Wallow is one of the main characters of the series, Bravest Warriors.

He was voiced by Ian Jones-Quartey, who also voice as Radicles from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.


Wallow is an offbeat teenager with an unusually flippant sense of humor. He likes making friends with adorable creatures on extraterrestrial planets and bringing them home, displaying his love for cute things. Although Wallow is big and strong on the outside, he is very sweet and loving to creatures and people.


Wallow is a tall, bald, and husky Samoan with brown eyes. He wears an orange shirt and boots, and black pants. He also wears his orange space suit gloves and torso protection. As of Season of the Worm Wallow's arm is missing.

Weapons & Abilities

By rubbing his sticker he can summon a regular falcon (blue in color) that can take on different forms, all of them falcon themed. Besides his axe, it can transform into an electric guitar (Memory Donk), a rocket launcher (Lavarinth) and likely many other forms:

Falcon Axe: Wallow can call forth a large falcon with the shape of an axe (which comes from the sticker on his shirt). (Series).

Pixel: Pixel is a computer on Wallow's left glove. It is very possessive of Wallow, and easily becomes jealous.

Glove portal: Not really a weapon, but can be used for transportation to wherever help is requested. (Pilot, Lavarinth).

Wallow also seems to be capable of befriending cute creatures very easily, As well as apparently being born with a driving-license that he hides inside his mouth. He is often shown to be the one member of the team responsible for standing behind the control panels and making sure that the plan goes well while the other warriors are on the field, though he is not afraid of joining them if necessary.

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