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Allow me to test how much can your "vessel" hold.
~ Waldstein

Waldstein is a member of the Yato clan who serves and protects Linne and Licht Kreis..


Waldstein is a man who lives eternal life within a body that looks like a monster.


Several hundred years ago Waldstein worked for Licht Kreis under the direct orders from their leader Adelheit. But after he met Kuon on a battlefield, he got interested in Kuon's chivalry - which made him to betray the Licht Kreis and change sides.

After that Waldstein worked for the Yato until the organization fell apart. Ever since he has been following Linne and taking care of her. Waldstein and Linne both currently live at Hyde's house where they together help him to study about the Hollow Night.

Waldstein apparently has a score to settle with Enkidu, but the details haven't been revealed yet.


Waldstein's ability is the EXS of Herculean Strength called Hecatoncheir.

Waldstein fights with a weapon called Sturdy Iron Claws: "Destroyers". They are custom-made claws Waldstein created himself. Waldstein's usually always keeps them on, but his actual hands can be as seen in Waldstein's arcade ending when he removes the claws.


  • It's unclear how Waldstein's body became to what it is.
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