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Volectro is an Electroid Mixel.

Personality and Bio

Volectro is notorious for his craziness, and he talks loudly, but he is a good figure otherwise. Volectro has a bad hair day.


He's 'a scatterbrained jokester whose body constantly emits static energy.


Volectro and his friends got into crazy adventures, such as an attempt to change a lightbulb, where he offers a cubit Teslo could use to reach the lightbulb socket. They also got into a quest for the Lost Mixamajig and also may have survived The Nixel Invasion.


  • Volectro earned his name from "Volt" and "Electricity", both of which describe what element he uses.
  • Volectro is erroneoulsly referred to as a male in mixels.com.