Viola is the Gym Leader of Santalune City in Pokemon X and Y.


Viola often wears a small white sleeveless shirt, and pants with 3 small pockets on each side, always leaving her belly exposed. She wears a green wristband on her left hand, and boots with green laces. Viola has Sandy Blonde hair that she keeps in a bun using the pin Valerie gave to her as a Birthday Present. Has green eyes, and always has the camera Alexa gave to her as a Birthday Present around her neck, and a smaller but longer camera that reaches to her belly, but the smaller camera hasn't been seen in the anime or manga. In the manga, she sometimes wear a wristband on her right hand as well, and sometimes, her belly button can be seen as well in the manga. After Viola was injured by Shauna in the manga, Viola wore her normal attire, but had her head injury bandaged, and her hair in a ponytail, but after she fully recovered, she went back to her normal appearance.

In her anime Battle Chateau attire, she wore a black and white dress, with high heels, kept her hair in a ponytail, and also wore two bracelets on her left hand. Viola, like all other Duke's and Duchess must wear a Red Robe while battling at the Battle Chateau.


Viola is a very cheerful and friendly young girl. In the Anime and Manga, Viola is very close to her older sister Alexa, and even helps her sister with her reporting at times. As shown in the Manga, Viola is more quiet than Alexa when it comes to interviews. As shown in "Zygarde Agitated", Viola can easily sense if something is bothering her sister.

Viola is also a very clever battler, as shown in Anime episode "A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle" where her tactics completly confused and overwhelmed Ash and his Pokemon, and X and Y Manga "Chapter 38" where she was able to come up with idea's to free the captive Pokemon, and protect her friends from Delphox's attacks.

In the Anime, Viola also displays annoyance when Grant falls from the Battle Chateau's walls, and they also have a friendly rivalry.

In the Manga, Viola is shown to be forgiving, as shown in "Kangaskhan Kangascan't" when she let Y and her friends stay at her Gym, despite Y telling her "she greatly hates reporters like her" and when Shauna was feeling very guilty for injuring her in " Lucky Lucario Was Here". Viola is also shown to be selfless in "The Aegislash Agenda" when she pushes Y out of the way of Shauna's attack, and took the hit herself. Viola is also very helpful, as shown when she offered Y and her friends to look at her photos she took at Vaniville Town, called Korrina to come help X learn about his Mega Ring, and when Celosia was trying to get away with the Kangaskhanite, she send out her Surskit to use Sticky Web to prevent Celosia from escaping. Even if she's hurt, she will always prove to be a great friend.

However, Viola can be a bit judgemental at times, as shown in Anime episode "Battling On Thin Ice" where she states in the conclusion of the Gym Battle Rematch "Ash's Pikachu can't defeat her Vivillon in a tired state, and he'll have to wait longer for his Badge", only for Ash to prove her statement wrong.

In X and Y Manga Chapter "The Aegislash Agenda" she also displays a bit of sadness, because she missed X's smile, because she is known as "the one who doesn't let a smile escape her".

In Anime episode "Coming Back Into The Cold" Alexa states "Viola hates losing Pokémon Battles", and in "Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin" Alexa states "her trip's away from the Gym are usually long.

Viola often makes photography puns, even when she's battling. Although, she didn't do this at the Battle Chateau.

In Pokemon X and Y Manga Chapter "Lucky Lucario Was Here" Viola is shown to have a mischievous side as well, as shown when as she playfully advises Celosia to struggle while stuck in Sticky Web, knowing this would cause the women to get more stuck in Sticky Web.

No matter what, Viola is always ready to take a picture, even while battling, and would never let a chance for a great picture getaway from her.


In The Games, Viola taught a female Rising Star everything she knows about battling!

Prior to Anime Episode "Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin" Viola left her Gym to go on a Trip.

Prior to Manga Chapter "An X-Cuse To Come Out And Play" Alexa and Viola send out a letter to Y, letting her know they are coming to Vaniville Town to interview her. However, Y classmate got it from their teacher, and tells her teacher "she'll give the letter to Y". But instead, she throws it in a trash can, meaning that Y never got the letter, and was not aware that the people she dislikes the most are coming to interview her.

In the games

When the Player firsts interacts with Viola, she can tell that the Player is determined and ready to battle her. Viola asks the Player if it's his/her first time challenging a Gym Leader. Viola states that the joy of victory and the sadness of defeat would be great pictures to take. Viola states that her lense always focus on victory, and nothing will ruin her shot. Seconds before the battle begins, Viola takes a picture of the Player with her camera. After the Player defeats Viola, she will comment the Players strong bond with his/her Pokemon, and she gives the Player the Bug Badge and TM83 Infestation. After Viola explains how the TM works, the tent behind her opens up revealing a secret passage behind one of her pictures.

Later when the Player enters the Battle Chateau for the first time, Viola is seen with Duke Hennessy and then notices the Player. Hennessy asks her if she knows the Player? Viola tells Hennessy that he/she challenged and defeated her in a Gym Battle, and asks what is his/her noble title, but is surprised to hear that he/she doesn't have a noble title, because she thought that a strong trainer like him/her would have a noble title. Viola explains that a noble title shows everyone in the Battle Chateau how strong he/she is, but only a few trainers can achieve the ranks of nobility. Viola advises Hennessey to give the Player the noble title of Baron/Baroness, knowing that he/she will become a even stronger trainer, and will contribute the Battle Chateau very well. After Duke Hennessey granted her request, Viola left with Hennessey and hopes to battle the Player again, as a Battle Chateau member.

Viola can be battled after the Player has earned the noble title of Marquis/Marchioness. She will always say "even as Marchioness{I'm} always looking for a perfect shot, and the quickest way to capture a perfect shot is by getting a perfect win" and sometimes gives the Player an item after being defeated, but will usually say "nobody enjoys losing, but they were great opponents" and if they player interacts with her after she defeats him/her, she will say "the photo of {my} moment of victory will be a real winner, all right".

If the Player interacts with Viola in her gym after the Player finishes the game, she will say that the world you look through a camera lens, and the world you see with a Pokemon by your side can be different depending on your point of view.

In the anime

Pokemon Black and White: Adventures in Unova and Beyond

Viola was first metioned in "The Dream Continues" although not by name by Alexa when she told Ash to "start winning his Kalos Gym Badges by challenging her little sister sister's gym".

XY Series

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When Ash got to the Kalos Region in "Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin", the first thing he wanted to do was to challenge Viola to a Gym Battle, but Alexa tells Ash that they are in Lumious City and Viola's Gym is in Santalune City. Alexa gave her a call but she tells her sister she's away from her Gym. Alexa tells Ash the news, and the latter asked Alexa "When will Viola be back at her Gym". Alexa states that Viola would be be away for a while, much to Ash's disappointment.

In "A Battle of Aerial Mobility" Ash went with Clemont and Bonnie to go to Santalune City to challenge Viola to a Gym Battle, positive she's back at her Gym by now.

Viola makes her anime debut in "A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle". Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie meet Viola at the Satalune City Fountain, where she took a picture of Ash and Pikachu smiling at each other. Viola thanks them for the great picture, and she states that they got the makings of a great team. Ash thanks Viola for the complement, and tells her "he and Pikachu are Best Friends", making her chuckle. Viola tells Ash that her Gym is right around the corner, but doesn't tell him she's the Gym Leader. Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie leave to the Santalune Gym, but not before Ash and Clemont thank Viola for her assistance.

When Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie arrive at Viola's Gym, Ash meets up with Viola's older sister Alexa, while Clemont and Bonnie meet Alexa for the first time. Clemont thinks that Alexa is the Gym Leader, but Ash tells him "she's not the Leader, Alexa is a Pokemon Journalist". Alexa tells them "the Gym Leader is her younger sister Viola". When Bonnie wonders who Viola is, she quickly answers the question, and reveals herself to be the Santalune Gym Leader, much to Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie's surprise. Alexa correctly assumes they already met Viola, and Viola tells her she took a picture of Ash and Pikachu by the fountain. Viola remembered that Alexa told her that Ash wanted to challenge her when she was away from her Gym. Ash still wants to challenge her, and asks her if she will accepted his Battle Request. Viola accepts Ash's Battle Request, and politely tells everyone to come inside her Gym. Shortly after entering the Lobby, Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie look at Viola's amazing photos of Bug-Type Pokémon. Ash asks Viola if she took all those pictures. Viola says "yes, but these are just the few of the photos she has taken". Alexa tells the group that "Viola has a talent for taking pictures of bug-ypes, and she even helps her sister with her reporting at times". While Clemont and Bonnie are admiring Viola's photos, they compliment her photography skills, and love for bug-type Pokémon. Bonnie says Viola's a keeper, and asks Viola to take care of Clemont for her, but Clemont pulls her away with his Aipom Arm out of embarrassment, and while being dragged away, Bonnie hopes Viola will think about it. Viola ignores what just happened, and asks Ash if he's ready to battle her. Ash confidently say's "Yes".

The Gym Battle begins, and Viola states that "her lenses are always focused on victory" before sending out her Surskit, and Ash sends out his Pikachu. Despite Pikachu having a type advantage over Surskit, Surskit blocked Thunderbolt by using Protect, quickly dodged Iron Tail at the last second, and countered Electro Ball with Ice Beam. Alexa tells Clemont and Bonnie that "Viola is very strong, and defeating her is not like doing a easy task. Viola tell's Surskit to use Ice Beam on the Battle Field, which Surskit easily does. The Ice Battlefield causes Pikachu to lose his balance and slow down, Viola states "their Ice Battlefield is picture perfect" and tells Surkit to start moving. With Surskit moving much faster, and Pikachu moving much slower than usual, Surskit skates circles around Pikachu, although it managed to hit Surskit with Iron Tail, and cause Surskit to spin rapidly, Viola tell's Surskit to pulled itself together and use Ice Beam. Surskit stop's spinning and fires Ice Beam at Pikachu. Pikachu tries to counter with Thunderbolt, but Ice Beam overpowers Thunderbolt and hit's Pikachu. Viola tell's Surskit to use Signal Beam. Signal Beam hit's, and knocks out Pikachu. As Ash lays Pikachu to rest, Viola says "he trained Pikachu well, but he still has a long way to go to defeat her Surskit".

Ash tell's Viola, he'll defeat Surskit with his Fletching before sending it out to battle. Due to its ability to fly, Fletchling won't have problems with the Ice Battlefield like Pikachu did. Ash tell's Fletchling to use Peck, but Surskit quickly dodges. Viola tells Surskit to use Ice Beam, which Fletchling quickly dodges. Viola then tells Surskit to use Sticky Web, but Fletching uses Double Team to confuse it. Sticky Web Misses, but hits the ceiling, taking the form of Spider Webs. Fletchling uses Razorwind and knocks out Surskit, Suprising Viola in the process. Clemont, Bonnie, and now joined by Serena are certain Ash will win the battle. Viola recalled Surskit back into its Pokeball telling Surskit "it did great, and take a good rest". Ash with confidence tell's Viola "it's time to beat her other Pokémon, and get his hands on his first Kalos Gym Badge". Viola warns him "it's not going to be that easy, and her Gym Leader pride is on the line" then sends out her Vivillon to battle.

After Ash scans Vivillon with his Pokedex, Ash tells Fletching to use Peck, but Viola tells Vivillon to use Psychic, with stop's Fletching cold. Viola wants them to experience what the Ice Battlefield is all about while it's still there, by ordering her Vivillon to slam Fletchling into the ground while still using Psychic.Although Fletchling can still fly and battle, Viola tell's Vivillon to use Gust, which blows Fletchling into the Sticky Web that Surskit used earlier. Fletchling is unable to break free from the Sticky Web, and Viola takes advantage of this moment to win the battle, by telling Vivillon to use Solarbeam. Solarbeam hits the trapped Fletchling, and it lands on the ground defeated, making Viola the victor. Viola recalls Vivillon back in its Pokeball with pride, thanking it. Before Ash leaves to take his injured Pikachu and Fletchling to the Pokémon Center, Ash promises he'll come back stronger,and hopes Viola will let him have a rematch. Viola states "she'll be looking forward to it, and politely tells him to come back anytime".

After Ash and his Friends left to the Pokemon Center, Alexa, Helioptile, and Viola, are seen in the Lobby, sitting on a couch, where Viola shows Alexa and Helioptile the of Ash and Pikachu she took before they got to the Gym. Alexa states you can see Ash and Pikachu's strong bond, but Viola states it's wasn't shown in the battle. Alexa warns her not to underestimate him, saying she wouldn't be surprised if the battle results are different in the rematch, telling her that's the kind of trainer Ash is. Then Alexa and Helioptile leave the Gym! Though Viola asks Alexa "where they're going?" Alexa doesn't answer her question, leaving Viola confused!

In "Battling on Thin Ice" Ash is now ready to challenge Viola to a rematch! Viola is aware that Alexa helped train him for the rematch, and she's looking forward to it. Ash is more confident than before, knowing this time he'll win a Badge. Viola retorts by saying "her lense are still focused on victory, and nothing will ruin her shot" then sends out her Surskit. Ash send out his Pikachu to even the score. The Battle begins, Ash and Pikachu are waiting for Surskit to make the first attack. Viola states "you can't a picture without pressing the shutter, and you can't win a battle without attacking" then tell's her Surskit to use Sticky Web. Ash tell's Pikachu to dodge Sticky Web, which Pikachu easily and quickly does, surprising Viola. Ash then tell's Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but Viola tell's Surskit to use Protect, then tell's her Surskit to use Signal Beam. Ash tell's Pikachu dodge Signal Beam, then use Iron Tail, and Pikachu dodges and hits Surskit with Iron Tail. Viola appeared to be concerned for Surskit, after Iron Tail hits Surskit. Viola tell's Surskit to use Ice Beam, and created an Ice Battlefield. Ash's Pikachu latches himself on Surskit before it uses Ice Beam, and Ash tell's Pikachu to use Thunderbolt while still on Surskit. Viola tell's her Surskit to get Pikachu off and use Ice Beam. Surskit uses Ice Beam while trying to get Pikachu off it, and ends up freezing a few tree's and some Lamp's hanging from the ceiling. Surskit shakes Pikachu off before he can use Thunderbolt on it, and uses Ice Beam on the field, creating another Ice Battlefield. Viola states the Ice Battle is Picture Perfect, and then tell's her Surskit to start skating. Surskit once again starts skating circles around Pikachu(literally) as Pikachu is trying to stand up straight. Viola states "the Ice Battlefield is her studio, she's the photographer, so she makes the shot" and tell's her Surskit to use Signal Beam. Pikachu managed to keep his balance, by planting his tail into the ground, and then uses Thunderbolt to counter Signal Beam. Pikachu's Thunderbolt overpowered Surskit's Signal Beam, and hits Surkit, knocking it out. Viola recalls Surskit into it's Pokeball and tell's her Surskit "it did excellent, and take a good rest". Ash also recalls his Pikachu, much to Viola's surprise. Viola asks why he's not gonna battle her Vivillon with Pikachu? Ash tell's her "Fletchling wants a chance to have a rematch against Vivillon too".

Ash sends out his Fletchling, while Viola sends out her Vivillon. Ash tell's Fletchling to use Steel Wing, but Viola tell's Vivillon to use Psychic to stop Steel Wing from hitting it, and Vivillon once again slams Fletchling into the Ice Battlefield. Fletchling quickly recovers uses another Steel Wing, and this time, hits Vivillon; much to Viola's surprise. Ash tell's Fletchling to use Peck, but Viola tell's her Vivlllon to "dodge it" which Vivillon does. Viola tell's her Vivillon to use Gust! Gust hits Fletchling, but this time Fletchling managed to stay put, by adjusting the angle of its tail feathers to control how the air flows around it. Ash tell's Fletchling to use Razor Wind while spinning, but Viola tell's her Vivillon to use Sleep Powder. Sleep Powder puts Fletchling to sleep, but not before a small piece of Razor Wind hits Vivillon. While everyone is caught off guard, Viola uses this opportunity to defeat Fletchling, by telling her Vivillon to use Solarbeam. Solarbeam hits the sleeping Fletchling and knocks it out. Alexa tells Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena "Viola would not let Ash win his first Kalos Gym Badge without a real fight".

Ash recalls his Fletchling, and sends out his Pikachu once more. Viola tell's her Vivillon to use Gust, even though Pikachu plants his tail in the ground to keep his balance, the battle with Surskit left Pikachu tired, and gets blown a few feet by Gust. Viola tell's Ash "his Pikachu won't be able to beat her Vivillon in its condition, and Ash will have to wait longer for his Badge". Ash rebuffs her, and tell's her "they won't give up until the end". Viola admires Ash's persistence, and tells her Vivillon to use Gust again. Gust hits Pikachu again, but this time Pikachu uses Iron Tail on the Ice Battlefield to keep his balance. Viola admits, its pretty clever, but it makes it easier for her to focus. Viola tell's her Vivillon to use Solarbeam, but Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to counter Solarbeam. The clash of the two moves causes a explosion, and Viola covers herself from the big smoke. After the smoke clears, Viola tells her Vivillon to use Sleep Powder. Sleep Powder hits, although Pikachu struggles to keep himself awake. Viola uses this opportunity to win the battle, by telling her Vivillon to use Solarbeam. But before Solarbeam is finished charging, Ash tell's Pikachu to use Electro Ball on himself. Viola and Vivillon are both shocked to see Pikachu using and attack, despite the Sleep Powder is still affecting him. The Electro Ball hits Pikachu, and neutralized Sleep Powder. Although shocked, Viola tell's her Vivillon to use Solarbeam, but Ash tells Pikachu to use another Electro Ball to counter Solarbeam. Electro Ball overpowers Solarbeam and hits Vivillon, causing it to hit one of the lamps Surskit froze earlier. With Vivillon's ability to fly hindered, Vivillon gets hit by Pikachu's Thunderbolt, knocking it out, meaning the victor of the battle is Ash. As Ash's friends complement Ash's victory against Viola, Viola recalls her Vivillon into its Pokeball and thanks it for a great battle. Alexa approaches her , and says "what did she tell her about Ash". Viola chuckles, and admits Alexa was right about Ash, while they walk across the Ice Battlefield. Viola then gives the Bug Badge to Ash as proof of Ash's Victory over her.

Before Ash and his friends leave Santalune City, Viola states "there are somethings you can only see by looking through a camera's viewfinder, and things you can only see by living together with Pokemon". Viola advises them to keep strengthing their bonds with their Pokemon, and wishes them good luck. After Ash thanks Viola for her advice, Alexa tells him to go challenge the Gym in Cyllage City. Viola and her Sister wave their goodbyes to Ash and his friends, as they leave for Cyllage City.

In the Lobby, we see a photo of Alexa , Viola, Ash, Pikachu, Helioptile, Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena on the Counter.

Viola appears in a flashback in "To Catch a Pokemon Smuggler". After a Spewpa evolves into an Elegant Pattern Vivillon. Bonnie remembers that Viola's Meadow Pattern Vivillon has a different pattern than the one that just evolved.

In "Breaking Titles at the Chateau" Viola appears shortly after Ash and his friends arrive at the Battle Chateau. When Viola arrives in the main room, she notices the room is empty. Grant notices Viola from the ceiling, and waves to her. Viola waves back at Grant, and when she arrives on the terrace, she notices Ash and his friends are watching the battle between Baron Nico and Baron Ferrell.

After Nico's F!etchinder defeat's Ferrel's Dusknoir with Flame Charge, Viola reveals herself to Ash and his friends by tapping on Ash's shoulder. Viola is surprised to run into Ash and his friends there. Ash and his friends are suprised to see Viola there, and ask her "what is she doing there". Viola states "she loves the Chateau, and she has the title of Duchess" Ash wonders what the title of Duchess is? Viola explains to him that Duchess is the second highest title, and its the female equivalent of Duke. Serena is impressed, and guesses that Viola must have won a lot of battles their to earn the title of Duchess.

After Nico wins the battle, Grant falls down while applauding Nico and Ferrel for the great battle, much to Viola's annoyance. Viola asks why he didn't climb down first. Grant tells her how much he loves the Battle Chateau's wall. Grant asks Viola if she see's the beauty of the Battle Chateau's walls, but Viola tell's Grant "she will never understand the beauty of walls, no matter how much Grant talks about them". Ash asks Viola if she knows Grant? Viola tell them "his name is Grant, he never seen a wall in the Bàttle Chateau he didn't love, and he is a strong trainer". Viola then hears Duke Turner announce the debut bàttle betweeen Ash and Chester, Nico's younger brother.

Viola and Grant both watch the Battle between Ash and Chester. After Grant gives Viola a drink, he's aware that Viola and Ash battled before. Viola tell's Grant that Ash and his Pokemon have guts, and is positive Grant will agree once he see's Ash's determination. Although Grant doesn't see it at first, Grant admits Viola was right about Ash's strength.

After Ash wins the battle and becomes a Baron, Viola is about to take a picture of Ash and his friends, to remember Ash's first victory at the Battle Chateau and a pair of white gloves are dropped on her right shoulder, a Battle Chateau way of asking for a battle request. Bonnie wonders who the challenger is? Viola wondered when Grant would finally ask her for a battle. Grant challenges Viola to a battle, which she accepts!

After Viola and Grant put on red robes to identify their noble title of Duke/Duchess, they wish for it to be a good battle. Ash sends out his Froakie and Fletchling to cheer for Viola, along with Pikachu. The battle judge states both need one more victory to become Grand Duke/Grand Duchess the highest noble title possible, depending who wins. Viola sends out her Surskit, while Grant sends out his Onix. The battle begins, and Viola tells Surskit to use Ice Beam and create an Ice Battlefield. Grant knew Viola would use that tactic, and says "speed may be one of her specialty, but he'll stop her in her tracks" then tells Onix to use Rock Tomb. Viola retorts by saying "her Surskit won't be stopped so easily! Rock Tomb rains down on Surskit and traps it within the falling rocks. As a falling rock is about to hit Surskit, Viola tells it to use Bubblebeam to escape. Surskit escapes before the falling rock can hit it, but more falling rocks trap Surskit again, and another falling rock is about to hit it. Viola tells Surskit to use Protect to avoid getting hit by the last falling rock. Grant admits Surskit dodged the Rock Tomb well! Viola tells Surskit to use Signal Beam, but Grant tells Onix to use Flash Cannon to counter Signal Beam. Viola tells Surskit to get closer to Onix, but Grant retaliates by telling Onix to use Rock Polish to out maneuver Surskit. Viola admits "Onix's power and speed improved greatly"! Grant tells her "she's too kind"! Viola tells her Surskit to use Ice Beam! Ice Beam hits and freezes Onix's tail, but Grant tells Onix to jump, breaking itself free from the ice and making a huge jump in the air, surprising Viola and her friends. Grant tells Onix to use Rock Tomb while Onix is still airborne. Rock Tomb once again traps Surskit, and Grant tells Onix to use Flash Cannon, knocking Surskit out. Viola recalls Surskit into its Pokeball, telling Surskit "it did great". Viola tells Grant "he battled hard, and he's a Grand Duke now". Grant tells her "it was all because of Onix's hard work". Viola the watched as the Judge put a purple robe on Grant, to identify his title of Grand Duke.

Viola, later joins her friends before Grant leaves the Battle Chateau, and tells them Grant's the Cyllage City Gym Leader, then watches him leave the Battle Chateau.

Viola was mentioned in "Coming Back Into The Cold" by Alexa and Ash, when Alexa states they saw Viola at the Battle Chateau. Ash comments how strong Viola is, but still lost to Grant. Alexa tells them "it wasn't easy for her, and she doesn't like losing at all". Then Viola tells Alexa "Ash and his friends are still heading to Cyllage City, so Ash can challenge Grant to a Gym Battle".

Viola was mentioned in "Climbing The Walls" by Grant after his Onix is defeated by Ash's Froakie. Grant admits Ash is unpredictable, exactly what Viola warned him about "she adviced Grant not to underestimate Ash" and admitted she was right.

XY: Kalos Quest

Although Viola does not appear in Kalos Quest, she is briefly mentioned in "A Legendary Photo Op" by Ash, when Trevor states that his Charmeleon helped him win the Bug Badge, Ash acknowledges "that this means he beat Viola".


Prior to "From A to Z" Sawyer also earned the the Bug Badge from Viola, as the Bug Badge is seen in his Badge Case when he's showing it to Ash.

Viola makes a brief cameo in "Master Class In Session" where Viola, Alexa, and Helioptile are watching the Pokemon Showcase: Master Class and in "Performing A Pathway Into The Future" where they possibly voted for Serena in the Qualifying rounds and the final rounds.

Viola appeared in "A League of His Own" in a fantasy, where Ash told a trainer named Everett, about the Kalos Gym Leaders he had to beat to get to the Kalos League, during their battle against Ash's Pikachu and Everett's Furfrou.

Viola makes another cameo appearance in "A Towering Takeover" Where Alexa and Viola watch, Lysandre's broadcast, and plan to destroy Kalos, and reveals himself as Leader of Team Flare, and his plan to destroy the World, along with every other humans except for Team Flare, using Zygarde to do it, to make them believe Zygarde is angry with them, but actually is controlled by Team Flare by using Mega Evolution Energy, also makes destructive Vines grow all over Lumious City. They were watching the Broadcast inside the Santalune Gym's Lobby, sitting on the couch.

In "Rocking Kalos Defenses" Viola, and the other Kalos Gym Leaders, along with Kalos Champion Diantha, were summoned by Kalos Gym Leader Olympia, to stop the Giant Rock from coming in contact with the Anistar City Sundial, and creating an explosion that will destroy the world.

When, Ash and his friends Pokemon, along with Alains Charizard, Steven Metagross are caught by The Giant Rock's vines. Viola's Vivillon along with Diantha's Gardevoir, and the Kalos Gym Leaders all fired an an attack that fused together, and freed Ash and his friends Pokémon. Viola states "the Giant Rock is big" and advises Grant "not to get distracted". Diantha states "everyone knows the situation, and saving Chespie comes first". Steven tells them behind the Water Shuriken Ash's Greninga marked earlier. Diantha informs them "that they are the last line of defense, and they must save Chespie, and Prevent the Giant Rock from coming in contact with the Sundial, and to handle it with caution".

In "Forming A More Perfect Union" Diantha tell's everyone to "head toward the Water Shuriken, that's where Chespie is, and to save Chespie first".

Afer Ash, Alain, Pikachu, and Greninga are caught by the Giant Rock's vines. Viola rides on her Vivillon, while it uses Solarbeam to free them from the vines. After Grants Tyrunt covers some vines with Rock Tomb, Viola tells them to hurry, but gets hit by a vine. Grant catches her, but they both get caught by a vine. Ash asks Viola "if she's okay", but Viola just tells them to climb past the wall now.

When Ash, and Alain, tell Pikachu to use Electro Ball, Greninga to use Water Shuriken, and Charizard to use Flamethrower. Images of the Kalos Gym Leaders appeared to encourage them, and Viola was the first to appear and says "let's go".

Viola and everyone else where happy to see Ash and Alain leave the Giant Rocks interior safely with Chespie.

Viola and everyone else try to destroy The Giant Rock, by having their Pokemon to fire an attack at the same time. All their attacks fuse together and hits the Giant Rock, but the Giant Rock is powered up again, much to everyone's suprise. Lysandre appears on The Giant Rock, and tells them "even if they are able to stop him, he will still destroy the world, Guaranteed".

Lysandre has The Giant Rock fire a powerful beam at them. Even though Valerie has her Spritzee use Light Screen to protect everyone, they still got hurt by the attack. Viola was seen getting up after the attack, and Grant places in hand on her back, seemly worried about her well being.

After everyone recovers from the attack, the Giant Rock starts moving again. Clemont tells everyone that what's controlling The Giant Rock is a device on Lysandre's arm. Diantha tells everyone to gather their last ounce of strength. They try to unleash their Counterattack, but they are hit by another powerful beam, hurting them again. After the attack, Viola is seen lying on the ground, with Vivillon on top of her.

Things seem hopless until Squishy "a red Zygarde Core" convinces Z2 "a blue Zygarde Core, and the one that was controlled by Team Flare" that not all humans are evil, and they both combine themselves, along with all the Zygarde Cells in the world into a Zygarde Complete Form.

Viola and everyone else watch as Squishy and Z2 battle the Giant Rock. During the battle, Ash's Pikachu, Greninga, and Alain's Charizard destroy the device on Lysandre's arm, with a combined Thunderbolt, Water Shiriken, and Flamethrower. Squishy and Z2 cut a hole through the Giant Rocks Core with Extreme Speed, and destroy the Giant Rock and Lysandre's with Core Enforcer.

Afterwards, Viola and everyone else watch Squishy and Z2 fix the red night night sky back into it's original blue color, and also getting rid of the vines in Lumious City. They also see Squishy and Z2 leave, but not before Squishy and Bonnie say their goodbyes. Everyone also watches the Sun Rise on a new day.

Viola appears in a flashback in "Till We Compete Again" in some flashbacks, when Ash had his Gym Battle rematch with her, and when she helped save the world from Lysandre and the Giant Rock, when Ash was returning to Pallet Town, in the Kanto Region.

In the manga

Pokemon X and Y Adventures

Viola makes her debut in "An X-Cuse to Come Out and Play" where she and Alexa went to Vaniville Town, to interview Y, a new Sky Trainer. Viola's takes a picture of Y, alerting Y of their presence, and glides angrily towards them. Alexa introduces herself, and Viola, and their from the Lumious City "editorial office", and they wish to interview Y. Alexa starts asking questions like "why did Y decide to become a Sky Trainer, instead of a Rhyhorn Racer like her mom". Alexa comments her Fletching, and it will become more beautiful as a Fletchinder. Alexa also asks Y "if she wouldn't mind taking off her Sky Trainer suit, and into her normal clothes".

Y says she won't do any of that, and she won't answer any of those questions. Alexa gets a feeling she doesn't like them already. Y admits its true! Alexa asks why "Y doesn't like them". Y tells them, that reporters are the the very reason why her friend X is now depressed, and refuses to out of his house no matter what. Because of this, Y greatly hates anyone related to any sort of media, and states people like them are not welcome in her town, including Alexa and Viola. Then they hear a sudden explosion coming from Trevor's house, and Xerneas and Yveltal start to clash.

In "X-actly what they wanted" Alexa and Viola are filming and taking pictures of the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal. Despite needing to get out of his house immediately, X is too afraid to because of Alexa and Viola are outside, afraid they might see him. Alexa asks Viola "if she took pictures of Xerneas and Yveltal?" Viola says she did, and asks Alexa "who are those Pokémon?" Alexa tells her "she doesn't know either", but also tells her "she once herd of a tale of the Pokémon that brings life, and a Pokémon that brings destruction clash once every 1,000 years, and their names are Xerneas and Yveltal".

In "Kangaskhan Kangascan't" After X and his friends reach Santalune City, Viola reveals herself to X and his friends, eavesdropping on them discussing about X's Mega Ring. Y remembers her as one of the Photographers from Vaniville Town. Viola is glad to their safe, but she never imagined she would run into them there. Trevor remembers her name is "Viola", and asks her "what is she doing there in Santalune City?" Viola tells them "she lives there and she is the Gym Leader of Santalune City", much to everyones suprise. Viola apologizes for eavesdropping, but noticed they were trying to solve this on their own. Viola wants to help them, and wants them to come to her gym. They ask her "why?" Viola say's "she'll let them look at the photos she took in Vaniville Town".

Viola remembers Y stated "she hates and distrusts reporters like her", but Viola will not deny she doesn't deserves their trust, but Viola believes it's the responsibility of the Press to give information to people in need of it.

Viola convinces Y, and agrees they'll go to the Gym with her. However, thank to their previous encounter with Team Flare, Y and her friend are even more distrustful of strangers than before. Shauna is suprised that Y would go against the "don't trust strangers rule". Y reminds Shauna "Viola isn't someone they don't know". Trevor reminds Shauna "they met her before in Vaniville Town. She was there during the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal, and she took pictures of them". Trevor states, "Viola is willing to share information, they shouldn't reject her offer". Tierno agrees, but tells everyone to "stay on guard". Even X is willing to follow Viola, despite his fear of Photographers. Shauna runs off in anger, because her friends trust Viola so easily. Y and her friends leave with Viola to her gym.

In "The Aegislash Agenda" After X and his friends(exept for Shauna) follow Viola to her Gym, Viola challenges X to a battle, and he agrees. While Tierno, Trevor, and Y, look through the photos Viola took in Vaniville Town. Although, Trevor is distracted by X's battle against Viola. While Y leaves to find Shauna, Viola tell's her Vivillon to use Supersonic, and X tell's Kanga to counter with Thunderbolt.

Eventually, Viola's Vivillon is defeated by X's Kanga! Viola admits "she was suprised that X was able to counter her Vivillons Supersonic with Kangas Thunderbolt". X tells her, he got the idea during "The Pokèmon Junior Tournament, against a trainers Noivern, 3 years ago". When Viola acknoledges X has smiled, she gets a little disappointed, because she is called "the Photographer that never let's a smile escape her". X's smile fades, and tells Viola "he smiled because his plan to defeat Vivillon worked", and tells her "not to take pictures of him without asking first" and claims "Photographers have no right to take pictures of him whenever they feel like it". X states "Viola is just like a pair of annoying and somewhat stupid photographers he met back at the Pokémon Junior Tournament". They to get Lil' Kanga out of her mother's pouch to take pictures of her, but they are knocked out by Gurkin. Gurkin tells X "this kind will happen to him more often now" and and gives X a Mega Ring, to remember to bond with his Pokémon. This experience led X and Lil' Kanga deeply afraid of Photographers, and refuse to leave the safety of their homes. X tells them, "Gurkin didn't tell X any details about the bracelet!"

After Y comes back with Shauna, unaware that Shauna's possessed by a Honedge she's holding, Viola offers to let them spend the night at her Gym.

After everyone else falls asleep that night, Y and Viola catch Shauna trying to steal Lil' Kangas Kangaskhanite. Y asks Viola "if she took a picture of Shauna stealing the Kangaskhanite?" Viola says "she did"! Y demands to know why Shauna to know why she's acting strange, but Shauna just grabs Y and tries to attack her with the Honedge she's holding. Viola saves Y from getting hit, but she up getting hit instead and falls unconscious from the painful blow to the head. Celosia arrives and congratulates Shauna for stealing the Kangaskhanite, and for knocking Viola unconscious. Celosia explains that possessing Shauna with Honeedge, having her steal the Kangaskhanite, and knocking Viola unconscious was part of the plan to get a Key Stone for Team Flare while pointing at the unconscious Viola. Shauna starts to return to her normal self, and starts to cry after seeing what she did to Viola, while looking at the unconscious Viola. When Shauna starts to wildly attack everyone uncontrollably, Tierno is protecting the unconscious Viola from further harm. Shortly afterwards, Shauna is freed from possession, but falls unconscious as well, after dropping the Honedge that's possessing her.

In "Lucky Lucario Was Here" Korrina and her Lucario appear to fight Celosia! When Y wonders if she's friend or foe, Viola wakes up, covering the injury on her head with a white rag, and tells them "Korrina is their friend". The wounded Gym Leader explains "she saw X and his friends on Route 22". Viola saw X's Mega Ring, and remembers her fellow Gym Leader Korrina has the same stone on her glove. Viola admits "she never gave the stone any thought" Y guesses "Viola asked Korrina to come to Santalune City". Viola is glad that Korrina did come to Santalune City, but thinks "she came at a bad time". Korrina disagrees with her, and tells her she has great timing.

When Celosia attempted to flee with the Kangaskhanite, Viola sends out her Surskit, and tells it to use Sticky Web to prevent Celosia from escaping. Viola mischievously advises Celosia "to keep struggling", and tells the women "the more she struggles, the more stuck she'll get". With Celosia held down by Sticky Web, Lil' Kanga is able to get her Kangaskhanite back and Mega Evolve.

Viola's Surskit is defeated by Celosia's Honedge, and Celosia is freed from Sticky Web and escapes!

Later, Viola's head wound was treated and bandaged, with her hair put in a ponytail. Viola is glad to see Shauna waking. Shauna is deeply sorry for hurting Viola and apologized to her. Viola tells Shauna "her injury is not serious, and she'll recover soon.Viola aso tells Shauna "its not her fault", but Y disagrees with her, berates Shauna for leaving the group. Viola watches as Shauna and Y reconcile and cry. Viola places her hand on Shauna's shoulder as they are hugging.

When X expresses no interest in becoming a Mega Evolution Successor, Korrina states "she only came to Santalune City, because Viola called her there" and leaves the Gym in anger.

Viola was metioned in "What Does Charmander Do When It Dozes Off?" by Trevor, when Tierno, Y and Shauna look at the photos she gave to them before they left her Gym. When Lysandre arrives to fix Trevor's broken Holo Caster, he notices a silhouette of Lysandre in one of Viola's photos.

In "Pangoro Pose A Problem" Viola receives a Holo Caster call from Alexa, who wants to thank Viola for helping Alexa's article about the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal in Vaniville Town. But before Alexa could finish thanking Viola for her help, Alexa notices the bandage on her little sister's head. Alexa is surprised that Viola is hurt. Viola doesn't deny she's hurt, but changes the subject by asking Alexa if "she remembers Y and her friends from Vaniville Town?" Alexa says "she does" while still surprised by her sister's injured condition. Viola explain everything that happened in Santalune City to Alexa. Viola tells Alexa "she's okay", but wants Alexa to find Y and her friends, and protect them from Team Flare.

An hour later, after Alexa is saved from Pangoro, but Helioptile is kidnapped, Alexa remembers that Viola wanted Alexa to help Y and her friends, but finds it ironic that she's getting help from them instead.

Viola is mentioned in "Charging After Electrike" by Alexa after Helioptile is saved from the Editor in Chief, Alexa takes a Cab to Route 4, wanting to meet up with Viola in Santalune City.

Viola makes a brief appearance "Chapter 14" when Korrina shows her grandfather a picture of X that Viola took. Viola mentions that "she took the photo"!

Viola is metioned again in "Quilladin Stands" by Valerie and Trevor, when Valerie learns that Team Flare attacked Viola, Alexa, and Korrina earlier. Valerie asks "why they would keep it a secret?" Trevor guesses that "they probably wanted to keep the attacks a secret, because they didn't know who they can trust".

Viola much later appears "Zygarde Agitated" and is now fully recovered, and her hairstyle back to its normal appearance. Viola learns from Alexa that the Ultimate Weapon was built 3,000 years ago, during a war. Alexa shows her an article about the Ultimate Weapon! The Ultimate Weapon was know as "The Evil Flower" that took the lives of Humans and Pokémon, and the Ultimate Weapon can fire a energy beam that's terrible beyond imagination. Viola wonders if their is a way to stop the Ultimate Weapon. Alexa tells her "the war ended 3,000 year ago from the current day", but Viola senses "theirs something bothering Alexa" and asks her older sister "what's bothering her?" Alexa says "she has a bad feeling about this".

Viola also appears in a flashback, when X explains to Emma that "when Vaniville Town was destroyed, X and his friends thought they were alone and no one cared for them".

X admitted he was wrong after he met Viola, Alexa, Korrina, Gurkin, Diantha, and the other Kalos Gym Leaders.

Later, the sisters watch Lysandre broadcast; revealing himself as Leader of Team Flare and his plan to end all life with the Ultamite Weapon. Alexa and Viola are horrified, by Lysandre's plan to end all life. Alexa and Viola want to stop this horrible plan, but Alexa wonders what "they alone can do about it?" Then, the sisters are approached by a group unexpected guest, wondering "if they can help the siblings", and Alexa knows who the guest are.

Later, they all arrive at Route 10 to stop Team Flares plan to use the Ultimate Weapon's process of draining the lives of Pokémon, and destroying the world with the Ultimate Weapon. Viola, Alexa, Clemont, Bonnie, Yvette, and the Sky Trainers reveal themselves to Team Flare, after Malva's Delphox unintentionally ignited the Vivillons (owned by the Sky Trainers) Powder with a "Fire-Type move" after it noticed their presence.

In "Xerneas Gives" Viola team's up with Yvette and the Sky Trainers, to free the captive Pokemon. While the Sky Trainers use their wingsuits to fly in the air, Viola's Vivillon carries it's Trainer in the air. Yvette want's the Sky Trainers to follow Viola. Viola wants everyone to free the captive Pokemon, which she believes will stop the Ultimate Weapons life draining. Alexa warns them "not to get caught in the stone pillars themselves", while staying on the ground to destroy the stone pillars with Clemont and Bonnie. However, Malva's Delphox is determined to stop them, and attacks both teams with "Mythical Fire". Luckily, Viola get's the idea, and tells the Sky Trainers to have their Vivillon's use "Hold Hands" while forming a circle. Viola tell's the Vivillon's to use Safeguard while spinning. Safeguard protects both teams from Delphox's attacks, so no one will have to worry about getting burned by Delphox's attacks. Viola tell's the Vivillon to split up, and dive down to rescue the captive Pokemon. Delphox continues to attack both teams, but is overwhelmed.

Everyone eventually free all of the captive Pokemon, and defeat Delphox. As the Pokémon are cheering for them, Viola and Yvette shake hands.

Viola makes her final appearance in "Epilogue" where Viola and her friends, along with the other Kalos Gym Leaders (except for Korrina) and Professor Sycamore meet with X and his friends in Lumious City. Viola watches as Shauna is finally reunited with her lost Furfrou, who was one of the captive Pokemon Viola and her friends saved from Team Flare. They even congratulate X and his friends for defeating Lysandre, Leader of Team Flare.


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