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Vinny Griffin or simply Vinny is a talking dog that appeared in the episode of Family Guy named Life of Brian, he was adopted by the Griffin family to replace Brian Griffin who was fatally struck by a car. He is voiced by Tony Sirico.


He is first seen at the Quahog pet shop when he asked Peter if he was looking for a dog. Winning him over with telling him about what he does, the Griffins decide to adopt him. However, the only member of the family who didn't like him was Stewie, that was, until Vinny informed him that he used to be owned by an old man named Leo before he died, and even at the pet shop, felt a kinship with the family. With that, Stewie and Vinny become friends. At the end of the episode, he sleeping in Stewie's room.

Later in Christmas Guy, Stewie travels back to before Brian was killed in Life of Brian and saves his life so the family never got him, and Vinny later became the singing partner of Stewie's ex-girlfriend Olivia.



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