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I shall chop the Oracle in two with my new sword techniques!
~ Wa Ran to Alchemist and Relena
I-I'll never give up!
~ Wa Ran's famous quote

Wa Ran is one of the characters in the video game, Valkyrie Crusade. She also serves as supporting antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist in The Tower Dedicated to the Sun and later as one of the protagonists in the later series.

She is the maiden that once served as the member of Ymir's army but later became the member of the Valkyries following her redemption. She is also once Oracle's rival as she seeked to defeat her but later became both her best friend and student. She is also a good friends of Lucy, Sylpsis, Anise and Freyja and also a rival to Alpheratz.


Wa Ran was short-tempered, arrogant and cocky as she seeks nothing but defeat her opponents to become more stronger. 


Not much was known of Wa Ran's past, though she was once recruited by Ymir, the Archwitch of the Abyss into joining her army to destroy the Celestial Realm, Infernal Realm and Demon Realm in order to take over the world. 

After Ymir was defeated by Michael and sealed away in the abandoned castle, Wa Ran and the rest of the allies went into hiding 

Powers & Abilities

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