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Don't ever come near me or my family again!
~ Vlad shrinking his former servant Bela when he tried to kill Jonathan.

Vlad Dracula is a major character and the (former) overarching antagonist of the 2015 animated movie Hotel Transylvania 2, the sequel to Hotel Transylvania. He is 1,243 years old and the father of Dracula. He is also the grandfather of Mavis Dracula and the great-grandfather of Dennis.

He was introduced as the main antagonist, however he got outranked and turned into an anti-hero/supporting character, this is all a misinformation campaign to hide the movie's true main villain. All of the advertising presents him as the Big Bad who intends to destroy the Hotel, his son, the monsters and the humans as revenge on his son and take over Transylvania. He's actually the film's Big Good, being the guardian of Transylvania's biggest cave.

He is voiced by comedy legend Mel Brooks who also played Bigweld, Yogurt, Rabbi Tuckman and many others.


After being ignored by his son for over 6 centuries, Vlad took to living in a dank cave with demonic cronies. They would often go out at night to steal souls, as fun. It is quite taxing and annoying to get to Vlad's home; Dracula, at one point, said "Oh come on already!" after numerous obstacles.


Early life

There is currently nothing known about Vlad's past other then he was once married and became the father of Dracula.

Arrival at the Hotel

When Mavis and Johnny go off to visit Johnny's parents Mike and Linda in California, Dracula decides to put his grandson Dennis through a monster-in-training boot camp but when nothing appears to work, Drac is forced to ask Vlad for help after his father arrives at the hotel unannounced while trying to keep the fact that Dennis is only half-vampire under wraps.

Meeting Dennis

When Vlad first meets Dennis he is not aware at first that he is only half-vampire. When he notices that Dennis has no fangs he concludes that Dennis is a "Late Fanger" just like his own son, Dracula. He creates a plan with Dracula to scare the fangs out of Dennis by possessing Kakie The Cake Monster during Dennis' birthday party, but the plan is ruined after Dracula sees how scared Dennis becomes and frees Kakie from their control. This however, greatly angered Mavis, knowing now that both Dracula and Johnny's ideathat they didn't want Mavis because Dennis isn't a monster, to leave and all of them had a tense argument. Causing Dennisvto tearfully run away.

Learning the Truth

When Vlad discovers that Johnny is a human when he insulted him and Johnny accidentally reveals himself as he stood up to him, and that Dennis is not a pure vampire he becomes outraged. He blames Dracula for ruining the family bloodline and breaking tradition. He also is appalled to discover that Dracula now accepts humans into the Hotel after years of hiding from them. He proclaims Dracula as a fool for making peace with humans and having Dennis as a human grandson, but Dracula emotionally tells him otherwise that Dennis is the kindest, sweetest and special boy he's ever had and tells Vlad that he's the "real" fool for selfishly not giving him the love he deserves because he's half human. Mavis hugs her dad, proud that he truly understands Dennis, thus making Vlad regret his his decision, knowing that his son is right. But then discover Dennis is missing.

Change of Heart

After Mavis berates him for his heinous actions that caused Dennis to running away, knowing why Dracula doesn't see him anymore, everyone runs out to find Dennis and Winnie, feeling guilty for what he's done, Vlad decides to follow everyone, turning himself into a bat.

Then witnessing Bela and his bat cronies attacking and trying to kill everyone with out his permission and now seeing Dennis' vampiric powers awaken as a result of Bela injuring Winnie, and seeing him, Mavis and Dracula fighting all the bat cronies he redeems himself by stopping Bela's rampage by shrinking him to harmless size after threatening to kill him if he ever comes near him or his family. He then had his family and other monsters resume the party.


Vlad is depicted as being very traditional, and old. Being over 1,000 years old, Vlad doesn't like change. He has a firm belief that humans and monsters shouldn't interact.

This however, changed as Mavis calling him out for this, and witnessing Dennis awaken his vampire powers and nature, eventually got him to accept his son's decision to let the Hotel accept humans and led his granddaughter to raise Dennis.


  • Though Vlad was thought to be the main antagonist, it is revealed that his servant Bela was the true main villain. The reason of this was due to Bela's own worse personality where he aggressively hates humans more, and also more dangerous than anyone else, even more than Quasimodo from the first movie.


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