Vinnie, full name possibly being Vincent, is a character from the cartoon Biker Mice From Mars who is voiced by Ian Ziering and the resident hothead of the trio.


Vinnie is a self-proclaimed lady-killer. The right side of his face was burned off in the same incident where Throttle's vision was damaged and where Modo lost his right arm; thus, Vinnie wears a flexible face-plate. He rides a red racing Sport bike, and is a thrill-seeker, often volunteering for the most dangerous tasks, enjoying the rush and subsequent glory. His bike seems to have the greatest arsenal of weaponry between the three, and he is the best overall biker of the trio. He has a recurring catchphrase, "What a rush!", and has a signature laugh of triumph. as he arrived in Chicago he like the normal routes of the city. especially the last chance garage.


Vinnie is a muscular Martian mouse with white fur. Having been damaged in battle, he wears a metal mask on the right side of his face. He has two studs in his left ear. He wears a green X-cross bandoleer on his chest, and wields expanding flares as well. He wears the biker mice signature belt with black jeans and studs on the sides. He has the usual shinguards and has black boots.

In the 2006 version, he is less muscular and looks a bit younger. The only difference is his pants replaced with blue jeans and slightly different boots.


His bandoleer is equipped with different kinds of flares. Some are burners for melting metal or bombs, or simply a source of light.

In the 2006 version, Vinnie's bandoleer has pockets that hold different energy powered shurikens. They seem to replace the flares. Some are explosive. In "It's the Pits", he uses the flares again, commenting that it was "old school, but feels right." He uses them again is "Driver's Ed" to cut a hole in a Catatonian vehicle to throw in explosive shurikens.


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