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~ Wade

Wade is Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable's Communication Guru. He's 10 and has graduated from high school and college.

He was voiced by Tahj Mowry in the cartoon, along with the late Michael Clarke Duncan as an adult. He was also portrayed by Issac Ryan Brown in 2019 live action of Kim Possible, who also portrays Booker Baxter-Carter from Raven's Home and Gus Porter from The Owl House.


Wade was inquisitive and curious. Though he was highly intelligent and confident because of it, Wade did not typically brag about this. He was, however, fairly competitive with those he considered his intellectual rivals.

One of Wade's more defining traits was that he almost never left his bedroom, where his computer system was set up. Despite this, his extensive computer network and hacking skills allowed him to access virtually any location or person via technology, which he seemed to prefer to actual physical contact. Some fans have attributed Wade's apparent refusal to leave his bedroom as a form of agoraphobia, but this was never confirmed.

At times, Wade displayed a certain lack of ethics in his work. He typically needed very little prodding to hack into government or top-secret sources, viewing them more as fun challenges than anything else. Likewise, Wade did not seem very guilty over having secretly microchipped Ron at some point, or that he invented a love ray in order to force Monique to like him better. However, it should be noted that in most cases, Wade did things of a questionable nature only at Kim's request.

In Virtu-Ron, you did see a Cyber-Wade, in the game Everlot, after someone had managed to put an immersion cap on Ron's head, and the only way to be able to rescue Ron was to win the game. Ron was a "noob" at this game, but Wade was not. His cyber-self was a wizard. His cyber-self appeared in the game, but he did stay in his room in this episode.

In Sitch In Time: Future, Wade, 20 years in the future, you finally saw in person, and he was a giant. "I hit a growth spurt," he claimed. He was in charge of the rebellion against "The Supreme One." He is finally seen in person.

Any other times, where he might be seen, it is either a Holo-Wade, or a Wade-bot.

For the first two seasons, and most of the third season, Wade is never seen outside of his room, until the episode "Team Impossible," after Team Impossible overloaded his computer system with a power spike, he personally arrived on scene, and vented on the three members of the team.


Wade hardly ever left his room throughout the first three seasons—therefore the audience usually saw him as he gave Kim messages.

He finally left his room for once when a rival agency named Team Impossible spikes his computer when he attempts to hack them. He comes back later in the episode in person to deal with them. "Nobody, nobody spikes my system!"

By Season 4, Wade is much more of a socialite and has even personally been involved in a few of Kim's missions.


  • According to the pre-show pre-production Series-Pitch Bible written by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle, Wade's last name was "Load".
    • However, since much of the Bible did not make it to screen—Kim's father invented and sold snacks, her mother (Kim Sr.) was a senator, Zita Flores was her best friend, and more—it can only be considered as apocryphal and non-canon.



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