That's our Sheriff you're messing with.
~ Wade standing up to Robotnik when Robotnik was about to kill his best friend Tom

Wade Whipple is a supporting character in the Sonic the Hedgehog film. He is a fellow police officer of Green Hills and best friend to Tom Wachowski.

Wade is portrayed by Adam Pally.


Wade Whipple is a Deputy Sheriff working under Tom Wachowski. He usually sits in the office while Tom goes on patrol. While on the run from a mad scientist: Dr. Robotnik, after helping an anthropomorphic hedgehog: Sonic, Tom calls Wade in a phone booth where Wade happens to be outnumbered by Dr. Robotnik and his agents. Robotnik yanks the phone from Wade, as he poses his threat to Tom. After Dr. Robotnik and his agents leave, Wade claims that he will tell everyone about it.

Near the end of the film, where Dr. Robotnik was about to take out Tom and his wife Maddie in his Prototype after severely wounding Sonic, in the middle of Downtown Green Hills, Wade fires a warning shot at Robotnik telling him that it is their sheriff he is messing with, as he was being joined by Crazy Carl wielding a chainsaw. When Sonic wakes up after Tom stated that he was his friend, Wade, along with Tom, Maddie, Carl, and every other resident, take cover as Sonic deals with Robotnik. After Sonic defeated Robotnik with the help of Tom by sending him to the Mushroom Hills, Wade and Tom continued to work in Green Hills with Tom still being Wade's superior, after Tom originally wanted to leave Green Hills to move to San Francisco.


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