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|origin = ''Minions''
|origin = ''Minions''
|occupation = Robber, husband of Madge, father of Walter Jr, Tina and Binky
|occupation = Robber, husband of Madge, father of Walter Jr, Tina and Binky
|skills =
|skills = Weaponry
|hobby = Robbing with his family
|hobby = Robbing with his family
|goals = To spend time with his family
|goals = To spend time with his family

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Walter Nelson Sr. is a minor character in Minions. He is the father and leader of the Nelson family, who gave Kevin, Stuart and Bob a ride to Orlando. He is voiced by Michael Keaton, who also played Batman.



He and his family are criminals, and were seen stealing money from the bank along with Madge and his children, TinaWalter Jr., and Binky leaving the three minions inside the car. They then got chased by the cops. He asked Kevin and Stuart who did the shot from the bazooka that stopped the cops which made them at first pointing out each other to blame but after Walter shows that he's amazed, they now grab the bazooka both claiming in front of him whoever got the shot, to get his compliment. He, with his family appeared at the villain-con where Scarlet Overkill is, and afterwards cheers for the minions when they got Scarlet's ruby, after many failures. He also appears when the three minions are being chased by the crowd, where he used a stick that made them slip on the floor while crossing.



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