broke his heart to do it but he couldn't let Eva carry on with what she was doing. When they meet again, Eva was so pleased and happy to see him and didn't seem to feel too badly of Vincent for imprisoning her, though he was not. He pretended to help her and helped in her defeat. Before their permanent separation, Vincent made it clear the heartbreak he felt over having to do what he did and confessed his regret, which Eva returned before trying to kill him. After her death, he burns the photo of them together. He is still haunted by grief and remorse over his failure, however, as he stated how Eva was everything to him and the Hollow took all he had from him.
  • Vincent and Ivy: Vincent became close to Ivy as he often consulted her and she helped him stay in control. They flirted with one another and even kissed, although it was mostly Ivy. It was never made clear if Vincent had fallen in love with Ivy but he clearly deeply cared for her: He was distraught over her death and cried.
  • Vincent and Camille: Camille met Vincent after Finn was expelled from his body. Cami tried to reassure Vincent that he was not guilty of Finn's crimes, and the two became allies and friends, having similar interests in the study of psychology, often analyzing one another. In Season 3, they worked together to stop supernatural crime in New Orleans and appear to have become close friends. Vincent encouraged her to become a vampire to survive and he tried to advise her as best as he could regarding her feelings now that she is a vampire. When she died, Vincent was devastated by the loss of his friend, blaming himself as it was his fault that made Lucien what he is and caused him to kill Cami. His friendship with Cami led him to consider the fact that Klaus was worthy of redemption even after helping defeat the Mikaelsons and he found solace in the fact that Klaus was willing to sacrifice himself to take down the Hollow, proving Cami right, openly telling Klaus he would make her proud.
  • Vincent and Davina: Vincent helped save Davina from being sacrificed and afterwards seeing her as a powerful witch, decided she would be a perfect Regent as he didn't want anything to do with the witch community. Vincent, however, came to regret placing the responsibilities on the young girl, opting to watch over her to prevent her from becoming rash, which led to them becoming close. Unfortunately, making Davina Regent put her in greater danger than he anticipated as the ancient vampire group Strix came in and Vincent was forced to shun her to save her, which he regretted but believed necessary and led Davina to despise him. However, they still ally together to help the Mikaelsons defeat the Beast Lucien Castle and Vincent did everything he could to save her after she was killed, which Davina appreciates, restoring their friendship. He was enraged when Davina was sacrificed by the Mikaelsons and turned his back on them and helped Marcel defeat and overthrow the Mikaelsons to get justice for Davina.
  • Vincent and Will: Vincent and Will were acquintances due to Vincent's past as an occult consultant to the police. They became friends over time as they work together to avenge Cami's death. Vincent was enraged when Marcel's sloppiness led to Will being nearly killed and denounced Marcel as an ally temporarily over it. Over the five years, Vincent and Will kept in contact as Will helped Vincent keep the peace. Unfortunately, Will had became corrupted by the Hollow and Vincent tried everything he could to reason with and save his friend but Will was killed by Klaus, much to Vincent's horror and grief.
  • Vincent and Hope: Unlike the rest of the Mikaelsons, Vincent had no resentment or hatred towards Hope and actually cared for her: He saw the young girl as pure and worthy of being free of her family's sins. He supported Marcel with keeping Hope save from the wrath of Klaus's enemies and immediately opted to save her even if it meant bringing the Mikaelsons back to New Orleans. He expressed horror at the idea of Hope being raised by Elijah after seeing him immorally murder 4 children to force him to perform the Harvest, stating that he would pray for her soul to remain untainted by the Mikaelsons inhumanity. Vincent also did everything he could to save Hope from the Hollow, unwilling to kill her to take down the Hollow. He refused to allow Hope to be attacked by the witches and believed she had the power to begin a revolution.
  • Vincent and Klaus: Vincent's relationship with Klaus is complicated to say the least: He had heard many stories about Klaus as a children but didn't let that stop him from willingly working with him, showing a lack of hostility towards the Original Hybrid. However, that ended when Davina died and Vincent sided with Marcel to take down Klaus and his family. Despite this, due to Cami's belief Klaus had good in him, Vincent still believed Klaus had it in him to become good. While he made it clear how badly he disappointed Cami in his eyes for not living up to that potential, Vincent was pleased when Klaus was willing to sacrifice himself, stating Cami would be proud.

Powers and Abilities


Vincent Griffith was an incredibly powerful and skilled witch and on the same level of power as Eva Sinclair, had the knowledge and ability needed to write his own Grimoire and perform the same wild and powerful magic as Eva, his powers impressing even the Regent Josephine Larue, who acknowledged how powerful he was.

In the past, he was an excellent magical researcher, having managed to discover the ancient form of the Hollow's dark sacrificial magic. He was able to successfully harness that power, practicing the dark magic without being tainted, and taught Eva the same dark magic, only for it to corrupt her. He was the only one who managed to put a stop to Eva's subsequent madness by placing a locator spell faster than Eva could cloak them, although he could not overcome her cloaking spells alone, allowing him to track her. He attempted to cleanse her of the dark power he had introduced her but was unsuccessful, killing their unborn child by accident. Despite subsequently becoming disinterested in magic and wanting nothing to do with the witch communities, his mastery and power was acknowledged by even Esther, who chose him as Finn's vessel as he was much stronger than Kaleb, whose body was given to Kol.

It is repeatedly shown that when used by Finn, Vincent's power was great enough to subdue two Original Vampires, Elijah and Klaus, with the latter also being the Original Hybrid and could not only easily send an adult werewolf flying through the air but even rip out the heart of a hybrid, given the right circumstances. With the sacrifice of the Original Vampire Mikael, a limitless source of power, it was further proven that Vincent was a very powerful witch, as his body easily handled all of the power repeatedly 'bleeding' out from Mikael, while Finn himself utilized that power, as well as the strength of his host body. It was noted that Vincent's power rivaled that of his very powerful ex-wife Eva Sinclair, as such the Mikaelsons were able to ensure Rebekah's freedom when she was possessing Eva by trading Vincent, after he was freed from Finn's possession.

After he was freed from being possessed by Finn, Vincent rarely used his powers, still not wanting anything to do with the supernatural community, but still displayed a great amount of power and skill. When he decided to team up with Eva temporarily to locate the children she kidnapped, he effortlessly brought the nearly two centuries old vampire, Marcel Gerard, to his knees with a pain-infliction spell, and flung him out of the shop with enough force to break his neck and broke the shackles on Eva with a mere hand gesture. With Josephine's death, all of New Orleans witches turned to Vincent as the prime candidate for the position of Regent, which indicates Vincent’s power may be unmatched amongst the witches of New Orleans as the position of Regent was only ever entrusted to the strongest witch. After rejecting the position of Regent, he was able to swiftly detect that Davina's spell to bring back Kol ended up wrong, as it was used to resurrect Esther instead. He later on uncovered how Davina had Kara Nguyen killed using a deck of tarot cards, allowing him to keep Davina safe by shunning her. Upon being enraged by Marcel's repeated proclamations of him being a coward, with a simple hand gesture, he exploded all the lightbulbs of the gym and afterwards was able to take the position of Regent from Van Nyugen.

Upon assuming Regency of New Orleans' Witch community, Vincent's powers were augmented to levels beyond any conventional witch, as seen numerous times. Vincent managed to activate the Serratura, a Dark Object that can contain and imprison anything. This is a feat, that by Tristan de Martel's own admission can only be performed with the power of a Regent. Freya was able to use Vincent's power (channeling him) to create an illusion that disguised Camille - who was in transition at the time - as Aurora. As the Regent, he has a unique connection to all of the Ancestors from the 9 covens and can communicate with them even outside of New Orleans.

As Regent, Vincent was able to effectively use telekinesis on a great scale, as seen when he easily caused a car crash and swiftly snapped Josh's neck. His pain-infliction spells became strong enough to subdue ancient vampires with ease, as he easily subdued Sofya's companions and only couldn't do so to Sofya due to the intervention of the Ancestors, who were working with Lucien, Sofya's boss. He can also easily hex his targets to death without any incantations, by causing them to rapidly bleed out, as seen with the Obi witch he killed. He also proved accomplished in both locator and cloaking spells, as he was able to locate the remaining White Oak and was even able to cloak Camille and himself from Freya's locator spells. He was also able to easily anesthetize Freya, indicating that as Regent, his power surpassed hers. His great power was demonstrated even further when he cast a different version of the Immortality Spell created 2,000 years ago by Qetsiyah, one of the most powerful witches in history and repeated 1,000 years later by yet another witch who was one of the most powerful witches in history, Esther. This version of the spell included the following: werewolf venom from all seven werewolf clans, the last remaining fragment of the white oak and the blood of a Mikaelson witch. With this version of the Immortality Spell, he successfully turned Lucien into an Upgraded Original Vampire by Alexis.

Following Vincent's disagreement with the recent decisions of the Ancestors and the fact that they completely assumed control over his actions, Vincent realized that they posed a large threat though attempted to contact them. However, the Ancestors stripped him of the Regency and dissolved Vincent's connection to their power, leaving him magically weakened due to the fact that he aligned himself with the Mikaelson family, while making Van Nguyen the new Regent of the nine covens of New Orleans. However, Vincent's magic remained considerably strong, as he himself later stated, as he was still able to break Van's spell with Davina's aid though he presumed it would not work and despite Nyugen assuming that Vincent would be no match for him from him having earlier subdued Vincent, which was only due to Vincent being caught off-guard, he confidently stated even with Nyugen as Regent, he was still more powerful than Nyugen and proved this when he easily gave Nyugen an aneurysm, as Nyugen could not overpower his magic, allowing Kol to knock him out. Vincent did, however, admit that Van's full regency was still stronger than his power and that while in the past he would have the power to resurrect Davina even without being a Regent, he no longer had that power. He also managed to develop a spell capable of extracting the serum enchanted by the spell Vincent himself cast under the Ancestors control, which he would give to Marcel in order to get revenge for Davina's soul-shredding, as Vincent had consecrated Davina in an attempt to bring her back to live after she was killed by Kol only for Freya to use the connection to siphon power from the Ancestors and leave Davina to her fate. In order to severe the Ancestors connection to the physical world with Eva's dark object, he and Kol traveled to the Ancestral plane, where he conjured forth her soul, seemingly bringing her back to that plane of existence, but although Vincent wanted to be the one to sever the connection, he and Kol were forced back to their bodies by Davina, giving them a chance to live out the rest of their lives with her sacrifice.

During the five years following Klaus' captivity and the subsequent conflict with the Hollow, Vincent finally began to display the full extent of his magical power, knowledge and skill, proving to be highly well-versed in many forms of magic and capable of adapting even the most powerful and esoteric magic to fit his ends. He proved to be extremely skilled in salt-bound boundary spells, able to create one strong enough to contain an original while allowing one to enter but not leave and he also cast and continually reinforced the boundary spell that contained Klaus and also spelled the chains that held him to negate his superhuman powers. The spell was powerful enough that even Freya, despite her own power, was not able to destroy it but only temporary breach, but for only mere moments. He was able to use a revelation spell to partially reveal a new, powerful sinister force; a source of dark magic that he's used before. After his confrontation, he was able to cleanse himself with a ritual. Vincent also utilized the practice of blood magic, incorporating his blood into his spells, to unseal a small safe in St. Anne's Church to retrieve a book, an instruction manual, on dark, sacrificial magic. Having dealt with the magic in his past he was able to reverse a dark sacrificial spell placed upon four children by using a cleansing spell on New Orleans soil. He was able to project a message to the Mikaelsons in order to get them to return to New Orleans so he could save Hope. In order to know who abducted the same four children for the Hollow, Vincent cast a spell using the ashes of a witch who had lost his way and successfully determined that Will was responsible. He attempted to save his friend from the spell on his mind that kept Elijah from compelling him but was unable to complete the spell before Will broke free and escaped but he managed to place a tracking spell that allowed them to track him and by channeling Elijah's temporary death via a wooden stake, he was able to break the link between the kids and the ritual the Hollow was using to anchor Klaus and Marcel to the living world, though not fast enough to prevent the Hollow from succeeding. Vincent later on proved his mastery of divination: By shaking hands and talking to the guests of Klaus's party, he was able to perform a "reading" and direct the channeled energy to a deck of tarot cards to discover who were they looking for, which successfully gave Vincent and the Mikaelsons the hint they needed in the form of a snake, as Dominic was holding a white snake.

Vincent also displayed his incredible skills with Telekinesis and Pain Infliction: He was shown to be more than a match for the Hollow's acolytes, as he easily subdued two of them simultaneously by throwing and pinning them to a wall and even snapped Nathaniel's neck with a simple motion and telekinetically threw one of the followers of the Hollow that confronted him upon him waking from his trance to the ceiling and forcefully brought him down to the floor, though when caught off-guard he can be overpowered by them as while focused on casting a killing bone-breaking spell, he was surprised by the acolyte fighting back and promptly knocked out and after overpowering the second acolyte at the cemetery, the last one was able to subdue Vincent. In order to access Davina's bone, he displayed precise telekinesis by only breaking part of the gravestone. When fighting Dominic, a very powerful witch and the High Priest of the Hollow, Vincent showed himself to be as powerful as he was, able to match his pain-infliction spell with his own before Elijah broke the fight.

Despite his initial hesitation to perform the next Harvest Ritual in order to reconnect the Ancestral plane to New Orleans when he was forced to do so by Elijah, believing that he couldn’t perform it, Elijah’s demands he do so and to "figure it out" since even Esther and the Hollow had acknowledged Vincent's skill and power and chosen him before allowed Vincent to try and he proved his incredible magical ability by being able to adapt the spell to his branch of expertise, finding his way through despite not being an Elder, but he was helpless to oppose their refusal as the Ancestors would not accept the offering, causing him to cry blood and Elijah to not only suffer the same but also have his neck broken. He was, however, quick to improvise by calling out to Davina to complete the Harvest, which finally succeeded in completing the spell as Davina accepted the offering, resurrecting all the four girls and at the same time able to capitalize on the opportunity to make Davina the gatekeeper of all of the Ancestral magic within New Orleans.

Using the physical representation of the Hollow's magic, the Sacrificial Instruction manual, Vincent, by entering a trance-like state and muttering various incantations, managed to enter the spirit realm, contacting the spirit of the Hollow's mother who sought to tell him the spell that she used to kill her daughter. After the book was stolen by the Hollow's acolytes, Vincent attempted to channel Marcel's power to re-enter the spirit world, though even power greater than an Original is not enough to allow him to enter the spirit world for more than a few moments, as it's not meant for the living, but the fact he was able to channel Marcel without being overwhelmed is proof of his exemplary mastery and power. To circumvent this, he used a neurotoxin to temporarily die and obtained the spell from her mother. In light of Hope's possession by the Hollow, he sends Klaus' consciousness to his daughter's subconscious, who had retreated into the darkness of her mind. He then confronted the Hollow directly, creating a salt circle capable of binding her free spirit before proceeding to tweak the spell to trap the Hollow within the manual, which had the intended effect of overwhelming the Hollow, but before he could succeed, unfortunately, Hope lost her struggle to the Hollow, which allowed her to regain access to her powers. No match for the Hollow directly despite all his efforts, Vincent’s spell was no longer effective on her and he was quickly overpowered by the Hollow’s full power and the salt circle was destroyed. With the manual destroyed and unable to just pull her out of Hope without a place to put her, Vincent was forced to once again adapt his magical skills to suit the situation on hand: Out of options and unable to do anything against the Hollow directly, Vincent had to compensate by having the Hollow knocked out and perform a ritual capable of removing Hope from the Hollow and subsequently splitting her spirit into four pieces and bound them inside the bodies of Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Kol, as it was the only way to defeat the Hollow without killing Hope. Vincent was even capable of casting a spell to open up Elijah’s mind, allowing Marcel to compel him to forget his vow of "Always and Forever", a unique feat as while mental spells have previously been used successfully on Original Vampires, Vincent is the only witch to have allowed a Vampire to compel an Original.

Over the following 7 years of peace, Vincent appeared to not have used his powers much but he still continued to display remarkable power and skill. When he was tasked with searching for Hayley, with traces of Hayley; a chair stained with blood, ropes soaked in wolfsbane and vervain and a racist threat written on the wall with blood, by fumigating the room with a bundle of white sage, though he wasn't able to track Hayley, Vincent was able to sense Hayley's fear despite her not being in the vicinity anymore. When enraged by Klaus over him kidnapping a member of each faction: Colette, a witch, David, one of Lisina's wolves, and Josh, Vincent displayed his immense power against Klaus: He not only effortlessly overpowered Klaus with telekinesis, flinging him around, but easily forced him to spill blood before snapping his neck. Vincent also displays a commendable amount of skill in Pyrokinesis: With a mere wave of his hand, he set the kitchen of Rousseau's ablaze to prevent Freya from telling Declan of the supernatural community and in a display of power against Emmett and his purist vampires, Vincent instantly conjured up a massive wall of fire around him and his army only to learn that they were merely projections. Later on, he was able to take Ivy and himself into the Ancestral Plane to show her how desolated the world was. In order to allow Ivy, the poisoned witches and the Ancestors peace, he led the witches of the New Orleans in performing a spell that would release the Ancestors, as such depriving New Orleans of Ancestral Magic.

Other Abilities

  • Physical Prowess: In addition to his magical abilities, Vincent is also a fairly experienced and adept fighter, well-versed in boxing, as shown by how he could spar with Marcel, with Marcel noting he had to use super speed or else he would be going in reverse, able to land a few blows, though still on the losing end, and likewise able to mentor Camille in fighting. As far as humans came, Vincent is shown to be quite fast and strong and able to improvise on mundane objects: He easily knocked down and pummeled a zealot and later caught him while he was subduing Marcel by surprise and killed him with a knife, easily punched Dominic with enough force to make him bleed and killed a zealot by stabbing him with a bone.
  • Gifted Intellect: Vincent is considerably intelligent, having several psychology degrees and being an esteemed advisor of a university. Despite his initial reluctance in dealing with the matters of New Orleans, once he finally got himself involved, he proved his intellect by successfully keeping the peace for years and being a primary adviser to both Marcel and the Mikaelsons in their last dealings.
    • Master Leader: Despite at first disliking and refusing high positions, Vincent was shown to be a rather talented leader, having led a group of witches into locating and capturing Eva and stopping her reign of terror. For his success as a leader, all the witches of New Orleans wanted Vincent to become the Regent and lead the Nine Covens and despite his initial rejection, they quickly chose him over Davina, allowing Vincent to usurp her in order to protect her, and Van Nyugen, becoming Regent and leading the Nine Covens successfully. Despite being shunned, after the defeat of the Ancestors, Vincent was later able to lead the witch community once more, becoming highly well-respected and regarded and able to rival Marcel's own vampire army to help him keep the peace for five years. Vincent also took charge of Elijah, Marcel and Sofya in their attempt to free Hope from the Hollow and managed to coordinate them to buy them the time needed to corner the Hollow, which only failed in defeating her due to the unexpected surrender of Hope.
    • Master Actor: Vincent can be a very convincing actor, easily convincing Eva that he wanted to help her until he betrayed her, with Eva being impressed by his acting skills.