Walkappa (Japanese: ノガッパ Nogappa) is a Rank D Water-attribute Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.


Walkappa resembles a short, light-blue colored Kappa with a wide oval head, with equally wide lips. The top of his head is round and shiny, girded by grass-colored hair. He carries a small water bottle which is red in color.


Nate is investigating strange sightings near a river which he believes is a Yo-kai. Whisper then explains that people were most likely seeing a kappa, and that they were pretty famous Yo-kai. As Nathan scans the river, he finds a chipped bowl which he and Whisper mistake for a kappa. Meanwhile, Walkappa appears behind them and tries to get their attention. Then, a delivery boy comes and finds the bowl, but he trips when he goes to return to his bike and the bowl lands on his head. They all laugh Nate calls him a kappa, but they never realize that Walkappa was there the whole time.

Later, in the same episode, Nathan is having trouble with Tattletell. Nathan thinks he ran out of medals (thanks to Jibanyan failing and Happierre ignoring the summoning for vacation with Dismarelda), but then he discovers Walkappa's and calls him out. Tattletell tries to possess him, but it turns out Walkappa doesn't have any real/dirty secrets, so she tires herself out trying to force out his dirty secrets and loses.

In EP075, he and Manjimutt were summoned because of how unlucky they are. However when they played the sushi roulette, Chansin instead gets burned by the wasabi sushi.

In EP081, he is burnt by the hot clan (Blazion, Swelterrier, Swelton, and Sproink).

In EP097, he becomes a DJ so that he can form a music group with Kapper. Nate summons Faux Kappa on the two of them, but it is revealed that even the Classic Yo-kai likes rap music. The kappa rivalry ends and the three of them become "Mizukakitai."

In EP130, he wins the Yo-kai Watch Dream and trades it with the disfigured Whisper.



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