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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Vision from the Marvel Cinematic film series. The mainstream version can be found here: Vision (Marvel).
Hero Overview

Human beings are fearful and in need of protection. But then, that fear can inspire them to do great things.
~ Vision.
Humans are odd. They think order and chaos are somehow opposites and... try to control what won't be. But there is grace in their failings. I think you missed that.
~ Vision to Ultron.
I've always been alone, so I don't feel the lack. It's all I've ever known. I've never experienced loss because I never had a loved one to lose. But what is grief, if not love persevering?
~ Vision to Wanda Maximoff.

Vision is a major character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is a major character in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, a posthumous character in Avengers: Endgame and one of the titular protagonists (alongside Scarlet Witch) of the Disney+ TV show WandaVision.

He was a synthesized android that was created by Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and Dr. Helen Cho and was originally meant to be Ultron's perfect form. Upon his creation, Vision decided to help the Avengers battle against Ultron during the battle of Sokovia, where the rogue android and his sentries were destroyed. The Vision then became a member of the Avengers, and later participated during the team's clash when Captain America and his allies refused to sign the Sokovia Accords. After the clash, Vision decided to leave the Avengers to begin a romantic relationship with Scarlet Witch. When Thanos wanted the mind stone from Vision's head, the android was killed by the mad titan, who succeeded in wiping out half of the universe.

He was avenged by Scarlet Witch and his allies when the Avengers defeated Thanos in 2023 after managing to bring back the life the Mad Titan had wiped out. Afterwards, it was revealed that the remains of his body fell at the hands of S.W.O.R.D., and later he was reassembled, reactivated with some of Scarlet Witch's chaos magic, and reprogramed to be the organization's sentient weapon. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch had managed to recreate Vision using a piece of the Mind Stone that she has inside her along with her chaos magic, and created the Hex around a town named Westview to start a family with him, while keeping the civilians of the town hostage via enthrallment.

The White Vision[1] (created by S.W.O.R.D.) has all of the original android's memories which he later was able to have acess to, thanks to the help of the Vision inside the Hex, the Soul Vision[1]. While White Vision flew away after gaining acess to Vision's memories, Soul Vision was later erased when Scarlet Witch decided to remove the Hex from Westview.

Vision is portrayed by Paul Bettany, who also voiced J.A.R.V.I.S. throughout the Iron Man and Marvel's Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Bettany also portrayed Priest in the titular 2011 film of the same name. He was voiced by the late Japanese Dub Yasuyuki Kase, who also voiced Kankuro from Naruto franchise.


Vision was created by Ultron in order to build an indestructible body for it. This was to be Ultron's "vision for the future." When the synthetic body was being created, it was stolen by the Avengers and was born as the result of Stark's reprogramming and Thor's power. When he awoke, he immediately attacked Thor but was thrown near the window by Thor. He then hovered, watching the city. He then explained himself, he was neither Ultron nor Jarvis. Apparently taking a liking to the God of Thunder and/or just him having a role in his birth, copied Thor's outfit, namely his cape and gauntlets.

When the Avengers question which side he is on. He explained it was not simple in terms of being on the Avengers' side, that he was on the "side of life". Upon explaining himself, he casually handed back the Mjolnir to Thor, much to the surprise of everyone present with him. He later accompanies the Avengers to fight Ultron and his Sentinels. Later on, Ultron (operating from the last drone's body) confronts Vision.

They both agree that humans are strange and they are doomed. However, he points out to Ultron that there is grace in their failings. Ultron sneers at him, saying he is unbearably naive. Vision taking no offense at Ultron's remark, simply smiles, saying that "What can I say? I was born yesterday." Ultron, angered by his remark, immediately tried to attack him but Vision destroyed Ultron in the last drone body. Following the aftermath, Vision became one of the New Avengers alongside Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and War Machine under Captain America.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Avengers: Age of Ultron

As Ultron sought to create a more powerful body, he and the Maximoff twins went to Seoul to attack the U-Gin Research Genetics. Ultron asked Dr. Helen Cho if she could create a new body to him, Cho refused to such a request; Ultron then used Loki's scepter to manipulate her. Cho created his new body, Ultron was preparing to transfer his mind to the android, Scarlet Witch took advantage of this to read Ultron's thoughts and found out his plan of global destruction. Wanda then freed Cho from mind control, which caused Ultron attacked her and her brother. Shortly after, the Avengers took control of the body after the battle against Ultron and his sentries.

When Bruce Banner and Tony Stark worked in the body, Stark revealed to Banner that J.A.R.V.I.S. was still alive and that he sought to transfer J.A.R.V.I.S. ' mind into the android. Stark's desire caused a discussion between the Avengers, when Rogers and the Maximoff siblings attempted to stop him and Banner accused Rogers of being enthralled by Wanda Maximoff like he was earlier. suddenly Thor appeared and using Mjolnir created a small buildup of lightning and used it to give life to the android. The android looked confused at the time of his birth. After attacking Thor, the being apologized for his behavior and took a similar appearance to the god of thunder. Thor explained to his comrades that the being was wearing an Infinity Stone, specifically the Mind Stone.

A confused Captain America asked why the being sounded like J.A.R.V.I.S., Stark explained to him that he had to upload JARVIS into the android. Vision told the Avengers that he was not Ultron nor J.A.R.V.I.S., he is only himself. He also explained that he is on the side of life, while Ultron was not. He told the Avengers that Ultron was in a state of pain; and that Ultron wants to take revenge on them, especially Tony as he was the Avenger most hated. After finishing, Vision was able to lift Mjolnir for the surprise from everyone in the room.

He, the Avengers and the Maximoff twins went to Sokovia to stop Ultron and prevent his plan was a success. Vision confronted Ultron and asked to stop all this, Ultron responded by trying to strangle Vision. Vision took the opportunity to hack into Ultron's programming and disable his ability to enter the net. Shortly after, Vision hits Ultron with Mjolnir before returning it to Thor. Later, Ultron attacked Vision in midair; he defended himself by blasted it. Thor and Iron Man joined him and attacked Ultron, leaving the rogue robot badly wounded.

When Iron Man and Thor destroyed the city, Vision flew and helped Scarlet Witch to move away from danger. An Ultron sentry that had survived was intercepted by Vision, who asked him if he was afraid of dying. Ultron instead replied that Vision was only a Stark's slave and it was very naive, Vision simply smiled at this and countered by saying that he was "born yesterday". Ultron tried to attack only to be blasted and destroyed forever by Vision.

After Ultron's defeat, Vision was recruited along with Scarlet Witch, War Machine and Falcon as new members of the Avengers.

Captain America: Civil War

After the Avengers stopped Crossbones in Nigeria, the government told the team that they would have to sign the Sokovia Accords to put them under supervision. Vision agreed with Tony and the Sokovia Accords, seeing that the number of problems they caused outweighed their actions. The accords caused a conflict to rise between Tony and Rogers, whom saw the accords as taking away their freedom and wanting to protect Bucky from the law. Siding with Iron Man and his team, Vision battled Captain America and his team at the airport hesitantly (as he didn't want to attack Wanda directly, despite her attacking him earlier with Hawkeye) and caused the critical injuries of War Machine. After the battle, Captain America's team, including Wanda, were apprehended and sentenced to the Raft, while Iron Man followed and confronted Captain America and Winter Soldier. Vision regretted his actions, and pondered the future of the Avengers after checking on Rhodes' condition.

After Captain America freed his teammates from the Raft, Vision reunited with Wanda and the two moved to Scotland to pursue a relationship. To keep their relationship a secret, Vision would live a double life at the New Avengers facility, and eventually managed to make himself look human.

Avengers: Infinity War

When Thanos and the Black Order went after the Infinity Stones, Vision and Scarlet Witch were attacked by Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive. The two were nearly killed by the children of Thanos, but were saved by Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon. The group learned from Banner that Thanos wanted to collect the mind stone, and Vision realized a solution that taking him to Wakanda would help them. In Wakanda, Vision goes through a treatment to have the stone taken out of his head by Shuri, but stopped it to save Captain America from Glaive. Vision then asked Wanda to kill him to prevent Thanos from collecting the stone, but the Mad Titan undid this by using the time stone and collecting it, killing Vision. Scarlet Witch mourned his death, and stayed next to his body before being turned to dust.

Avengers: Endgame

Despite not appearing in Endgame, Scarlet Witch and her allies avenge Vision's death by defeating Thanos, and undoing the finger snap in 2023. He is also mentioned by Scarlet Witch at Tony Stark's funeral, telling Hawkeye that Black Widow and Vision know that they succeeded.


Wanda, welcome home.
~ Vision to Scarlet Witch in the Super Bowl trailer of the WandaVision series.

Before his death, Vision had bought land for a house in which he and Wanda would live in the suburban town of Westview, New Jersey. By 2023, S.W.O.R.D. has recovered the deactivated corpse of The Vision from Wakanda and experiments on his body at S.W.O.R.D Headquarters. Following Wanda being resurrected after Hulk undoes Thanos' Snap, she goes to S.W.O.R.D. headquarters to retrieve his body, desiring to give The Vision a burial, but Director Tyler Hayward refuses. She sees how Vision is being experimented on, and is told that The Vision is governmental property now and cannot be released to her. So, when Wanda goes to the plot of land and notices a last note by Vision on the title deed in the form of a heart, her grief overwhelms her and manifests itself into a house being built on the plot, the town re-formatted into a happy 1950s reality, and Vision re-created by the energy from the Mind Stone that Wanda had in herself.

In their new life, reflected into the made-for-TV sitcom WandaVision, she and Vision are married and live in a suburban neighborhood. Vision plays a typical breadwinner husband of the 1950s. Vision has a job at a company called Computational Services Inc., where he amazes his co-workers with his speed but is unsure what his company actually does. He also participates in a neighbor committee watch with the other men of the town.

One day, Vision invites his boss over for dinner, during which the boss chokes on his food and Vision has to use his abilities to save him. Later, Vision is shown to behave as if he is intoxicated after accidentally swallowing Big Red chewing gum, which Wanda is able to fix. After Wanda quickly progresses in her pregnancy with their twin children, Vision exhibits super speed, and momentarily appears to realize that something is not right about their surroundings. He then begins to question Wanda's role in Westview, using his powers to read the mind of one of his co-workers and discovering that person to be under mind-control. This leads to an argument between Vision and Wanda. Further suspicious, Vision investigates on his own, going to the edge of Westview and finds residents frozen in place outside their homes, including Agnes, who pretends to be under mind-control. He finds the hexagonal barrier and tries to leave, but begins to disintegrate. He tells the S.W.O.R.D agents and Darcy Lewis that the Westview people need help. Vision is then restored after Wanda expands the false reality. After waking up, Vision finds Darcy in Westview and takes her out of a trance. She tells him about his past life with the Avengers and that Wanda really does love him. Upon hearing this, he leaves to go find Wanda.

Later, at a S.W.O.R.D. base outside of Westview, acting director Tyler Hayward uses Wanda's powers from a drone to reactivate Vision' original body, which is now white colored. White Vision goes into Westview under Hayward's orders, and finds Wanda, but having no memory of her, attacks her, but is stopped by her created Vision. They fight, with neither gaining the upper hand, until White Vision states that Vision must be destroyed, to which Vision responds that he is not the real Vision but only a conditional Vision. They discuss the paradox of the Ship of Theseus, and mutually agree that both of them, in a state of being and not being, are the true Vision. Vision then helps White Vision to have acess to the original data of Vision which are in his Memory storage. After seeing the memories of Vision as an Avenger and his love for Wanda, White Vision states "I'm Vision", and then flies away in order to process everything. Later, Vision learns that he is recreation from a piece of the Mind Stone inside Wanda based on her love for him. Vision says his final goodbyes before he fades from existence when Wanda removes the Hex.


Ultron: You're unbearably naïve.
Vision: Well, I was born yesterday.
~ Ultron and Vision during their conversation.

Vision in many ways is the anti-Ultron. While Ultron created him to be his new body, The Vision possessed his own ideas and opinions towards humanity and decided to fight the Avengers against the rogue robot. For instance, Vision does not possess the misanthropic views and genocidal pursuits of their end. Instead, he is rather fond of humanity and considers it a privilege to be among them. Vision is also a wiser and calmer personality specifically in comparison to Ultron who is normally quite short-tempered. Thought he will normally reason with an enemy before attacking (such as Ultron) if it goes sour-ways he will attack his foes with no mercy.

Vision maintains the British accent he inherited from Tony Stark's J.A.R.V.I.S. system, and in his human disguise while married to Wanda, presents himself as an affable man who is agreeable to everyone. Given that Wanda re-created him with free will to love her for real instead of being a mere servant, the flip side of that coin is that Vision will not hesitate to question injustice and even blow up at her for her (albeit accidental) mental enslavement of the other Westview inhabitants. When Darcy Lewis reassures him that his and Wanda's love is real, and that Wanda most likely did it because of grief at his execution by Thanos, he understands and goes off to help Wanda.

Powers and Abilities


  • Synthezoid Physiology: Vision is a sapient construct, a perfect hybrid between organic and inorganic material. His entire body is a mix between a synthetic simulacrum of organic tissue bonded with vibranium atoms, all of which are amplified by the cosmic powers of the Mind Stone to function as a living body. Originally, the body was designed to be Ultron's final form. The combination of the vibranium and the cosmic energy from the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead grants Vision a wide plethora of powers.
    • Superhuman Strength: Due to Vision's body being composed of vibranium, he can further greatly amplify his physical strength to immense superhuman levels by amplifying his own density, as demonstrated by him taking down several Ultron Sentries during the Battle of Sokovia with his bare hands and grappling with Ultron while he was in his most powerful form. Given his Vibranium-enriched flesh, even when his density manipulating powers are not in use, Vision's basic physical strength is also still considerably high.
    • Superhuman Durability: Due to Vision's body being composed of vibranium, he can withstand any attack even those of immense force with no damage whatsoever. He can further greatly amplify his physical durability to immense superhuman levels by amplifying his own density; to the point where a giant shipping container was breaking apart and lost all its forward motion when it crashed into him at great speed.
    • Superhuman Speed: Vision can move at blur-like speeds. He can also further greatly amplify his physical speed to immense superhuman levels by decreasing his own density.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Vision was able to avoid being hit by Hawkeye's arrows and baton; Vision can also further greatly amplify his reflexes to immense superhuman levels by decreasing his own density.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Vision has incredible stamina, with him never needing to sleep and is able to endure prolonged battles. His virtually inexhaustible stamina enables him to exert himself at peak capacity for an undefined period of time without tiring at all, never needing to slow down when he is flying at great speed in the air.
    • Self-Sustenance: As a techno-organic being, Vision does not need to eat or sleep.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: Vision's metabolism allows him to heal/regenerate much faster, more extensively, and efficiently than normal humans and most other extraterrestrial beings.
  • Picnokinesis: Vision can increase or decrease his own density, weight and mass at will, allowing him to make himself completely weightless. Effects of this ability include; intangibility and levitation. Vision also still retains his picnokinesis powers; even after Thanos had ripped the Mind Stone out of his forehead.
    • Intangibility: Vision can phase through solid objects or other individuals; by decreasing his own density. When phasing, Vision can increase his density to destroy the object he phases through from the inside. With this power, Vision took down several Ultron Sentries during the Battle of Sokovia. He even managed to phase his fingers through Ultron's vibranium outer shell. He is able phase through living beings, such as fighting Hawkeye and going through Giant-Man's chest.
    • Flight: Vision can levitate, hover and fly in the air, even without the presence of air, by decreasing his own density. He can travel through the sky at amazing speeds and at high altitudes. Vision can also control his own motion-based force to move through the air.
    • Shapeshifting: Initially, Vision could only partially shape-shift, as he went from his initially "naked" appearance to red skin, and green suit complete with gold cape and red and gold gauntlets. However, overtime, Vision's shapeshifting powers have evolved to the point that he is now able to completely change his physical appearance and make himself look like a normal human.
  • Computer Interface: Vision was able to hack into Ultron's programming and disable the latter's ability to enter the internet. However, the great effort involved in this task temporarily exhausted Vision, incapacitating him for a short time.
  • Energy Beam: Vision can generate, create and project an intense bright yellow cosmic energy beam via the use of the Mind Stone from his forehead. The beam is powerful enough to blast away Ultron and slowly melted away the latter's virtually impenetrable vibranium armor. Initially, Vision lost this power after Thanos had ripped the Mind Stone out of his forehead, but after Vision was rebuilt by S.W.O.R.D.; he can now generate, create and project an intense bright blue energy beam from his forehead without the Mind Stone; that is capable of destroying almost any substance in existence; Vision's energy beam is proven to be on par with the Hex Vision's.

Former Powers

  • Mind Stone: Activated and embedded in Vision's forehead, the energy from the Mind Stone coursed through him and made him extremely powerful. As of now, Vision no longer possesses the Mind Stone after Thanos had ripped it out of his forehead.


  • Genius Level-Intellect: Vision learns superhumanly fast and can download data directly to his mind. He formulated an equation based on the events that happened over the years that led to the Sokovia Accords. He was also able to determine a method to destroy the Mind Stone via Scarlet Witch's energy blast.
  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Vision is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant; his combat skills combined with his density-manipulating powers and superhuman physical attributes, makes Vision a formidable opponent alone in single combat.






  • Wanda Maximoff - Re Creator and Wife
  • Tommy Maximoff (Erased) - Son
  • Billy Maximoff (Erased) - Son
  • Sparky † - Dog
  • Pietro Maximoff † - Brother-in-Law
  • Olek Maximoff † - Father-in-Law
  • Iryna Maximoff † - Mother-in-Law



  • Agatha Harkness - Former Neighbor
  • "Pietro Maximoff" (Ralph Bohner) - Former Neighbor
  • White Vision - Former Enemy
  • Tyler Hayward - Programmer and Corruptor of his original body, creating the White Vision


  • Original Vision - Body and Template


  • Soul Vision - Former Attempted Victim

Former Allies

Former Enemies


Norm has a FAMILY, Wanda! He has a family and he can’t reach them because you won’t let him reach them! (Wanda: I don’t know what you’re talking about!) STOP LYING TO ME!!!
~ Vision arguing with Wanda about the Westview Anomaly.


  • In the comics, Vision was created by Ultron to help him defeat the Avengers rather than to be Ultron's final form. The gem on his head is not the Mind Stone either, but a device able to channel solar energy.
  • He is one of the main heroes that didn't return for Avengers: Endgame, due to the circumstances of his death. However, he later does return inside Wanda's created reality at Westview, after she recreated him using her magic powers and a piece of the Mind Stone, while S.W.O.R.D. recreated another Vision with the remains of his original body.
  • The creator of WandaVision stated in interviews that the series did not reveal where White Vision go after flying away because he wanted to focus in the titular Vision. He further explained that White Vision only has the data and body of the original Vision, he is not the Vision that Wanda said goodbye in Wakanda or lived together in the sitcom.[2][1]
  • Vision was suppose to appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming alongside War Machine in some concept art, as it showed him helping Iron Man rescue the Staten Island Ferry.



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