Violet Sabrewing is one of the new characters of DuckTales (2017 series).

She is voiced by Libe Barer.



She shares Webby's interests in the supernatural.


Season 2

In Friendship Hates Magic!, she first meets another Webby, who suggests they have a sleepover to further discuss said realm. At the sleepover, Lena gets suspicious of Violet and tries to warn Webby. Violet and Webby enter the realm and Webby reunites with Lena, but she gets captured by tulpas that manifest from Lena's jealousy towards Violet. Together, Lena and Violet send the spirits away, but this causes Lena to fade away too. Through the magic of Webby's friendship bracelet, Lena's brought back to the mortal world. The three girls become friends, with Lena warming up to Violet.



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