Vulture also known as Adrian Toomes, is an hero from the marvel animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, Originally a amnesiac boy who wanted to remeber his past life, an encounter with Spider-Man help him to clarify his place.


Much of Adrian past is unknown, At some point Adrian was a "teenager down of his luck", and taken by Doctor Octopus to be used as a test subject for the latter cross-species experiments in exchange for money alongside other teens, Adrian DNA's was merged with vulture DNA, and his memories were erased to make room for a mental programming resulting in his amnesia.

When Spider-man found Doctor Octopus abadoned laboratory, he found Vulture and questioned him about him, which he replied that he doesn't remeber his past life, family and no one, after his first encounter Spider-Man tell him that he tell adrian he will help him a grant him a device to call, However Taskmaster appear in the scene manipulated him to work for him.

After been manipulated and used as member of his Thunderbolts, Adrian will later help in the battle against Doctor Octopus, Only later he was controlled by the mental program implanted by Octopus and used as an unwiling meber of the sinister six, in the final episoedes of Spider-Man vs Sinster Six arc, Spider-Man created cure that release bothVulture and Rhino from the brainwashing mady by octavius, He later thanked him for help him and the others, which Spider-Mansaid that he will those in need, He help Spider-Man in the battle of the Triskellion and later was graduated as a new meber of the New Warriors team.

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